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Part 3 of the Curbside Investigator Vidcast. Scott talks about travel, weather and why making the right choices means success or failure in the Private Investigations business
10 Dec 2007
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This story was featured in the PD on April 11, 2010. So I invited a few friends, picked up my hillbilly momma and off we went. Curbside Coffee Shop, located at 9858 Lorain Avenue on the Westside of Cleveland, phone 440-823-3849 is a hot spot for good old fashioned hillbilly music done right. These old timers sure know what they are doing. Our first visit was on Tuesday night, which is known as "Bluegrass Music Night." With the Bluegrass Kings doing their gig, they had the crowd hopping. Standing room only, the place was packed with good old fashioned hillbillies. Southern hospitality from the moment you step in the door until you are on your way out the door. The owner, Judy, came right up to us strangers the moment we walked in the door and greeted us as if we were part of their hillbilly family. The gentlemen quickly jumped out of their seats and offered their seats to the ladies. Handshaking, nodding, hugging and plenty of smiles for all in attendance. The talent of these musicians is outstanding. Everyone in the crowd was either dancing, footstomping, clapping or singing. The musicians playing their guitars, banjos and mandolin, can really get the crowd going. Several people were dancing and a good time was had by all. An eight year old young lady, Kalli Harmon, also sang for the crowd. She was amazing. I believe she is going to be the next Loretta Lynn. Guy and Yogi were also hillbillies for the night. Yogi was doing the hillbilly stomp and Guy was doing what he called a "two step." But I think Guy made this dance up as I lost count at 44 steps, and to be honest he kinda looked like a bird flapping his wings. Our second trip back to Curbside Coffee Shop was Thursday, which is "Country Music Night." Our buddy Mike, who is the 88 year-old yodeler, told me they only like traditional country music. The good old fashioned country music that I refer to as classic country, which is also my favorite. During Mike's yodeling, Yogi began yodeling as well and had the entire crowd laughing. Also attending this event was another realneo member, Angelinward14. She was all smiles and told me that this was the best time that she has had in a long time. The only pay that these fine hillbilly gentlemen receive is a cup or two of coffee. The musicians are attempting to help the owner keep her business open in these hard economic times. The owner, Judy, has a picture of her father on the wall. She told us on Tuesday that her deceased father would be so happy to see the crowd in her coffee shop. Judy and the rest of the hillbilly crowd can count on seeing us again! We had a wonderful time on both nights and plan on going back again soon. I have to admit that the bluegrass music on Tuesday nights is my favorite. But Curbside Coffee also has karaoke on Saturday nights. The events officially begin at 7:00 p.m., but often the musicians get ahead of themselves and start playing around 6:30 p.m. The music ends at 10:00 p.m. There is no cover charge to attend this event. Buy a cup of coffee and enjoy the music. PD story here Guy Templeton Black from Questministries is going to post the video to realneo along with the fliers that list the Bluegrass King's upcoming events. Please take a few minutes to enjoy the video when Guy has a chance to post it to realneo. lily did some of the video and the k-9 is yogi ANTI-SPECIESISM: SPECIESISM: 1. A PREJUDICE OF ATTITUDE OF BIAS TOWARD THE INTERESTS OF MEMEBERS OF ONE'S OWN SPECIES AND AGAINIST THOSE OF MEMBERS OF OTHER SPECIES. 2. A WORD USED TO DESCRIBE THE WIDESPREAD DISCRIMINATION THAT IS PRACTICED BY HOMO SAPIENS AGANIST THE OTHER SPECIES. SAVE OTHER-OUR SPECIES SOS-FRE FROM RESEARCH EXPERIMENT QUEST, MINISTRIES, GUY TEMPELTON BLACK, PASTOR, and YOGI YOGA BEAR, SERVICE K-9 (guy's partner) 753 BRAYTON AVE., CLEVELAND, OHIO 44113-4604 USA, V:216.861.7368, F:216.861.7368 UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES VETERAN (VOLUNTEER) PEACE, ANTI-WAR, DEFENSIVE faith based non-profit corporation no. 389646, 501(c)(3), SINCE 1965, ******* questministryatt**** ADVOCATING FOR A NATIONAL WAR DOGS MEMORIAL *******www.nationalwardogsmonument**** DONATE TO QUEST "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always." - Mahatma Gandhi *******www.disclosureproject**** TRUTH - EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL
29 Apr 2010
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Foul weather, exotic locations and making the wrong choices. Scott lays it out. To find out more, go to www.curbsideinvestigator****
9 Dec 2007
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Scott takes a trip to San Diego on a case with some questionable intelligence. The results, well, you'll find out all about it at the end and of course, Scott will tell you how cases like these need to be worked.
19 Dec 2007
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Video cast of the Curbside Investigator. Find out what a real PI does at www.curbsideinvestigator****
10 Dec 2007
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More Private Investigator commentary from Scott. You can find out more about what PI's do at www.curbsideinvestigator****
10 Jan 2008
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*******forsalebyownernation**** Here is another raw marketing video that Rick is going to use to sell his house FSBO using the Turbo FSBO methods
24 Feb 2010
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*******www.GuitarTutee**** Jason Mraz, Guitar, Tutorial, Song, Acoustic, Live, Lyrics, Chords, Tabs, Cover, Videoke, How To Play,
12 Oct 2010
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This is a promo video I made a few years back with my business partner. It was done before youtube, firewire or any of the tools we take for granted today. You can reach Sunset West Investigations at www.sunsetwestpi**** and the license is PI18562
10 Feb 2008
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We managed to grab some of the leading lights in fashion journalism for their thoughts on the Charles Anastase, Issa and House of Holland shows from Day 2 at London Fashion Week. For more on London Fashion Week visit *******www.facebook****/mercedesfashion
21 Feb 2011
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We managed to grab some of the leading lights in fashion journalism for their thoughts on the Holly Fulton, Todd Lynn, and Peter Pilotto shows from Day 4 at London Fashion Week. For more on London Fashion Week visit *******www.facebook****/mercedesfashion
22 Feb 2011
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This is an inside look at the many personalities Fire & Ice entails. This video was made in pure fun so I hope you enjoy. Be sure to follow FireandIceTally for latest updates and promotional offers.
19 Oct 2011
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When you buy a floor, you're buying a large shipment, something that can't be boxed and carried via your usual UPS carrier. We have to send a truck, and the driver is going to leave you a pallet of material. What will that be like? And what should you do to ensure that if anything happens to your material between us and you, you can get your replacements? Brian goes over everything. Useful whether you're buying our floors, or something big from someone else. Seriously, these are four worthwhile minutes.
28 Mar 2012
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Curbside restaurant review in Manhattan.
25 Oct 2007
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