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EPIC FUTURAMA Zombies Multi Pack A Punch Fun Video - MYSTORY Nr37 Call Of Duty Black Ops Custom Zombies Map But Futurama Blops3 custom Futurama Zombies is epic. Epic Zombies Cartoon in Black Ops and new. Epic comebacks on custom map in Zombies 2020 gameplay. New amazing Futurama Zombies Pack A Punch. #FUTURAMA, #BlackOpsNew, #CustomZombies, #CallOfDuty, #NewVideo, #fryzombies, #bestcustomzombies, #leela, #funnymontage, #customenemies, #zombiefails, #freemap, #packapunch, #newtuber, #fun PLAYLIST: https:wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=hIv8bCqbrhg&list=PLmhDHYU2FnYy3rOGSm6CYt3y8firviVWC&index=2&t=18m39s https:wwwmetacafecom/playlist/17302-12081376 https:wwwdailymotioncom/video/x7uc5ek?playlist=x6rmay _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - FUTURAMA Hello World, Hello Viewers! As I make new posts and videos I am still staying with some gaming content for now at least. This might change soon so this is a little hint or spoiler. For this post, video or text blog post I have something really cool from the perspective of a gamer. Someone was super nice and creative and made an epic Futurama custom zombies Black Ops map. 2:30 - ZOMBIES The cool thing about the custom Zombies in Call Of Duty is in my view the fact that some crazy epic map creators like to make some cartoon art-style focused maps. The cartoon maps based of Futurama are perfect for the epic atmosphere in some less dark and gritty zombie maps. I might also have seen Fry and Leela or even the giant Lobster. 5:00 - BLACKOPS In this epic Black Ops game it is possible to have as many custom maps as you want if you don’t run out of drive-space. In the video and blog post here I am focusing on two Futurama maps at once. I also tried to edit some funny things into it so it is somewhat entertaining aside of me nearly getting eaten by rotten walking dead Zombies.
3 Dec 2020
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INSANE ZOMBIES MOD Gameplay - MYSTORY Nr57 New Call Of Duty Zombies On Insane Hacked Mode Cod Custom Zombies on insane mods with epic wonderweapons. Insane Zombies guns and perks mod that overhauls everything. The game will hopefully not break because of amazing stuff. Zombies on insane mode is a lot of fun. #INSANEZOMBIES, #EPICGAMEPLAY, #FUNNYMOD, #Hacks, #Cod, #zombies, #custommap, #rustzombies, #codmw2zombies, #youtuber, #gameplay, #amazingmod, #newcontent, #hackedzombies, #purechaos PLAYLIST: _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - INSANEZOMBIES Hello World, Hello Viewers! In this pot and video that starts with the same introduction as always I got into an epic custom Zombies match where some crazy people turned on an epic mod that I have never seen before in the internet. This might be exclusive although I think someone else might already have made a video about this. In case I am the first one, I am happy to show this chaos of madness to you. 5:00 - EXCLUSIVEGAMEPLAY For funny scenes you can skip to the seven minute timestamp to see more funny stuff and dopamine inducing cuts and edits. I hope you give me likes and watch-time which is a joke and meant that you shall watch my stuff. I am very diversified so if you want to follow me on my story of building this online channel-show-thing you can subscribe to all of my pages. 7:30 - AMAZINGMOD I am everywhere on the internet like those epic people who make epic content should be so everyone can see their creations. The mod shown in the video that belongs to this post changes the gameplay and makes everyone overpowered while perfecting the insane zombies. The zombies map was the epic rust mutliplayer map from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but in custom zombies.
15 Apr 2021
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CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Xmas Twenty Twenty - MYSTORY Nr40 Christmas Holiday Special 2020 Special Video Christmas gaming special gaming video. Cod BlackOps3 custom Zombies Christmas snow map. Destiny2 Dawning special exotic quest raid base map. Doom Christmas Snapmap and Coldwar gameplay. #CHRISTMAS, #WINTERHOLIDAY, #GAMINGSPECIAL, #Online, #NewVideo, #doomsnapmap, #blackops, #customzombies, #destiny, #santa, #nuketownchristmas, #satanclause, #cod, #coldwar, #xmas PLAYLIST: https-www-youtube-com/watch?v=hIv8bCqbrhg&list=PLmhDHYU2FnYy3rOGSm6CYt3y8firviVWC&index=2&t=18m39s https-www-metacafe-com/playlist/17302-12081376 https-www-dailymotion-com/video/x7uc5ek?playlist=x6rmay _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - CHRISTMAS Hello World, Hello Viewers! Aside of the possibility to get more views which is always a reason to make a video for an opportunistic person like I am, I also thought that it might be cool to make a Christmas special video. In this video I did my standard weird comments and showed some custom maps in different games which are Christmas themed or winter focused and also some seasonal temporary altered aspects of other well-known games. 1:00 - BLACKOPS The first map I tried was an amazing Santa Clause winter snow Christmas map in the BlackOps3 custom zombies. I managed to get to the point where I could ski down a nice little winter racing track to escape the mob of the Zombies. 15:00 - DESTINY Because Destin2 has an altered hub social place are with snow currently and a weird tree I thought that it would be epic to also mess around there a little bit. Enjoy and subscribe if possible and drop many likes and comment because I delivered some cookies in Destiny2 in the Quest that I partially already did before. 20:00 - DOOMSNAPMAP People of course made a holiday winter Christmas map in Snapmap of Doom2016 along with some other similarly themed maps too. I played one of the best clearly Santa Clause themed
24 Dec 2020
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