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*******thedrinkguy**** The bartender and the life coach deal with the question of cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is certainly a concept that goes hand in hand with technology, and a concept that has become quite a concern. Let us know what you think!
6 Mar 2010
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Dr Sylvia Gearing describes the dangerous side of cyberstalking. For more information and tips, please visit *******www.GearingUp**** and follow DrGearing on Twitter!
29 Nov 2011
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Steve Sedlar is being stalked on the internet Are you? Are your kids? Is someone following you on the Internet? Is someone posting lies about you? Is someone posting your home address? Is someone posting your phone number? Is someone posting photos of your home? Is someone threatening to attack you? Is someone instigating others to harm you? In the case of a kid by the name of Steve Sedlar, he is being stalked and harassed by members of a hate group, the YouTube Yahweh Clan. The lies, threats, gay bashing, racist material, slander, obscene comments and fake posting directed at people needs to stop. Note: It is typical of internet harassers to call their victims "Pedophiles", "Registered Sex Offenders", or whatever will get a reaction. They often mix the names of innocent people with the names of real criminals that they stole from government listings - a violation of Megan's Law. Report abusive stalking or harassment to the hosting website or the police. Minor children should consult with a parent or teacher. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Resources: Canadian Clearinghouse on Cyberstalking ******* Computer Safety *******kyasap.brinkster****/ForSurvivors/IfYouAreAVictim/tabid/98/http//kyasap.brinkster****/ComputerSafety/tabid/147/Default.aspx Emotionally Disturbed/Mentally Ill Stalkers PAMELA KULBARSH, RN Crisis Intervention Contributor *******www.officer****/article/10249473/emotionally-disturbed-mentally-ill-stalkers Safety and Security on Social Networking Sites Cristiano Ronaldo Apr 27, 2011 *******www.securityworldnews****/2011/04/27/safety-and-security-on-social-networking-sites/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Some interesting links: *******ytv2.wordpress****/2011/05/02/help-report-steve-sedlars-stalkers-to-the-media-3/ *******www.blogster****/irish282/threats-to-steve-sedlar Internet Stalking: from Madeleine McCann to Steve Sedlar ***********/watch?v=FNFi9d0K8Ck ***********/2011/05/08/help-steve-sedlar-and-others-being-harassed-on-the-internet/ *******irish282.blogetery****/2011/04/23/help-report-steve-sedlars-internet-stalkers/ Help Report Steve Sedlar’s Internet Stalkers *******www.dailymotion****/video/xi88iz_trolling-steve-sedlar-while-stalking-steve-sedlar_news
18 May 2011
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The Internet harassment and stalking of LoganSperman2, Steve Sedlar, and other kids by predators, perverts, pedophiles, and obsessed child stalkers continues, but so does the effort by the YTV and others to stop these disturbed people. Report stalking and harassment to the hosting website. _________________________________________ A few links regarding this subject: ***********/2011/05/08/help-steve-sedlar-and-others-being-harassed-on-the-internet/ Internet Stalking: from Madeleine McCann to Steve Sedlar ***********/watch?v=FNFi9d0K8Ck *******ytv2.wordpress****/2011/05/02/help-report-steve-sedlars-stalkers-to-the-media-3/ *******www.blogster****/irish282/threats-to-steve-sedlar *******irish282.blogetery****/2011/04/23/help-report-steve-sedlars-internet-stalkers/ Help Report Steve Sedlar's Internet Stalkers *******www.dailymotion****/video/xi88iz_trolling-steve-sedlar-while-stalking-steve-sedlar_news For information on YouTube hate groups: ***********/user/DynaCatlovesme ***********/user/Irish282 ***********/user/CobaltDiselenide ***********/user/Zeus288 ***********/user/UnlimitedTruth ***********/user/Thor468
5 Jul 2011
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This is one of a dozen malicious blogs about Christopher John Hobby by Kevin Green who had his previous Wordpress blogs removed because of malicious lying blogs about Christopher. This person is very closely connected to Janette Meachen Scharenborg who made false allegations that caused the sudden and unexpected death of Christopher's partner Robert James Lee-Morey. Here, he claims that Christopher is at WatfordDebs on twitter who is Christopher's Cyber Psycho SuperTroll stalker and abuser and false alligator when in fact he knows for sure that at WatfordDebs on twitter is his good friend Debbie Bacon and not Christopher. He also claims Christopher is at karenaguawater2 on twitter who is in fact Christopher's best real world friend Karen Williams who has reported this and other of Kevin Green's lying blogs to Dorset Police for which she has a crime reference number.
25 Aug 2018
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Leader in self-paced computer training combats Internet security fears with the launch of its newest tutorial, Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and Social Networking. VIDEO PROFESSOR-the leader in comprehensive, self-paced computer software tutorials—is offering a three-lesson Protect Yourself Online: Viruses, Scams and Social Networking tutorial to teach people how to protect themselves, their loved ones and their computers from identity thieves, scammers and viruses. Millions of kids create socialnetworking profiles that make them susceptible to online predators. Dating sites can open the door for deception and cyberstalking. Ten million people buy and sell on eBay® every month.
29 Jan 2008
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Cranston police have arrested an alleged cyberstalker. Ann Bruno, a local costume shop owner, is accused of using a computer to harass a competitor. NBC 10s Jim Taricani attempted to question her about it in what turned interview."
19 Sep 2009
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*******bestocdefenseattorney****/ Courts can issue two types of injunctions to prevent someone from having any contact with a specific person or from visiting a specific location. These are “protective orders” and “restraining orders.” Anyone violating such a court injunction is subject to criminal charges and can result in the defendant be arrested. Penalities for violation of a restraining order include up to $5000 in fines, and/or jail time of up to a year. Repeated restraining order violations can result in up to 3 years in jail. If you or a loved one has been charged with violating either one of these injunctions, Criminal Attorney Jake Brower stands ready to protect your rights with expert representation. Restraining orders may issued for threat of or prior assault and battery, stalking, cyberstalking or harrassment for anyone who can show evidence that they are subject to being harmed or threatened. Orders of Protection are intended to prevent a specific individual from having any contact with a particular person and they are common in domestic violence cases. Criminal Defense Lawyer Jake Brower provides an effective defense strategy for restraining order violations, with outstanding success getting charges reduced or dismissed
13 Oct 2012
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