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After working all day Dad ended up falling asleep while bagging books for work the next day and we just HAD TO GET HIM LOL. You guys don't know this but Dad is a deep sleeper. When I say deep I mean dead! After checking to make sure he was actually asleep, we decided to prank him lol. The closest thing to us was the refrigerator and we didn't wan't to waste anytime so we looked inside. Sitting right in plain sight was a bowl of old macaroni and cheese PERFECT! Well Dad, the mac n cheese didn't seem cheesy enough so we decided to add in some slices of cheese also lmao! After putting cheese on his chest, we dumped the whole entire bowl of macaroni and cheese all over him HAHA! All that was left to do was wake him up OMG when he did wake up he was MAD! These are the days of our lives in the Ticked Off Dad household. Join us as we navigate life and you guessed it, DAD!
29 Aug 2019
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This dad playing the ukulele to a cat
2 Sep 2019
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Create a unique addition to your home with a sleek metal print. Perfect for any home or office. At Dad's Printing, we transform your digital images into breathtaking works of art- Metal Prints. If you are curious to know more about metal printing then I recommend watching this video. Here, you will get to know more about Metal Printing. Find out how your artwork is infused onto coated aluminum for a compelling, impactful, and durable presentation.
23 Aug 2019
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It was a big night for the Cyrus family at the MTV VMAs last night at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Miley Cyrus made her first public appearance since splitting with husband Liam Hemsworth, performing her new song ‘Slide Away.' Dad, Billy Ray and Lil Nas X won song of the year for ‘Old Town Road.’ Afterwards they headed to a New York City club with mom Tish, Kaitlynn Carter and Diplo, where the crew was all smiles as they partied into the morning. They even posed for pics, and gave friends some special performances.
27 Aug 2019
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Twelve year old Johnny and his father Roden are on their way to find the perfect pumpkin. They come across an old woman who tells them a secret. They find out there are no pumpkins for Halloween this year... and no one knows why. Johnny and his dad are thrown into a world of magic and monsters which leads them to the real reason why there are no pumpkins for Halloween.
28 Aug 2019
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Baby cutely playing with dad
1 Sep 2019
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Little boy gets his kite caught in a tree. His dad comes to the rescue
10 May 2006
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I don't think he was expecting that phone call, and dad wasn't expecting the response...
15 Jun 2006
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This is for my dad. I made it to honor him and show the good times he has had. I miss you dad
27 Aug 2006
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Mr. Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is preparing to spend a quiet Christmas at home, until his father Jack (guest star Dan Hedaya) - who he hasn't spoken to in forty years - rolls into town! But dad's not sticking around - he's a truck driver with a tight delivery schedule. Leaving behind Natalie's holiday party and all that is familiar to him, Mr. Monk joins his estranged father on the road. While trying to repair their relationship, Mr. Monk discovers that his father is entangled in a dangerous mystery and the two men must put aside their differences to solve the case. Also starring Traylor Howard, Ted Levine & Jason Gray-Stanford.
12 Nov 2006
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It's positive! You're pregnant! Well technically, you aren't pregnant. That would be a medical miracle. But you are expecting, too, in a way. You're not a dad yet - you're a DUE DAD. Don't panic. Even though expecting a baby has nothing to do with football playoffs, grilling excellent steaks, margin calls, fuel injection, or cold brewskis, this DVD will teach you the skills that will get you safely and happily to that big 0th birthday. A humorous and instructional look at the awkward and sometimes perilous moments of life with an expectant mom. But it at www.dadlabs****.
26 Dec 2006
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If you wish to get something for your dad without spending so much money, yet, meaningful and supporting our thai King's concept,"sufficient economy, this is it.
26 Dec 2006
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