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Daily Technology Evangelist Video Netcast 0001 1:31 1/1/07 Benjamin and Ed talk about the upcoming daily netcast from Technology Evangelist
7 Mar 2007
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Daily Video Netcast 0002 - Benjamin Higginbotham Promotional Video 1:38 1/2/07 I thought it would be fun to release a copy of the promotional videos we're working on. I know, I know, it's a cheap cop-out for posting an actual second daily video, but I need some more time to figure out how I want to do the daily show while still givi
6 Mar 2007
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Daily Video Netcast 0003 - Ed Kohler Promotional Video 1:29 1/3/07 In the same spirit of cheap cop-outs for videos here is the next video that will be posted on our Technology Evangelist bio page. This one featuring the myth, the legend (at least in his own mind) Ed Kohler. Unfortunately we do not have an outtakes video
7 Mar 2007
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Daily Video Netcast 0004 - Jeremy Elfering Promotional Video 1:24 1/4/07 We are still working on how we are going to do our daily technology show so until we do here is part 3 in our series of bio videos. This one is about Jeremy Elfering, who is our videographer and Editor. You won't see him on camera much, mostly because he
6 Mar 2007
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Daily Video Netcast 0005 - First Day in Las Vegas 2:33 1/5/07 We have arrived in Las Vegas and instead of taking a day off for travel we hit Fremont Street and shot a quick Netcast about our CES coverage. Oh and before anyone asks, yes Benjamin did gamble and no he did not lose any money. Benjamin also got distracte
6 Mar 2007
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Daily Video Netcast 0006 - CES Unveiled 1:52 1/6/07 The first press day for CES begins with CES Unveiled. Our cameras were there and we respond to our first video question via SightSpeed.
7 Mar 2007
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Were you ever curious about what your website or others ranked on the internet? Find out site rankings, traffic reports, daily visitors, daily views, page load speed
20 Mar 2007
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Check out the new Daily Rage! on MTV****
17 Apr 2007
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Davy Jones stopped by The Daily Buzz and treated us with the classic Monkees tune, I'm a Believer.
4 Jun 2007
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The cast of The Daily Buzz have a little fun on the set when they realize the desk isn't locked down.
11 Jun 2007
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An Andean Condor from Sea World decided to relieve itself on the set of The Daily Buzz.
14 Jun 2007
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A spoof produced by The Daily Buzz, poking fun at the My Network telenovellas...staring Andrea, Mitch & Clayton of TDB.
15 Jun 2007
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