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Drop the curtain! We proudly present the most damn hot legs in town… unbelievable fresh and sexy… no age restriction ;) PS: Thanks 2 the Producer of this Video youtube****/user/ghostpirateninja!
27 Oct 2008
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Jason tries to be funny while eating really hot spicy pork from a Thai restaurant.
28 Dec 2008
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"It's too damn hot outside." "It's fine, I'll just carry my table fan in my bag." "What!?" "What?" That's some next-level genius though.
20 Aug 2019
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hey this the real truth about this planet, watch and learn. its educational for the whole family.
9 Dec 2007
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A music Video about one of the most beautiful & talented actress ever!! Comments & ratings are very welcomed. I hope you'll enjoy that video!
8 Mar 2009
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These 2 webcam wannabes are just too damn hot for words !
10 Jan 2007
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9 Feb 2009
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Learn some Thai words that will help you describe the weather. Good to describe the three seasons in Thailand: rainy, hot, and damn hot. Traveling to Thailand soon? Living in Pattaya? Planning to move to Bangkok soon for work? We can help you learn to speak and read Thai. More free mp3 audio and mp4 video files are available for download at www.langhub****.
7 May 2009
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*******www.gopherforum**** When most landscapers start up their business, they tend to start with a truck only. Then later they may add an open trailer. At a certain point you may be asking yourself what’s better to have, an open or enclosed trailer and why? That’s the question one of our new forum members asked and he quite a few responses I think will help you make up your mind as well. Brandon: “Hi everyone my name is Brandon and I am the president of my own landscape & maintenance corp. I have been in business for 9 years and hope to find continued success long into the future. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some positive and negative attributes of an enclosed trailer as opposed to an open utility trailer to move lawn care equipment from job to job? I have an open trailer now and I am thinking of making the switch over to an enclosed one.” Keith: I can think of a few pros and cons of the top of my head. Pros: - Ability to lock. - Protection from rain. - Larger area to put name/logo/phone number. - Looks more professional. - Possible increased slipstreaming giving better gas milage (offset by weight, I’m sure). - Ability to put shelves/storage areas. - Protects cargo from rocks kicked up by your truck. - Winter storage. Cons: - Increased cost. - Increased axle and tongue weight. - Inability to load from top (leaves, mulch, dirt). This is the biggest negative I can think of. - Doesn’t air out well when mower has wet grass or fuel fumes. - Reduced freedom of movement when you are quickly grabbing a trimmer, etc. Chuck: “I run enclosed trailers currently. It is added weight, & it’s like dragging an 8′ wall behind you so fuel economy suffers a bit. But I think the added security, & having a huge billboard behind you all day offsets the negatives. I have gone to many estimates & when I pull up they say “Oh yeah, I’ve seen you guys all over town… you stay pretty busy huh?” The fact that they recognize the rig & that I’ve been around a while adds instant credibility. So many guys run trucks with no decals or only little magnets & open trailers. I pass them all day long & they all look the same. So that seems to make a big difference. The biggest negative I have found is that here in Florida it’s damn hot. So when we run these machines for 8-11 minutes at a time & load them up, drive 2 minutes & repeat all day… they don’t really get to cool down. an open trailer would at least let air blow past them. I have offset this by running full synthetic oil in all my mowers to add some protection against the added heat & we usually end up throwing the trimmers in the back of the trucks between jobs. I will stay with enclosed trailers & if not I would have my truck professionally wrapped to make it more recognizable.” I think it depends on where you currently store your trailer. If you park your trailer on your driveway at home and need to unload all of your equipment each night into a garage, that is going to take a big bite of time to load it in the morning and unload it at night. So consider these all of these factors. Constantly strive to make your business more streamlined and profitable. If you are in need of free lawn care marketing material for your lawn care business, please visit our site at *******www.gophersoftware****. We have hundreds of free lawn care logo, flyer, door hanger and web templates you can download and use for your lawn care business. We also have free lawn care business contracts, estimate and proposal forms. Download our trial version of Gopher Lawn Care Business Software. Gopher will help your lawn care business schedule and invoice more customers in less time, allowing you more time to grow or enjoy your life. Check out my lawn care business blog at *******www.lawnchat**** and my lawn care business forum at *******www.gopherforum****
26 May 2009
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*******www.increaseyourportion****/sakume Glenn Lee from Increase Your Portion and Knowledge Exploit responds to William Sledd's Leave Crocs Alone video totally explaining exactly why crocs are hot and how they're so damn hot!
3 Jun 2009
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She's so damn HOT!
2 Nov 2010
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dirtycameraman - yesterday i met a girl on beach ! she was so damn hot that today i am tagging her as the hottest indian girl on youtube
16 Feb 2010
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