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I and my best buddy by-form together! very funny! ;))
11 Jun 2007
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15 Jul 2008
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Disco --- Dance --- Rocking animation by me...
26 Sep 2009
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Parrot dance rock.
22 Feb 2010
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29 Jun 2008
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un niño bailando....
7 Jul 2008
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From *******www.tigerm**** Download Link: *******dancedancetigerm**** BPM 174 [Constant w/ Breaks.] Length 1 minute 53 seconds Foot Levels 0 / 0 / 0 / 9 Audio Edit, Background Design & Stepchart by TIGER M Dancer / Player: TIGER M Year Stepchart Created: Thursday, ‎September ‎18th, ‎2005, ( ‏‎12 : 55 AM) Year Video Recorded: Thursday, ‎September ‎23, ‎2010 ( ‏‎7 : 26 PM) Song Name: Shut It Up Song Artist: Mindless Self Indulgence [MSI] Song First Heard [by TIGER M]: You'll Rebel To Anything Album (April 5th, 2005) Song Source [Compact Disc]: You'll Rebel To Anything Album (April 5th, 2005) Stepmania Version: 3.9beta What Is It Time For: a "Dance! Dance! Revolution!! ^_^ In The Groove? OSC4? Bemanistyle? Music? O.O "Shut... It... UP!" XD ********** *WHIP sound effect!* XD It only makes sense that since I learned about Mindless Self Indulgence after playing the stepchart for MSI's song "Masturbates" with a SLAMMING stepchart found on Bemanistyle! Had I not ever played that stepchart or taken the time to download it, to this day, I possibly would not ever know who "MSI" was (but then again -- who knows -- ne? =3) To date, this is my VERY favorite Mindless Self Indulgence track and from my very favorite album (You'll Rebel To Anything) by the truly amazing artists. =) The original date I released this super-fun stepchart actually was during Bemanistyle's done-over-the-year Original Stepchart Contest 4. The year I was attending, I had already entered "Final Audition" which also got entered into a second sub contest by the name of the "Wild Card" contest (which an awesome Aghea stepchart by jammitch won!) This stepchart however... did not ever get entered. Why? Becasue it was meant for the In The Groove Division at the time which I had not ever played, but I knew some songs I was hearing about (like Vertex!) had these mines you were not supposed to step on. For some reason, the mine graphic on my version of stepmania would not work in the editor and so... I decided that if there were not mines, then it could not be an In The Groove [ITG] stepchart! XD So... I did not enter this song into the contest (although I later learned that not ALL songs in In The Groove had mines. Haha. =) Father Fate works in truly amazing ways as does Mother Destiny. =)] To date, I do not know if I have ever created a stepchart more "in-sync" with the music and rhythm in my head! So! Enjoy! Dance It Up! =D ********** The closing break in this song may get some of ya =3 So keep focus! Thank You for taking the time read all of this and even more so -- Thank You so very much for playing! Have fun! =D Pump It Up! Dance It Up! "Shut. It. UP!" *Whip Sound effect* *Whimpers and "Shuts! It! Up!* T_T <- Tears Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), - Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence, -WAM! TIGER M [Frantic-Fevering-FREAKY! Friday! ~ o. ~ ! ? = ~] -9:56 AM (1/27/2012) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, North America] Who Is TIGER M? O.O *******www.tigerm**** Angel Arc & Company /\o/\
27 Jan 2012
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Heather checks out U.S.E., a Seattle-based dance/rock band with electric flare. Free popSiren Daily and Weekly Video Podcast on iTunes: ******* Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: ******* For more visit: *******revision3****/popSiren
30 Aug 2008
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Two weird guys dancing in a weird way to a cool song...
21 Sep 2006
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"Guitbox" present The New Iberians! Fun Rocken Zydeco!
27 Mar 2007
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Wedding dance to the tune of heavy rock music
7 Mar 2007
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Some Nerves!
21 Apr 2007
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