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Girls are dancing on Camel
27 Sep 2017
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Nightclub promoter Soren talks about one of the biggest mistakes guys make when trying to dance with girls.
6 Dec 2007
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true colors of libyan army partying and dancing with girls like their leader
24 Feb 2010
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SUBSCRIBE HERE: *******tinyurl****/885ntzj Here are the lyrics: Saturday night, we out lookin for a good time Pull up to the club and we see, it's got a long line I skip to the front, say let me in, this is whack Bouncer said you got five dudes get to the back Ha-ha No no I don't wait in line see Ha-Yeah cuz I ain't got the time see So we called Kevin's dad He came back and picked us up he looked mad He took us to a bar with a twenty dollar cover I said 20 dollars? Man take us to another He said no, I said fine, so I got back in line And I got that weird feeling that I get inside It all started when I lost my brother No love for myself, and no love for another, searchin For ways to get these guys to pay my cover You know I don't carry cash, so spot me brotha Mmm lookin fly mother- lover When they see me walk in they know, there's no other Kev tell em how the girls act like their mine Some of the time? Nah most of the time yeaah Saturday Night oh oh oh saturday night (saturday night) Saturday Night oh oh oh saturday night (saturday night) Get em ghost! I can't take shots, cuz I'm dead I can't dance with girls, cuz I'm dead I don't tip the bartender, cuz I'm dead I don't have to pay cover, cuz I'm dead Girls don't talk to me, cuz I'm dead I can't order drinks, cuz I'm dead I gel my hair but it doesn't matter cuz I'm dead I touch your girlfriend's ass, cuz I'm dead I don't have to dress up, cuz I'm dead I can't get a cab, cuz I'm dead I steal people's wallets, cuz I'm dead I freak people out, cuz I'm dead People think I'm wind, cuz I'm dead I watch my friends have sex, cuz I'm dead If you're alive f-ck off, finish the verse Todd Saturday nights is fun, and that's a fact Sleep in the car ride home, til we get back And all good things have to come to an end But not until I hear that chorus, once again yeah Saturday Night oh oh oh saturday night (saturday night) Saturday Night oh oh oh saturday night (saturday night) www.badweatherfilms**** for more comedy! Written and Performed by: Peter Vass Directed by: Peter Vass
12 May 2013
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