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An in-depth exploration into the sordid lives of a sexy love triangle. Chase (Joe Hall), a handsome, damaged stud running from a dark past lurches from moment to moment finding attention and affection at any expense. Starting with his brother’s lonely, sensual wife Isabella (Kate del Castillo – "Under the Same Moon") and ending with the fractured, innocent Ellie (Danielle Agnello). Only Chase gets more then he bargained for when the provacative, sensual Zephyr (Kristanna Loken – "Terminator 3", "PainKiller Jane") challenges him for the affections of Ellie. Witness the smoldering cauldron of emotions that these three stir up as the sheer human need for connection drives them to do wicked, wicked things. The film also features terriffic turns by vets Kathleen Kinmont ("Renegade") and Billy Drago ("Untouchables", "Dark Moon Rising").
19 Oct 2010
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