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Daryl Guberman -CEO , introduces the customer to the new GUBERMAN-PMC,LLC website and discussed how it was designed with them in mind. Also the customer will receive more than just a piece of paper on the wall. or a “probably” read “Is your certificate accredited?”
17 May 2018
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Daryl Guberman- President of GUBERMAN-PMC,LLC and Adviser to G-PMC,LLC registrars gives a thought provoking commentary to the NEW HAVEN & SOUTHERN CT branch- MEMBERS of the ASQ (American Society of Quality) Discussing the monopoly of 1- quality organization in the USA and how this organization has its hands into every industry and is intertwined with other organizations claiming to be separate entities. In fact they try to claim to be the custodians of ' Accreditation" keeping possible competition repressed. "Occasionally, non-accredited organizations claim to the be accredited or imply that they are accredited.
24 May 2018
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Daryl Guberman -President of GUBERMAN-PMC,LLC discusses how he has experienced inconsistencies with auditors from registrars and in fact one auditor because they only got paid 1 time rather than 2 times (biannual) due to economic reasons with the company he worked at- He told his management they were going to get a MAJOR non conformance. The auditor came in and as Daryl said - they received a MAJOR non conformance. The registrar rules were if a company receives a major non conformance the auditor goes back in 90 days to insure corrective actions have been taken care of and implemented. The 3 areas that most companies receive corrective actions is "management review, internal audits and calibration".
25 May 2018
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Daryl Guberman reverals all about Oxebridge and Christopher Paris
18 Aug 2017
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I have a company G-PMC. I would like to know what the requirements to get into OASIS.
4 Jun 2018
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Letter To ANSI’s Joe Bhatia Demands Apology From CP Russ Chaney’s Threatening &Discriminating Message. ANSI Joe Bhatia-CEO Washington, DC. Headquarters 1899 L Street, NW, 11th Floor Washington, DC 20036
30 Aug 2019
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A2LA's Christopher Gunning Asked To Take Action Of Chinese Oversight Scandal
2 Sep 2019
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TAG-176 Chairman Paul Palmes Asks Daryl Guberman For Assistance With Copyrighted Material Stolen By Christopher Mark Paris of Oxebridge com
18 Aug 2017
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Daryl Guberman- CEO - GUBERMAN-PMC, LLC, and Possible Senatorial Candidate 2022 darylguberman talks with business owners about HSB Registration Services “Unofficial Accreditation And Overseen By China-Led IAF” New Britain CT Casting Company Integracast AS9100 ,NADCAP Involved In China Accreditation RACKET-
3 Mar 2018
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Daryl Guberman- CEO - GUBERMAN-PMC, LLC, and Possible Senatorial Candidate 2022
6 Mar 2018
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Daryl Guberman- CEO - GUBERMAN-PMC, LLC, and Possible
7 Mar 2018
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