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LifeMasters review of Pervasive Software's data integration tools.
21 Aug 2008
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***********/software/data/infosphere/?cmp=108A7&cm=v&csr=innovation&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cn=agus_itspsmism-20101207 IBM clients discuss Infosphere software and its effects on data integration, project management and business transformation.
23 Dec 2010
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Black Book polls show that outsourcing medical coding, transcription, and CDI efforts have become important strategies to maintain data integrity.
21 Jan 2018
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- Data and Metadata Check-summing - Self-healing: Detecting and correcting silent data errors with the Scrub utility - Silent Data Corruption emulation and Self-healing demonstration - Atomic Transaction Writes: Keeping data continuously consistent without the need for repairing the file system - Power failure emulation and power recovery demonstration
2 Dec 2016
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David Algranati, vice president of Simmons Integrated Marketing Solutions, speaks about the benefits of data integration for the financial sector. *******www.smrb****/?c
13 Feb 2008
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******* Thomson Reuters' metadata generation service Calais will now allow users to automatically integrate their content with Linked Data assets like Wikipedia, the company announced today on their blog. "With 9,000 of you processing 1+ million documents a day, it was time to take Calais to the next level," Krista Thomas writes. Andy interviewed Thomson Reuters Vice President of Solutions Tom Tague about Open Calais and its implications for the semantic web at the EmTech08 conference at MIT in September, and I republished the interview today. You can read my original post about Open Calais here. Paul Miller has a story today at ZDNet about Calais 4.0. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
18 Jan 2009
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MSPs, or Managed Service Providers, can help your small business meet your goals through IT support and technical services. Learn how your Central Florida business can succeed through better technology from Data Integrity Services at www.disrv****.
28 Apr 2011
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Protect your personal information by using secure online passwords. Learn 4 common mistakes to avoid and see one example of how to create your own super secure and easy to remember passwords. Brought to you by Data Integrity Services .
9 Jun 2011
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Quickbooks Assisted Payroll Support Services Data Integration ,call 1844-777-1902 whenever for QB specialized group for help and investigating . Ensured Intuit® ProAdvisor on Phone for Help and Support.
2 May 2018
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*******idealprogrammer****/databases/sql-server/sql-server-2005-express-tutorial-13-free-videos/ - Key Concepts: A. Data integrity; B. Data types C. Avoid common data type pitfalls.
24 Aug 2009
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cloud computingAdvancements in private and public cloud computing have dispersed the data underlying business applications to locations across the planet, lowering IT infrastructure costs. But that coin has a flip side as well: Using that data to gain business insights and support decision-making has become much more difficult. Technology now is emerging that the CIO can utilize for cloud-level data integration for a range of migration and replication needs and also to ensure data quality. In data terms, it’s a whole new ball game, and organizations must focus on this new utilization of data integration across and within private and public clouds as well as within and outside of the enterprise. In this session, Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research at business research and advisory services firm Ventana Research, will lead a tour of the technologies and deployment scenarios that can advance every organization’s cloud computing information maturity.
30 May 2010
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The railroad industry is moving to high speed rail. In order to maintain safety and efficiency, industry leaders are turning to IBM's data warehouse to help with data integration and risk mitigation.
23 Dec 2010
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