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CloudSlam09**** Cloud computing based on Amazon’s or Google’s hardware infrastructure, offers data warehousing practitioners a new deployment option that brings unlimited scalability without traditional center overhead and budget constraints.
4 Aug 2009
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VEDICSOFT specializes in full life-cycle BI Solutions spanning Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Our services include consulting and integration, packaged solutions and outsourcing. Our clients range from fortune 500 companies to mid-market companies.
26 Jul 2011
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This video is created to promote the Book named "Data Warehousing" authored by Pranav Tripathi. The video displays features of the book and sufficiently answered queries that why you should buy this book. Subscribe TIS. Follow TIS on- Twitter: tis_yc Facebook: The Info Simplifier Buy Owner's books on Amazon.
12 Nov 2019
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<ibm****/software/info/datatoinfo> "Download the ebook and explore how businesses are managing large volumes of information in real-time, incorporating analytics and predictive modeling, and pervasively collecting and sharing information across the entire value chain to discover a new kind of intelligence."
13 Jul 2010
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*******www.birepublic****/ - offering everything business intelligence. Check out BI, data warehousing, knowledge management, and data mining white papers, blogs, jobs, news, and more - all free on out all data management network.
28 Dec 2008
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India Warehousing is a leading service providers from India of storage space, storage space rentals and goods storage. Get industrial plot for sale or rent, Warehousing sale or rent, Industrial land sale of rent in India.
***********/services/us/cio/ciostudy/lessons-learned.html?cm_mmc=agus_cioviddistr-20100219-uscxv100-_-v-_-herlihy-_-metacafe Former IT Manager at Gillette, Donagh Herlihy presents sage advice for those seeking business solutions soley through technology solutions. Donagh Herlihy, CIO, Avon: I was the European IT manager for a division of Gillette. At that time Gillette's business was run by product line. The division I was in was called the stationary products group. It was quickly apparent that we were suffering because we were a unit that had been built up by acquisitions. You know Paper Mate had been the original Gillette writing instruments group, and then they bought Waterman, a French company, and then Parker, which had been headquartered in the U.K. We had come together, and in most countries there was a legacy of three competing organizations. From an IT point of view, there were three infrastructures. Working with a small team—and I had a very small team—we worked with a partner called Oracle. We decided we would create a European-wide data warehouse and business intelligence tool. Whether it was finance, whether it was sales, whether it was senior executives, whether it was a sales manager in the field, everybody would be drawing on the same data warehouse. Data warehousing technology was still at the newer end of its maturity at that point. We went through an extensive analysis. What did we need to have in the data warehouse in terms of information? How would we present it? How could people analyze it and come up with a very elegant technical solution? Then it was time to submit the capital request for spending to our global headquarters in Boston. With all the support of the European management team behind me, I foresaw no issues until I got a call to get on a plane and go to Boston and explain myself. I was kind of puzzled. I went to Boston to meet the CFO and the CIO of Gillette, thinking this is a nice opportunity for this midlevel manager to show this great initiative and get their support. What I found was a fairly hostile reception in terms of people in Boston, not understanding our business issue that we were trying to resolve, and also then not supporting our approach because they felt it was a siloed approach solving a business issue for one division at the expense of the overall corporation. I took a couple of things away from that experience. I shouldn't have needed the lesson at that stage in my career, but it was it was definitely a reminder. First of all, don't ever try and present a technology solution to a business problem unless people understand the business problem. We were there talking technology solutions and technology elegance instead of problem solution from a business perspective. That was one key takeaway. The other takeaway was I just misunderstood the stakeholders. I thought that if I satisfied the needs of my business unit and I could meet the needs of my immediate customers, then I had done my job. What I failed to recognize was that there was a broader ecosystem in our organization that had a stake in the decision and the approach. The nice ending to the story is that ultimately our approach was given the go-ahead and was seen as a pilot of a broader approach within in Gillette. Once we had proven to be successful within our division in Europe, the approach to that solution was expanded out across the Gillette Company. But it took a couple of bumps along the way in terms of understanding stakeholders and articulating issues and business problems, in business solution terms.
18 Mar 2010
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Author: Guy Bouchon and Juan Carlos Palacios Derqui Language: Spanish Seminario web de la empresa Vitria, quien habla sobre su solución Inteligencia Operacional, presentando primero el concepto, para después explicar ampliamente la forma en que ésta tecnología puede llevar a que las empresas reduzcan costes y obtengan mayor visibilidad y comprension en tiempo real sobre sus operaciones de negocio con el fin de mejorar la toma de decisiones corporativas clave. Alternative URL: *******www.demosdesoftware****/videos/146/business-process-management/inteligencia-operacional-para-la-visibilidad-en-tiempo-real-de-las-operaciones-de-negocio-segun-vitria/business-process-management-cuadros-de-mando-data-warehousing-inteligencia-operacional-visibilidad-de-negocio-vitria
25 Sep 2010
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SSRS Architecture & Environment Introduction - *******pragmaticworks****/services/training/Default.aspx Covering Data Warehousing, Report Wizard, Data Retrieval and Data Sets More BI Software - *******pragmaticworks****/Products/Pricing.aspx
26 Aug 2011
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We're one of the world's largest Data Warehousing companies, with over 8,000 employees across the globe. We're looking for some talented, energetic new faces to join our growing team at Teradata Russia. We are holding an Open Day on Thursday 24th November 2011 10am-7.30pm at the Hilton Leningradskaya, Moscow. For more information on our available roles and to apply, go to *******www.teradatacareers****/emea/ru
1 Nov 2011
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We're one of the world's largest Data Warehousing companies, with over 8,600 employees across the globe. We're looking for some talented, energetic new faces to join our fast growing team at Teradata Denmark. Come to our Open Day on Thursday 22nd March from 3pm - 9pm at Copenhagen Island,Kalvebod Brygge 53, DK-1560 Copenhagen. Visit *******www.teradatacareers****/emea/dk
14 Mar 2012
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We have exciting career opportunities for Data Warehousing Professionals. Apply today or register for our open day at *******www.teradatacareers****/emea/ie
13 Jun 2012
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***********/software/data/db2-97/lowerdatabasecosts/?cmp=108A7&cm=v&csr=adopters&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cn=agus_itspsmism-20101027 DB2 customers discuss how cost reduction, performance improvement and Oracle's continuing rising costs influenced their data migration.
23 Oct 2010
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