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Daxter for PSP
1 Oct 2007
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Use the link below to get your PSP Daxter Bundle: *******www.psps4free****/default.aspx?r=1026835 I bet you have probably seen so many other people talking about some website that gives away free stuff. This website really does give you what it promises. You have the choice of getting the PSP Daxter Bundle or $175. All the website requires is for you to sign up and complete an offer. You may doubt in the beginning if you should do an offer, but trust me it is worth it. Click on the link and get started.
25 Nov 2008
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The legendary duo is back for another adventure in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier.
10 Aug 2009
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Jak and Daxter are at it again in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier for the PSP and PS2.
21 Oct 2009
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Check out the latest trailer for Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier as the title finally makes its way to store shelves.
7 Nov 2009
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Jak and Daxter's planet is slowly dying due to a lack of Light Eco. To save the day, our heroes team up with their old friend Keira in search of the ancient Precursor machinery that will prevent their planet's demise.
18 Nov 2009
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The Jak and Daxter HD Collection arrives on PS3 Friday 24th February 2012 but just how much of a visual improvement over the original does it offer? Find out in our comparison
22 Feb 2012
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All three Jak and Daxter games have been given an HD makeover in the form of The Jak and Daxter Trilogy. Here's the first 10 minutes of the first game in the series
26 Feb 2012
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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of the Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy remake, part of the Jak and Daxter Colletion from Naughty Dog and Sony for the PlayStation 3. Jak and Daxter is a platformer in the late ninetiesstyle. Think Banjo Kazooie meets Mario 64 with added action elements, and you basically have Jak and Daxter. You're going to collect lots of different amounts of lots of different things, you're going to do some platforming and you're going to run around a 3D world. The remake looks gorgeous. So much so, in fact, that you wonder how it ever ran on a PlayStation 2 in the first place. This video review features video gameplay footage of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
14 Oct 2012
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CGR Trailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents the 2009 E3 trailer for JAK AND DAXTER: THE LOST FRONTIER. Enjoy!
1 Feb 2013
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CGR Trailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents a trailer for THE JAK & DAXTER TRILOGY, on the PlayStation Vita, from Sony Computer Entertainment. This is the UK/PEGI version of the trailer. Enjoy! *******gamehackerz****/battlefield-3-cheats-hack-aimbot-download
1 May 2013
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just a daft jak n dax vid lol
15 Aug 2007
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We're back with another newsflash, recapping everything you need to know for Thursday, November 10. Also known as the day before 11/11/11.
11 Nov 2011
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Cool and funny photos of all Jak and Daxter games
20 Jul 2010
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