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From Juno and the Echo Dog's fifth album "Small World" out 10/4/2018
4 Oct 2018
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From Juno and the Echo Dog's fifth album "Small World" out 10/4/2018
1 Oct 2018
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Single from Juno and the Echo Dog. Out now on all music channels.
13 Dec 2018
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24 Feb 2019
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24 Feb 2019
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Have you ever had a daydream where your head falls off your shoulders?
3 Aug 2006
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Dude getting arrested is a daydream
22 Feb 2007
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Plaid Iguana Project play's thier original Mecry Mercy The Tree Huggers Ball Sunshine Daydream Music Park in Terra Alta, WV !
25 Feb 2007
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All Star Recipe side project playing Rocky Top at Sunshine Daydream Music Park in Terra Alta, WV
26 Feb 2007
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Me covering a song by a local Syracuse band (Candid Daydream).
21 May 2007
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2 stupid dogs - daydream best cartoon !
13 Jun 2007
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Lyrics: [Verse 1] Does he know you raise your eyebrow When something goes on in your mind Does he know your face starts blushing Every time you're telling a lie Does he know you are impatient And run away when you're mad Does he know you can be stubborn And that you smile even when you are sad [Bridge] And still I'm not the guy who's lying there in your arms And still I hope That one day I will be the one To give you all the love that you need This song will tell you exactly how I feel [Hook] It'll tell you that I know You think we're friends When all I want is just a chance To prove that I could be the one for you For you love Love This song will tell you that I need you boo And that my heart belongs to you Always wanted to scream it out loud But the words just wouldn't come out of my mouth My mouth Until now [Verse 2] Does he know you love the thunder On a stormy April day Does he know you love the rain drops And the scent of flowers in May Does he know you love to daydream That you smile when you're asleep That you love the beach and the ocean And the grass tickling your feet
2 Mar 2008
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Picasso quote introduces abstract art by Scott Spencer CapucinesBoulevard**** Every day I thank my lucky stars and The Powers That Be that there are art collectors in the world. An abstract work's "meaning" is oftentimes stronger and more personal for the viewer than it is in purely representational art where the subject matter is obvious and can only evoke a limited range of emotions. Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Welcome words to a daydreamer like me. "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Francis Bacon Being gay is a gift, a variation on a theme. Love is too powerful to be shaped or confined. At the moment, I'm loving the paintings of Cecily Brown, Raimonds Staprans and Paul Balmer. My all-time favorites are Max Beckmann, Milton Avery, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Egon Schiele, Richard Diebenkorn and Lucien Freud.
23 Oct 2009
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GURNEE WATER RESORT SET TO OPEN FEB. 29; A ONE-OF-A-KIND 'CRUISE-SHIP-ON-LAND' EXPERIENCE Paradise has a new address. And it's so much closer than you ever imagined.A winter's daydream comes blissfully true for Midwestern snowbirds as KEYLIME COVE — America's Most Exciting Indoor Water Resort – resets the thermostat on the local vacation scene and redefines the traditional notion of a "family getaway." With a 65,000-square-foot water park flooded with thrills, it's no surprise that kids will have the time of their lives at KeyLime Cove. But with amazing restaurants, a bar & grill serving up icy margaritas and live entertainment, loads of retail shopping and a luxurious spa to boot, parents will too!
8 Nov 2008
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Finding Peace and The True Soul ANDREA HOWELLS Peace Saved thought she was a girl like any other. She had great friends. She went to school. She daydreamed. But never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would be able to control water. Peace discovers that she is the Light Master, as well as a Godsend of water. To learn more about her powers, she starts attending a school in heaven called "Peaceful Harmony." Peace meets Joy, who becomes one of her best friends. Joy makes Peace a rare rainbow phoenix named Flare. When Peace thinks things can't get any weirder, Grace, a fellow student, loses the Godlove spirit that dwelled in her family for generations. It's up to Peace to save the spirit and fulfill her destiny. $12.95 ISBN:0976507242 5.5" x 8.5", paperback 60 pp 2006 Have a question or a comment for Andrea Howells? Email her at andreatribute-books****
3 Jul 2008
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In this clip a daydreaming student doesn't get his test in on time. But though the teacher insists on failing him, the student has a trick up his sleeve. Superb~~ must watch to learn more...haha
23 Jul 2008
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