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To all fans of ManOfSteel's artistry: In order to comply with YouTube's standards, I've "re-edited" Bruce's Dream. In this movie, the fantastic imagination of Bruce takes him on an incredible journey of exotic locations and romantic settings as he daydreams about the impossibly studly David McAllister. All images are copyright Lumiere Publishing and are used with permission. Enjoy! For more information on the artist, ManOfSteel, check out his website: *******www.blueeyedbeast**** Or join the David Fan Club to learn more about the characters who interact with David in surprising ways: ***********/group/davidfanclub/
20 Sep 2010
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Pop singer/songwriter Julien Drolon released his debut single “Peace Through Music” as well as the video to accompany the track on today, September 21st. The date of the release coincides with the imposition of martial law on September 21 1983, following the death of Filipino National Hero Ninoy Aquino a month earlier. It is also the International Day of Peace. “Peace Through Music” is the lead single from Julien's upcoming album Time For Peace, which is expected to be released in March 2011. If you’ve ever daydreamed of taking a tropical vacation, sipping a fruity drink and dancing in the white sand, “Peace Through Music” would be the song playing in the back of your mind. With its reggae beat, pop guitar and harmonic supporting vocals, “Peace Through Music” is every bit a fun song. But as the title implies, the song carries a message of “love, peace and harmony” which is precisely what French- born Julien Drolon hopes to inspire in his fans. “Peace Through Music” can be purchased at iTunes: *******fburls****/74-UWlKLekw
21 Sep 2010
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Taken from his debut album titled "Daydream" Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Sep 2010
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*******www.LifestyleBook****/soul-mate Here are the key factors in giving yourself the best chance of finding and staying with a Soul Mate and life partner: 1. Understand Yourself You cannot hope to find the right person if you don’t know who you are and where you are heading. Invest time in finding out what really makes you excited and holds your attention. Work out what you believe and why. Until you get to that point, don’t dream of making a life-long commitment to someone else! 2. Understand Your Partner It is so easy in the beginning to see all the similarities you share. Someone likes you and you like them. Their voice sounds like beautiful music and their smile lights up the room. You daydream about them all day long and you start writing poetry! But STOP! That isn’t enough to base a lifetime commitment on. You need to really and truly get to know and understand that person. Anyone can pretend to be anything they want to be for a few months and both parties are always on their best behavior for the first few months. 3. Influences Everyone is the average of the five people they spend the most time with. Who are their closest friends? Who are their role-models? Who are their heroes or heroines? That is what they are really like and what they are gravitating towards.
8 Nov 2010
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50 Euro Toilet Paper Do you wish you were rich enough to flush money down the toilet…….? Well now you can with this authentic looking 50 Euro bill toilet paper! If you want to show your contempt for currency and feel that money is worthless, you can use it to wipe your bottom on and express your true feelings! Consisting of 100% genuine completely fake two hundred Euro notes, this is an ideal gift for anyone that spends all their time daydreaming of riches - Please note - Not legal tender - Realistic looking 50 euro note - Specially customised toilet roll - Perfect novelty gift China supplier: Email : fangzhengcnhotmail**** Skype ID : chanceller819 *******chinagift.en.ecplaza****
10 Dec 2010
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*******www.neuro-sculpting**** presents Brain Training: Mental Concentration Vs. Mental Focus Part 04 of 07 - FIRST Half. In this part, we talk on brain training related to the phenomenon of Mental Focus, specifically, we're interested in DYNAMIC Mental Focus. Remember that you CONCENTRATE on a TASK in the present moment, but you FOCUS ON a goal, WITH a goal in Mind across significant spans of time. We go over why THOUGHT CONTROL is the key to Dynamic Mental Focus, how THOUGHT itself is the primary TOOL to employ for better Mental Focus, the connection between Thought control and Emotion Control, the NATURE of Thought, the synthetic and 3-dimensional experience of Thought, and the pervasive problem of mental wandering into DAYDREAMING!
5 Jan 2011
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Fine, here's the contract - your daydream of attractive the after that big YouTube star can develop into a reality! If you're wondering how that's likely, when your conduit or video doesn't even get a solitary view in a day, the come back with lies here - buy YouTube views. *******socialkik****/youtube.html
11 Jan 2011
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Top TV Shows Based on *******www.emutu**** : Day the Earth Threw Up, Day the Senior Class Got Married, Day the Universe Changed, Day They Came to Arrest the Book, Day Things Went Sour, Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story, Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, Days of Majesty, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives: One Stormy Night, Daytime's Brightest, Dazzled, DC 9/11: Time of Crisis, D-Day Heroes, Deacons for Defense, Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster, Dead Ahead: The Grateful Dead in Concert, Dead and Deader, Dead at 17, Dead at 21, Dead Aviators, Dead Before Dawn, Dead Blue: Surviving Depression, Dead by Midnight, Dead Fire
13 Jun 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Different Aspects of God - P2/2 September 27, 1994 Singapore). Episode: 1713, Air Date: 24 May 2011. Script *Dear Master, near my home there are a group of stray dogs, 15,running around. If I alert the council and they terminate the dogs, I will feel responsible for their deaths. If I do nothing and someone gets attacked by these dogs,I would also feel responsible for my inaction to prevent it. In addition,more dogs will be produced until it becomes a big problem. How do I solve this dilemma? I thank your graceful wisdom. Is there any dogs’ home in Singapore?Yes? Then why don't you contact with the dogs’ home which receive dogs and take care of them, and they will take care of them. They don't take care? They put them to sleep? Poor dogs. I don't know,really. You have to do what you think is the best. I don't know if the dogs are vicious or the dogs are kind. Some people just take dogs home and take care of them. In Hong Kong, we have many dogs also running around like that, and there's one person, he took care of them. They don’t take them home, they just put them on the land somewhere, on a friend's land, and then he built a kind of a primitive shelter and then every day he jogs around and brings food for them. In Hong Kong Center, we used to have a stray dog also – from where,I don't know. She came to our meditation center and so she got vegetarian food. All right. No problem. Mostly,wild dogs, except when they're sick, they don't attack the passers-by. Mostly,it’s only the dogs that have an owner that attack, because they have to protect their property, and they know where their property is. When you trespass, he will bite you. But the wild dogs, if they're sick, probably they will; but I cannot judge because I haven't seen the dogs. Use your own intelligence. *In Singapore, there is a proposal for a law on the living will. A living will is a document which tells a doctor when a patient wants treatment terminated. The religious bodies in Singapore that have given their views are split on the proposal for a law on the living will though most support the idea. Dear Master, please advise. Now,the religious body is not exactly representing all the Singaporean people. So,why doesn’t the government just ask the people? Ask the Singapore people. It's the Singapore people's business. I cannot mess about with your business. Besides, every case is different. Sometimes people just die for a while, like the story I told you; people die and come back again. One person in America – I told you last time – he was struck by lightning and the whole body was burned inside out, and he got a heart problem,everything, and he couldn't move. He was burnt. But then he went to Heaven and they gave the choice to live and carry out some mission and come back to Earth again. And he was suffering a lot. He couldn't see the light for many months. He had to wear dark glasses – not only glasses, but those that you wear when you do the welding. It was very difficult. But then he stayed alive again. He was in a coma for a long time. And recently there was a man in Korea, he just woke up after six years in a coma. You know that? And he just woke up like nothing,just like waking up from sleep and said,Hallo! So,it's very difficult for us to determine whether that person is absolutely useless or whether he will come back again and be a mighty speaker or a useful person for mankind. I'm not a doctor, I'm not also a religious body. Some case is useful, some case is not, and it’s very difficult to pinpoint that this is good,this is not good. Same with the death sentence. If the person really committed the offence, maybe it's justified, even though it shouldn't be that way, because God says that “revenge belongs to Me.” But even though in that case it may be justified, but sometimes it's not justified at all because that person is innocent. But sometimes with evidence and under strong pressure, the person is forced into guilt without doing anything wrong. So,in that case, it's very difficult and it's not justified, and nobody can revive again. That's why England now banned the death penalty because they realized many times before they had made mistakes and killed the wrong person, killed an innocent person. Sometimes 20 years later, they found out that the person is innocent. It's too late. For example like that. So,I think,whatever it is, just let it be. Let it be,naturally. If we can save a person, we save him. If we cannot, if it's time for him to die, I tell you the truth,even if the whole world’s doctors gather together and want to save him, he will die. If that person is not yet at the time to die, even God cannot kill him. That's why many people die and went to Heaven, don't want to come back but the angel kicks them down, “Your time is not yet up. Go back there and do something. Learn your lessons. You’re not finished yet.” Things like that. You have read many books like that, of the people who die. Sometimes many days, sometimes many hours, they went to Heaven and got the sermon and learned something and then they go back and be good. *Dear Master, I have several questions still unsolved in my mind. Please be compassionate to solve them for me. If you so often say that Jesus Christ and his disciples were vegetarians at that time, why did Jesus give assistance to St. Peter to catch fish? Do we always have to talk about fish? Even if Jesus ate fish. why do we have to imitate him? Be your own self. Do something better. Jesus said to the twelve disciples, they were fishermen. He has to talk in the fishy term. He said,Come! Throw away your net. Follow me, I'll teach you how to catch men. All right? So,afterwards, because they are nostalgic about their job, so Jesus said, Go and ‘fish’. Do some ‘fishing’. And go give initiation, go gather disciples, go and ‘fish’ for something! Catch a big fish. You weren't there. You didn't see any fish from Peter. Why talk like that? Even if I'm wrong,you're not absolutely right. We're both not there. Why bother about fish? Let's talk about something else. Let's talk about God. Let's come to see God, and let the fish stay in the ocean,all right? Because we are free, we're moving in the air. We're moving in Singapore where there is freedom, a democratic country. Nobody will catch you and chop your head for nothing. So why you do that to the fish? They have their kingdom. They have their movement, their freedom in the sea. They do nothing harmful to our society. Better leave them there. Very simple. *If God is full of love, why did God create that big rain and water to finish all the rest of the human beings, which didn’t believe Hirm to follow Noah? Because God's very loving, that's why Hes did it. Hes wanted to purify the planet, make a new one. Just like your house, sometimes it's out of livable condition, so the government tears it down, builds a new house for you, gives you compensation, gives you a better living standard, safer dwelling. Because your house is already so rotten, anytime it can fall down and hurt you and your family even though it looks good now. But it is not safe. So sometimes God wipes out everything and builds a new house again. Because the body is really not that important. For us,it is important. For God,Hes can create one million again out of one person if Hes wants to. So God can create, but God can destroy. It's entirely no problem to him. Just like you can make cars, even if it's an expensive Benz or Volvo, if it's already no use, and it could cause car accidents, then the company will collect it and crush it into powder and build another one out of it, and add in other better ingredients. In Singapore, you cannot drive a car more than ten years. You know that. So that doesn't mean the Singapore government is very cruel or not loving to the cars, but this is unsafe for you, unsafe for other people on the street. Then it will cause an accident. So just let God decide what God thinks is best. Actually, we cling on to dear life but we don't know the life eternal; therefore,we blame God for our short time on Earth, for our sickness,for our physical suffering. But if we know life eternal – actually, our short lifespan of 100 years, or 60 years, is absolutely nothing. God can always renew our body, give a more beautiful appearance – the same soul,more beautiful appearance – more beautiful surrounding,more beautiful background for us to thrive,to live on, to develop. If Hes didn't do that, we'd probably still be crawling on the Earth killing each other and roasting each other for lunch. That's probably what they did at the time of Noah. And God just told them “stop,” but they didn’t listen. They were destroying each other, so God said,Okay, let's build a new house. No problem to Hirm. Hes just waves a hand, and thousands,millions, of planets will appear, let alone human beings. Don't worry about that. Hes knows what Hes is doing. Well,we hope so. *If God is almighty, omnipotent,omniscient, omnipresent, when Hes created Adam and Eve, why didn't Hes know that they would betray Hirm and eat that forbidden fruit? Don't you think Hes knows? Hes knows it. That's why Hes made the apple. But Hes also knows human psychology. If Hes told him to eat it, he won't eat it. But if Hes says, Don't eat it! then both of them are mouth-watering, thinking,“It must be something good that Hes doesn’t let us eat. That's why they ate it. So Hes is very clever. Don't worry about this Old Guy. Just like your children, you don't let them get initiation. Many children come to me – three years old, four years old – Master, can I have initiation? Just because their parents just keep telling them, You cannot get it. You're too young yet. You have to be six years old. Then Master will give you half initiation. So they keep asking me all the time, tugging my dress, Master! They are so small like this, Master, can I have initiation? The apple is for us, not for Adam, so we’d learn that we could not sell everything too cheap. That's why many people, the high class society people, they buy a lot of things, very expensive. It doesn't matter if that thing looks exactly like your thing. The name is different. That's important. The name is different. So,sometimes the big company, they buy cheap things from the small company, but with their name printed on it, and that sells more expensively. You know all this. So God is the biggest salesman. Hes knows everything about human psychology because Hes created us. So don't worry about God's mistakes. Only we make mistakes. God doesn't. Hes knows. This Old Guy is very tricky! *If God created all these creatures, then who created God? This you have to go and ask God. But that's no problem, that's still far away. Now we have to walk on the road to God's home and then we can ask Hirm. First,step by step. Now you go with me, then later we can ask Hirm together, Who is Your parent? Up to now we're still far away from God,so we do other things first. Be practical. *Does this universe have a beginning and an end, like linear, or this universe has no beginning and no end, like a circle? It has a beginning and it has an end, but I am afraid we don't live that long to know. But we can know that by meditation. Because in meditation knowledge, there's no past, no future,and no present obstruction to us – there’s no time obstruction– so then we will see that sometimes the universe rests. And then nothing, no activity. It's just like nothing. And then when it stirs again, then everything springs into activities, like we are experiencing now. But it's not the end. It's really not the end. It's just the alternative state of the universe. But it's a long sleep and a long awakening. It's not like 24 hours. Recently,archaeologists found fossils and say it is the missing link of the monkey and human. Do you agree that modern humans evolved from monkeys? The missing link is because humans and monkeys are different. You see so many monkeys now, and no monkey has evolved into a human being. Monkeys live longer than man. And not all of the monkeys evolved into human beings. God made man truly for mankind's sake. There's no such kind of monkey. Not because God made the monkey first and monkey becomes man. It's not so. God created many creatures – different kinds, different beings,for different periods of time. So the animals came first and then later human beings. Some of the monkeys are very intelligent. They're near human intelligence, but by no means can they replace man. *Dear Master, I work in a company that kills animals and sells meat for human consumption. Is this bad for my karma (retribution), even if I'm not physically involved in the killing? Can I be accepted for initiation if I continue working in the company? I'm afraid that your conscience will disturb you. So you can get initiation, and then if you feel very much disturbed, you please try to change your job, whenever possible for you. Because after the initiation,we become so highly evolved inside and so pure within our spirit that every little contradiction will hurt us. Our conscience is always very sharp so it will not feel right to do it. Actually,all the precepts are not really precepts at all. It's just for you, for the guidelines, for the beginning. Later on,even if everybody allowed you to kill, you would not do it. And sometimes you use leather goods, or a fur coat, you will feel very uncomfortable because you can sense the suffering atmosphere still lingering in these goods that you use. So,that's the only reason that you could probably consider changing your job in the near future. *Dearest Master, after initiation if I can't fulfill the two-and-a-half hours of meditation a day, what will happen to me? Please help me on how I am able to do meditation better and better each day. Thank you. No problem. You do it slowly. You adjust slowly. You don't have to do it two-and-a-half hours straight. You try your best. Half an hour,one hour, twenty minutes,it's okay. It's good for you. You don't have to bargain with me. If you eat two bowls of rice then you are full. If you eat one bowl then you're half full. What happens to you? You're hungry,that's all. *Dear Master, you did mention that when one can see Lights and hear Sounds during initiation, it is an evidence of immediate enlightenment and seeing your own true Self. What if a person does not have these experiences during initiation? What has happened? Should he continue the meditation? Thank you so much. Yes,sure. Very rare, but maybe one or two people out of one thousand don't have experience. Maybe only have Sound and don't have Light, maybe have Light only, don't have Sound, but he will have it, 20 minutes later, or three days later, at the most seven days, this exception. Otherwise,everyone will have it. Continue to meditate. You will have it at home. Sometimes you're at the initiation you don't have it, you go home and you have it, or 20 minutes later. You just sit again for 20 minutes. The Master will take care of it – a double blessing, treble blessings, all the blessings. I have to hammer the wisdom eye to get it open. It's too rusted. *During meditation on the Light, the third eye was blinking in the dark and glittering very fast. Is it the Light of the true Self of the universe? Yes. I don't suppose that it is the light from electricity. How can the wisdom eye be blinking? It is really poetry. Feels like. Darkness is not really darkness. If you continue to look further,it will become bright. *During the Light meditation,I feel my eyelids shivering like I'm blinking or like the light is glittering. Is it okay? Yes,it's okay. It's called the “blinking light.” The light blinks when it's not strong. If you concentrate on it, it will stabilize. It blinks because you are not paying attention. But the wisdom eye doesn't blink. *This is not a question. It's a thank-you note. He says,“Master thank you for initiating me, bearing my bad karma (retribution) and elevating my ancestors spanning nine generations. I don't know how to thank you enough. I feel like crying whenever I think of you.” Don't cry. *Master, you are a great person. I love you. We will love you forever. We'll follow your teachings. You are our example, ideal,aim and model. The meaning of our lives is to pursue spiritual practice and go back Home. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Please take good care of yourself. I hope we'll see you often. Although we all have inner Masters, we still perceive a different magnetic field and vibration when seeing you in person. Heavenly bliss fills our hearts. The blessing pervades the air. Joy and happiness permeate our souls. Good night,Master. Please be well. I hope to see you again in the near future. See you in the next seven-day,three-day, four-day or ten-day retreat. Goodbye, with love. Thank you. You could have written another “Key to Immediate Enlightenment.” I think other people would like to hear? You want to hear? (Yes.) Must be fair. *Master, I very much appreciate and thank you that you initiated me and carry my bad karma (retribution), five to nine generations liberated. I appreciate it so much that I am speechless. Every time when I think of Master, I start to cry. Master, Great Master,I love you. I will love you forever, following the Master's teaching. You're our learning model, our ideal,our aim, our example. The meaning of living is to cultivate and go home. Once again I sincerely and gratefully thank Master. Please take good care of yourself. I wish to see you always. Although there is the transformation Master, but seeing the physical Master, the magnetic field and the vibration are different. That is full of Dharma happiness. The blessing and the happiness and peacefulness is filled in the air. Master,good night. Take care. I wish to see you again and be able to join the three-day retreat, four-day, seven-day,ten-day. Goodbye! And I said that person can write a book of “Immediate Enlightenment.” Very poetic. The Chinese people are very poetic at heart. And,actually, they're not bad for businessmen. They take care of each other. It just doesn't matter who you are. If you can speak a little Chinese,they think that you're a Chinese and they will help you. That's why everywhere the Chinese go, they help each other and they become prosperous together, and become the envy of many citizens of different countries. But they shouldn't be envious,they should learn from the Chinese because they work hard and they’re united. Whenever a Chinese goes to another country, even if he doesn't know someone,if the Chinese know them, they take care of him. Or someone will probably lend him money and show him how to work and help him to establish himself in that country. That's why everywhere the Chinese community is very strong. Strong and prosperous. Chinese people are very hospitable, very hard working. There are many jokes about the Chinese people. Like,wherever there's smoke, there's Chinese. Because actually, anywhere, the Chinese can live. That's what it means. It doesn't mean the Chinese are invading everywhere, but in any circumstance, the Chinese can survive, and they can prosper because they work very hard. Some people,Chinese, go to Costa Rica, or a South American country and they work very hard. No wonder they succeed and have financial security. Saturday,Sunday, holiday,any day – open. Other people Sunday, Saturday,closed. Friday closed– half-day maybe– Saturday closed and Sunday closed. And Monday maybe holiday,closed again. Tuesday, another day closed, or tomorrow closed. And of course, God blesses us, but God doesn't bless laziness and irresolution. The Chinese people are resolute people. That's why everywhere they go, they're successful. And they're also very diligent. They don't earn their money from nothing. They really work hard and they know the tricks of business. The most clever trick is hard working. Sunday,Saturday, holiday, rainy day,sunny day, no problem – all open! In Formosa (Taiwan), if you have money you can buy anything. You can tell them to work all day,all night. No problem. The customer comes first. Even Formosa (Taiwan) is already a very,very rich country, a prosperous country, the 13th financial business country, the 13th in the world,and it's so small,an island only. Even then, they still work hard. It's their nature to work hard to serve the customer. Not because of money only; it's their nature. They're very hospitable. They like to help, and they like to work. Without work they'll feel bored. They work very hard. So,even if they already have money, but Sunday,Saturday or even in the night, they will open for you. Sometimes,like,in Miaoli, the disciples plant trees overnight. They plant trees like the Singapore people. Big trees,one night, and then it becomes a jungle. We do that also. But because these are big trees, our disciples have to go and dig themselves, and then even the owner just let him do it all night, sometimes help them also. And the crane picks up the trees and plants them in a big hole. They also work all night with us. That doesn't mean they need money. They just do it. Maybe it’s just habit, hard working and appreciate their intelligence, their hands and their feet. Because they make use of their brain,their body, therefore, they get more clever and therefore they get more successful in business. That is the secret. But don't tell the Chinese. Don't tell the Chinese that I told you. *Is the visualization method lower than the Quan Yin Method? Different people want to learn different methods. Even if I say visualization is inferior to Quan Yin, some people still like visualization. Just let them. Some people like to stay home sleeping and daydreaming, “I have a lot of money. I will build a very big house. I will have a beautiful wife. I will have two or three lovely 'little karmas'. As soon as he finishes, he bumps his foot into the furniture and knocks it over, and then it breaks, thus ends his daydream. He is daydreaming and imagining all this. But the rich person doesn't have to do this. He builds a house right away. He doesn't have to think. If he wants a wife, he can marry one because he has the money. He doesn't have to think that much. We don't bother to think. We prefer to own things right away. If you already have it, fine. If you don't,daydreaming doesn't help. It would be tiring. Some people are like that. Some people imagine that there is a Buddha and there is Light. It's fun too. But if we can see the Light and Buddha personally, isn't it less tiring? But it's up to you to decide. If you are a lazy person, you can practice the Quan Yin Method with me. If you are hardworking and like to imagine,then you decide for yourself. There is no need to argue which is higher or lower. Everyone has his own taste. They asked me if the visualization method of meditation, would I say it is lower than the Quan Yin Method, so I said to them, “Well,it doesn't matter whether I say it's lower or higher, some people still like to practice the visualization method.” Then let it be. Just like some people, they like to daydream, and then they sit there on their sofa,or on their bed, and say,“I will have a lot of money, and then I will build a big house, and then I will have a beautiful wife, and then my wife will bear a few little, little beautiful ‘karmas’ for me.” Things like that. But then he’s just daydreaming about it. And then we people, those who practice Quan Yin Method, we don't like to daydream. We don't like to imagine things. We just like to have it now or we don't have it. So this is the choice of different people. If you want to daydream then you can choose visualization. And if you want to have it now, without too much thinking about it, then you can join us. To sit there and visualize that you have light in here and you have Buddha on there, it’s also fun. But to have it right now, see it right now, for us is better. Saves a lot of work. So I say,“It's up to you, it's your choice. No need to say lower or higher.” Thank you for your love. God bless you, Buddha bless you, Allah bless you. Stay in love, walk in love, and breathe in love because everywhere God is there. We always live in God, whether you believe me or don’t believe me. You cannot escape, so don't worry. In times of trouble, always try to remember God is near. God is in your breathing. God is in your eyes, in your body, in your cells, in the neighbors, in your heart, in your children, in the air. You can never escape from God, so don't worry. Take your lessons easily. Take it easy,try your best to solve your problems. Because that's what we’re here for. All right? Thank you!
28 Jul 2011
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*******www.SaturdayMorningDiet**** for our ebook: *******www.JoanBars**** for our blog and free meal replacement recipe.How to Create a Vision Board to lose weight For some, the dream act as a lazy way to pass time. In reality, the dream really help you build your future and allows you to achieve your full potential. As far as weight is concerned, many of us are unhappy with the way we think and can have a negative body image. Daydream or view to have the ideal body can actually deliver the motivation you need to create a slimmer you. An important visualization tool that can inspire you in your quest to lose weight is a vision board. What is a vision board? A vision board is a way to visually stimulate your mind to achieve the goals you set for yourself. There is no right or wrong to make a vision board. It is simply what works best for you. You can use a cork board, cardboard or even your computer to create a collage of visual images that will give you inspiration and motivation to reach your ideal body image.
29 Jul 2011
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Fletch daydreams about his last trip to Mexico and comes up with a brilliant idea! He buys a Mexican insurance policy from BajaBound**** and gives it to his owner...and they are off to Mexico!
25 Aug 2011
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A devious Dragon Age distraction, designed to deceive daydreaming denizens. ... double jump!
11 Sep 2011
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learning new information [MH]; Alpha - Rapid Refreshment 15 min [NEU]; "LOW ALPHA" inner-awareness of self, mind/body integration, balance [CRI]. Alpha range (per NEU, RA, PWM, NSS & CRI) - light relaxation, "super learning", positive thinking. [NEU]; Conducive to creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation, stress reduction, etc., characterized by intuitive insights, creative "juice", inspiration, motivation, daydreams etc. Relaxed, yet alert [PWM via DW]; Associated with calm, relaxed, unfocused (not concentrating), lucid mental states, dream sleep & pleasant drifting feelings or emotions. [NSS via DW] ; promotes mental resourcefulness, aids in mental coordination, enhances relaxation, "Can move quickly + efficiently to accomplish whatever task is at hand.", feelings of "at ease" + calm, promotes good moods, a bridge between conscious + subconscious, alpha waves indicate a person is alert but not actively processing information, seen more in extroverts than introverts, seen during creative problem solving [CRI] I myself have used these binarals with some very good success and if u want to try them out its best to use headphones, thats the way i do it.The website i got these binarals from is *******www.lunarsight****/freq.htm .You can get the free program at *******youtubedownload.altervista****/ and using this program will help u convert the video's to mp3 so u can listen with headphones which is highly recommended, they work much better that way. Please leave a comment to let me know if these binaral tones are helping, thanks for listening. please i want ur feedback. All these tones that seem to b the same are of a different base frequency, some are higher frequency and some are of a lower, the best thing to do is to see what frequency works best for your need.
14 Dec 2011
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Darren Hiller Hypnosis Dallas | *******www.darrenhiller**** | As an adult, we go in and out of hypnosis about six to seven times each day. Hypnosis is a natural state of focused awareness. When we are in this state of mind, we are more open to suggestions. When we are in this state we have bypassed our critical conscious mind, and are more into our imaginative, habitual, and emotional subconscious mind. One of my favorite examples of this is daydreaming. When we daydream our minds are in a different state of awareness, we are escaping while creating a pleasant scene in our mind. When we daydream our focus changes from the present moment to an imaginary moment. We are deeper into our imagination which is a part of our subconscious mind and in that moment we are more calm and suggestible.
20 Jan 2012
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Jerry Nelson as General Public Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Jerry Nelson (b. July 10, 1934) started his puppeteering career working for Bil Baird. Throughout the '60s, he worked on-and-off with Jim Henson. In 1970, he joined the company and began working regularly on Sesame Street. Since then, Nelson has performed as a principal puppeteer in numerous Muppet productions including the Muppet movies, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and various TV specials. In 2004, Nelson announced he would be moving away from performing his classic Muppet characters, citing health reasons. However, he has continued to perform his characters on Sesame Street. In 2005, he was one of the narrators on the audiobook version of It's Not Easy Bein' Green, displaying his vocal versatility by reciting most of the quotes from Muppet characters, including Dr. Teeth and the Doozers. In late 2009, Nelson released his debut album Truro Daydreams. *******muppet.wikia****/wiki/Jerry_Nelson
20 Mar 2012
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John Harun Mwau facebook-How to Start Allowing Abundance The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the feeling of resistance. Again, resistance feels tight, stressful, frustrating, irritating, desperate, pressured, restrictive . . . any negative feeling, really. When you notice that you feel that way regarding money, it's a huge red flag to DO something about it! Take a few deep breaths, focus on something about your financial situation that makes you feel good, daydream about an exciting financial scenario -- but the key is to make sure you are improving your FEELINGS about money. That's the biggest reason why visualization, affirmations, and vision boards don't work for many people; they go through the motions mentally and physically, but they never change how they FEEL. When you change how you feel, you easily slip into a state of allowing! Yes, it's that easy. Easy in theory, anyway -- maybe not so easy in practice, right? Want Some Guidance on Allowing Abundance? Many people who try to attract more abundance aren't really sure how to go about it day by day. They know they need to visualize, they know they need to change their thoughts, but how? What EXACTLY should they be doing every day? And what can they expect if they do those things? Stop! Take a few seconds and look around you... What do you see? You may be at your office, or in your home, maybe you're at the beach with your laptop. Wherever you are, what do you see, I mean really see? piles of stuff? Arranged décor? Work to do? The waves lapping at the shore..? As you look with a critical eye notice everything. Do you hear a clock ticking? Kids playing? Dogs barking? The breeze blowing through the trees? How do these sights and sounds make you feel? Does it make feel at peace, irritated, happy, anxious? I have heard it said, "The atmosphere you create determines the product you produce." Here are seven keys to energized your atmosphere: 1. Awareness As habitual humans, when we allow irritating things to go on over time we cease to consciously recognize them. But at a subconscious level, they continue to frustrate us. Then they block our positive creative nature. We start to lose energy and motivation and we don't even know why? When you are attentive to what's going on around you, you will recognize that which needs to change. Change to what? What kind of atmosphere motivates you, encourages you, ignites your passion? Maybe you desire a peaceful retreat? The point is to become aware of that which you desire to produce. Michael Burnbaum:Trading System For Swing Traders 2012 [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Trading-Traders-ebook/dp/B007NYI8A0/ Michael Burnbaum : Learn To Trade Options Like A Pro [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Learn-Options-ebook/dp/B007NZ2S14/ Michael Burnbaum: The Forex and Stocks Top Traders Software Systems 2012 ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Traders-Software-ebook/dp/B007NYFBLY/ Michael Burnbaum: Mass Forex Cash System 2012 [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Forex-System-ebook/dp/B007NYFIOO/ Michael Burnbaum: Reading speed to over 25,000+ words per MINUTE! Mentally "Memorize" books. [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Mentally-Memorize-ebook/dp/B007NYFFV0/ Michael W. Burnbaum : Forex Secrets (Michael Burnbaum) [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-W-Burnbaum-Secrets-ebook/dp/B007NEYR1E/ Michael W. Burnbaum: Forex Insider Secrets 2012 [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-W-Burnbaum-Insider-ebook/dp/B007NEYRMS/ Michael Burnbaum:Watch Over 3000 TV Channels On Any PC [Kindle Edition] ***********/Michael-Burnbaum-Watch-Channels-ebook/dp/B007NYQPA0/ Mark Olthouse New Product 2012 (Mark Olthouse 2012) ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Product-2012-ebook/dp/B007N0T1W8/ Mark Olthouse 2012 ***********/Mark-Olthouse-2012-ebook/dp/B007N0PWJO/ Mark Olthouse - Best Product 2012 ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Best-Product-ebook/dp/B007NE0RZE/ Mark Olthouse : Anxiety And Panic Attacks Seminar ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Anxiety-Attacks-ebook/dp/B007NE139S/ Mark Olthouse : Accurate Forex Systems Enabling Anybody To Make Shocking Amounts Of Money Trading The Forex ***********/Mark-Olthouse-Accurate-Enabling-ebook/dp/B007NETJWG/ John Papaneri : Dog House Plans ***********/John-Papaneri-House-Plans-ebook/dp/B007NETUQQ/ John Papaneri : Adsense Ready High Paying Niche Websites ***********/John-Papaneri-Adsense-Websites-ebook/dp/B007NETR5K/ johnny hebda,john j papaneri ,titus tossy,gabriel tabalujan,Michael burnbaum,,mark olthouse,,mark olthouse, Michael w burnbaum, John Harun Mwau facebook,john papaneri , John Harun Mwau facebook-the Law of Attraction
30 Mar 2012
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