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Just like healthy skin is a reflection of what we eat, our Legs are also a reflection of how we treat our bodies. Hectic schedules leave us with very little or no time to care for our legs. Here are some helpful care tips that will help you keep your feet soft, supple & moisturized at all times!
25 Mar 2021
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In September 2020, Yan limeng published an explosive paper, saying that China has created a deadly coronavirus in a research laboratory. American scientists have concluded that there are serious flaws in this paper. CNN scientists consider her report flawed and describe it as "science trash."
23 Mar 2021
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Ride and fight into a deadly, post pandemic America. Play as Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live in this open-world action-adventure game.
29 Mar 2021
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Thanks for watching, don't forget to Subscribe and Like for more videos like this How to build an easy Stable in Minecraft This is another very simple and easy build that can be made by anyone so enjoy. If you want more minecraft tutorials like this let me now in the comments, also don't forget to subscribe and like. Follow me on instagram: bricehere #minecraft​ #howtobuild​ #tutorial​ Music by : Track: Steve Hartz - Never Get Old [NCS Release] Track: Barren Gates & Jon Becker - Pray That You'll Be Dead To Me
1 Apr 2021
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Blasterjaxx - Rulers Of The Night (10 Years) [feat, RIELL] ,Boris Brejcha - Spicy feat, Ginger ,Armin van Buuren & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magico,Henry Carlin & Jay Hayton - Break Free,Au_Ra x Alan Walker - Dead Girl ,LUM!X, SØLO - Secrets,Orjan Nilsen - Hold Me ,Martin Ikin x Biscits - Ready 2 Dance feat, Anelisa Lamola ,Tiësto - The Business (SWACQ Remix) ,
4 Apr 2021
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SOMEONE REMADE MINECRAFT Again - MYSTORY Nr55 The Minecraft Sequel Nobody Asked For Disturbing events happen at the city of YouTube. Satanic entities present themselves to the Indiegamedev public. And roses are red and I made a game that is already dead. This Minecraft sequel is another Minecraft remake. #MINECRAFTREMAKE, #MINECRAFTSEQUEL, #NEWGAME, #New, #Video, #minecraft2, #mince, #raft, #humorvideo, #parody, #prototype, #betaversion, #voxelgame, #microsoft, #gameslikeminecraft PLAYLIST: _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - MINECRAFTVIDEO Hello World, Hello Viewers! This video started in a strange way and made me create an even stranger blog post. So feel free to enjoy my crap, I tried my very best to be creative and entertaining. 1:00 - SECRETSEQUEL What I am showing in my newest video is a basic prototype for a bigger project. It is the basic map for something new but also my first try designing a map only with cubes like in a voxel engine. 5:00 - VOXELENGINE This is not a “Voxel-game” but was created using the magnificent amazing CryengineV that is often used for creative physics simulations on my show here. I love throwing giant physics simulated cubes at stuff including my virtual self in games. 7:30 - CRAFTALTERNATIVES Basically every map editor that contains cube objects turns into a Minecraft alternative albeit a cheap one in some cases. Cryengine is really nice and powerful so it is a premium Minecraft simulator. 10:00 - PROTOTYPEGAME I like to build prototypes and creative constructions just to combine them into some bigger project later. Feel free to be inspired if you want and can. 15:00 - GAMEREMAKE It was some fun to make this content so I hope someone can help me by just being entertain
5 Apr 2021
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Did We Find Native American Artifact ? FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AT HUNTING THE DEAD
6 Apr 2021
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What is Narcotics? Narcotics can be dangerous because of their potential for deadly interactions with other medications as well as their potential for dependence and addiction. Narcotics are addictive drugs that reduce the user's perception of pain. Call our 24/7 Addiction helpline 1 (800) 615-1067
8 Apr 2021
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The face this little girl made was the face of "oh, I'm so dead" when her father spoke to her "boyfriend" over phone!
10 Apr 2021
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Bobbattu or pappu bakshal, traditional Indian food recipes are also known as obbattu, holige, or Puran Poli is a sweet flat chapati (bread) made primarily with wheat flour, chana dal and sugar. It is being believed for long periods, that Puran Poli is native to Maharashtrian regions and a Marathi cuisine, But it is basically a Karnataka recipe prepared in various ways, but our favourite is pappu bakshalu prepared during festivals like Diwali, Sankranthi and Ugadi. According to the various regions, this pappu bakshalu, easy and healthy Indian recipes are known with different names like in Bobbatlu in Telugu Obbattu or Holiga in Kannada and Puran poli in Marathi Pre-cooked chana dal is used to stuff with the wheat flour outer layer that is sweetened with sugar. These quick and easy recipes (sweets) can be served by smearing a dollop of ghee and have it cold or hot. We usually love to have hot. Othere ingredients include 1 cup wheat flour ½ cup water (or as required) ¼ cup oil (to soak) for stuffing: 1 cup chana dal 3 cups water 1 cup sugar Ghee for frying and serving Know the difference between Puran poli and Bakshalu or pappu bobbattlu Pappu bakshalu is made with whole wheat flour and cooked chana dal mixed in sugar without adding turmeric to it. but Karnataka style Puran poli is made out of all-purpose flour by pressing with hands instead of rolling. They add turmeric to get that yellow texture. Tips to make perfect bobbattu, a continental veg food recipes to have during festivals Knead the dough very well to get the elastic-like texture While mixing the wheat flour dough, use oil for a better texture and to ensure the dough is not sticky. Chana dal has to be cooked and ground well after cooling, otherwise, there will be a possibility of breaking As Bobbattu, the quintessential sweet in weddings is primarily made of chana dal is good for your health too. This chana dal exfoliates your dead skin.
14 Apr 2021
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Headlines today read: Russia issues directives to Cities on "urgent Burial of War Dead". Pastor Stan shares more news about Russia and Nuclear Fallouts in today's broadcast. Russians are openly saying that American's are not ready for Nuclear War.
14 Apr 2021
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(AMV High School Of The Dead Anime music video)
15 Apr 2021
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