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*******www.jomadeals****: Watch Deals - JomaDeals What Is Jomadeals****? Well, I doubt you would have landed on this site in the first place if you didn't know at least a little about JomaDeals, but I'm feeling generous today, so I'll indulge you. Jomadeals**** is a branch of Jomashop****. At Jomashop****, we have awesomer than awesome deals on TONS of different watches, handbags, fine writing instruments and luxury crystals. At Jomadeals, however, we have only have one deal on one watch per day. Confused? Amazed? Bored? Well, it's not my fault you're sitting at your computer desk reading FAQ's for fun, so if you can put you're A.D.D on hold for a few seconds, I'll enlighten you. JomaDeals offers one watch at a crazy low price. So crazy, in fact, that the deal ends at midnight (EST) everyday. The next day, we offer a completely new watch at an equally insane price. Yea, I know what you're thinking. The last time you heard someone say "Limited Time" only, you got hit by a car, went into a coma, and woke up after 10 years to find your children grown, your dog dead, and your spouse with someone else, but that same "Limited Time Offer" was still running. That's not us. Order by midnight (EST, in case you forgot already) or the door of opportunity closes. And if you miss out on one deal, don't worry, we'll be nice and put up another the next day. So what does "joma" mean, you ask? Well, that's a little mystery I'm keeping close to the chest. If you really want to know, you'll have to search for clues all over the internet like a Lost fanatic trying to find out what the smoke monster is. I wish you luck. No one knows what that thing is.
20 Sep 2009
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USB Missile Launcher - Product Review - USB-782 - BuyersHQ**** Features: - Plugs into any USB port - 3-foot long USB cable attached - Moves left, right, up, and down for precision aiming - Pre-recorded sound effects strike fear in the enemys heart - Shoots three harmless foam missiles up to 10 feet at an extremely fast rate - No batteries required I- Includes 3 foam missiles and a target for test-fire drills
24 Jan 2010
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Buy Bloopio**** through my link so I can make money. *******snempire****/go.php?4_A1_59 I am the BEST salesman in the world you know
13 May 2010
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Save 50% to 90% on Toronto Daily Deals. DDT shared 25+ deals everyday from all the major daily deal websites
18 Feb 2011
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This video gives you a quick run through of how to use the Daily Deal Builder software, available at dailydealbuilder****.
2 Mar 2011
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Quick method to drive traffic using StumbleUpon by Marc Horne, founder of HC Consulting Group. To learn more about HC Consulting Groups products and services visit *******www.hcdesk****. HC Consulting Group provides daily deal software at DailyDealBuilder****, Shoppingcart and crm solutions at SecurePayPro****, hosted Video Sharing sites at VideoSharingEmpire****, and hosted social networking platforms at snempire****.
3 Mar 2011
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Get Top Newborn Coupons at *******www.babydealsandsteals****
2 Jun 2011
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HC Consulting Group has introduced their new DODAggregator software, a hosted daily deal aggregate platform. The software, which will be launched from DODAggregator****, is a daily deal aggregate platform designed to let individuals create their own daily deal hub that showcases deals from across the growing number of daily deal and group buying websites. This new software allows easy entry into the already successful model of group buying and daily deal services without any prior technical knowledge. DODAggregator also includes comprehensive training from HC Consulting staff on how to build, grow, and create a profitable daily deal aggregate business. “We created the daily deal model because I?ve personally noticed the phenomenon, and I, like most people, have fallen victim to and purchased from daily deal sites,” says HC Consulting co-founder Marc Horne. “Being a software company, I figured we could provide a way for our clients to enter this market as well. I wanted to create DODAggregator to lower the barrier of entry into this marketplace for others to partake in this rapidly growing trend.” HC Consulting Group is a software development, consulting and internet marketing company specializing in the online deployment of business solutions. Started in 2008, the HC team has grown into a global business with various information and software products that assist in growing internet businesses. HC Consulting Group?s core values reside in customer service, quality products and results driven consulting. For additional information about HC Consulting and their services visit the company website at www.hcdesk**** or call 1-800-794-7192.
23 Jul 2011
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FandooDeals**** offers awesome deals and big discounts on the coolest things to do in your city. Subscribe to get discounts on your favorites.
8 Aug 2011
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*******www.clubyyc****/ grab the deals you can't resist
11 Mar 2012
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The SpotlightYour deal plugin for WordPress is powered by Daily Deal Builder and the platform includes everything you need to run a daily deal or group-buy website on your blog(s). The WordPress deal plugin includes all the great features seen on daily deal sites that help encourage scarcity, urgency, interactivity, and high conversion rates. You can learn more about the plugin here: *******spotlightyour****, and you can download and try out the plugin directly from WordPress here: *******wordpress****/extend/plugins/spotlightyour
7 Nov 2012
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White label deal software providers like DailyDealBuilder make it rather easy to launch a daily deal business. Although the barrier to entry in the deal space is very low, there are still plenty of sites who do not successfully get off of the ground.
9 Nov 2012
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