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Raise in the Bootheel and Southern Illinois Favorite Artist : 2pac (for his honesty that poured out in every song) & Rob Zombie (he let his musical talent help him get to where his heart was which is in film) a path i feel im more than capable of taking as well. About Take0va Fuck You! That's the story of my life or so it could have been if i would have let it. I've rapped my whole life it feels like but that was just freestyling. It wasn't until college that i earned the name Take0va. It was down in Atlanta that I meet Jaybird and i started writing my raps. Me and Jaybird had little to no success nationally but locally around the Atlanta region we made a name for ourselves with our first hit "Where my Hat Shawty" which we did a video for. The song along with the video gave us a great street buzz but no income. After about a year of group projects I've decided to go solo cause i still have a dream that i feel i can reach. Jaybird is now more of a hype man and a business partner due to life struggles. Mys