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Music news: On the music scene: Velvet Revolver cancelled a tour, why Paul McCartney wasn't at the Beatles tribute last night, and details on the fate of Death Row Records. Hi everyone Andrea Rene here for get the daily**** and you're watching the music news. Rock group Velvet Revolver have cancelled their upcoming Australian tour because their frontman, Scott Weiland, is entering a Rehab facility! Weiland voluntarily entered a rehab facility last week after a Los Angeles performance. Weiland has had multiple drug arrests in the past and has also already successfuly, or maybe not so successfully, completed a drug rehab program back in 2003. Fans are hoping his rehab issues won't interfere with a promised Stone Temple Pilots reunion planned for later this year. Meanwhile, Velvet Revolver will be back on tour in March. Iconic Beatles singer Paul McCartney is in court today, and thus couldn't be at the Grammy's ceremony last night with Ringo. It kicks off the five day divorce battle between him and his ex-wife Heather Mills. After dumping her lawyers, Mills will represent herself as she attempts to collect 50 million pounds from McCartney after just four years of marriage. The singer is worth an estimated 825 million pounds, or 1.6 billion dollars, so the money isn't going to be a huge loss for him, but it could set a precednet in measuring how much money spouses can ask for in settlements. An outcome is expected later in the week. Rap star and super producer Dr. Dre wants an investigation into the failing record label Death Row Records. He said he needs to determine how much the label owes him for unpaid royalties from his albums. He's had similar claims denied by the court system in the past but was recently granted an appeal for the dismissal of one of those suits. The dispute over royalties focuses on his 1992 album "The Chronic," which was granted distribution to other companies without his permission. Problem is Death Row Records is trying to sell to Warner Music Group which could further complicate Dr. Dre's attempt to get back millions of dollars allegedly owed to him. You just heard the music news. I'm Andrea Rene and thanks for watching get the daily****
22 Jan 2010
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Hiphopruckus Phone interview with Wide Awake Entertainment Death Row CEO Lara Lavi. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Sep 2009
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Now on iTunes: *******www.itunes****/movies/WelcomeToDeathRow Profiles the rise and fall of Death Row Records, from its ghetto beginnings to its release of an unprecedented six consecutive multi-platinum albums, making stars of Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and others.
20 Oct 2009
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bones the man on death row
14 Apr 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY LINDSEY WOLF You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Six death row inmates from Arizona, California and Tennessee are suing the FDA for allowing states to import an execution drug without agency approval. Sodium thiopental is the first of three drugs injected into a condemned prisoner- it’s an anesthetic that eliminates pain. The Wall Street Journal reports the company Hospira was the only U.S. manufacturer of the drug - but it’s halting production. Italian officials shut down the company’s facility outside Milan because Italy doesn’t support the death penalty. “Hospira tried to figure out a way that it could block the distribution of its drugs to U.S. prisons and decided there was no way to do that so it decided, ‘we’re just going to exit the market.’” Since then, states have had to find it elsewhere – including overseas. Law requires the FDA to ensure only safe, effective drugs are imported into the US, but according to The Tennessean, the FDA decided to… “...exercise ‘enforcement discretion’ regarding sodium thiopental imports for execution and allow them to enter the country with little more than a caveat that FDA has not examined the quality of the drug.” But the FDA wants to stay out of the execution-drug market, releasing a statement saying... “Reviewing substances imported or used for the purpose of state-authorized lethal injection clearly falls outside of FDA’s explicit public health role … FDA does not verify the identity, potency, safety, or effectiveness of substances imported for this purpose.” But James Clark from Change**** claims- without FDA approval, there’s no way to be sure the drug is safe to use. “If the drugs are contaminated or handled improperly, they could become ineffective, leading to a torturous execution that the Supreme Court has ruled would be unconstitutional...” In an editorial for The Daily Herald Vincent Jack wonders- why can’t another U.S. company make the drug? “Come on, give me a break! Surely another drug company can make this drug. Don't tell me that given a whole year's advanced knowledge of a growing shortage didn't send up some red flags somewhere in the medical/legal continuum. How could the Federal Bureau of Prisons fall asleep at the helm on this issue?” The last doses of thiopental made in the U.S. will reach expiration this spring. Some states have worked around the issue- substituting thiopental with pentobarbital- a drug normally used to euthanize animals. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
5 Feb 2011
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Mitch gets a hold of a an Optimus Prime mask on the set and has a little fun.
15 Jun 2007
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www.getthedaily**** Andrea Rene Give you the Hottest News Of The Week
15 Jan 2008
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2 Pac Joins Death Row Records
12 Apr 2007
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A Saint on Death Row will introduce you to a young man whose history, innate goodness, and final days you will never forget. It also shines a necessary light on America's racist and deeply flawed legal system. A Saint on Death Row is an absorbing, sobering, and deeply spiritual story that illuminates the moral imperatives too often ignored in the headlong quest for justice.
20 Feb 2009
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*******www.causecast****/troydavisThis episode of Cause in 60 Seconds features a mashup of a phone conversation between Troy Davis and Amnesty International. Convicted of murder in 1991, Davis has remained on death row for nearly 20 years and continues to face execution. Amnesty International campaigns to reopen the case and give Davis the right to prove his innocence.
2 Jul 2009
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BY JONATHAN KETZ You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy Pornography on the internet. Nothing new there. But the man behind the technology being sentenced to death? That’s a new one. Protesters led rallies in Ontario for the release of Saeed Malekpour, a programmer on death row in Iran for enabling a pornographic website. The twist is...Malekpour says he knew nothing about it. We’re following coverage from CTV, The Toronto Star, United For Iran, The Iranian, and CBC. Malekpour wrote a software system designed for image uploading and management. CTV reports Malekpour, “admitted to writing the program but said he wasn't aware of how it was being used. His lawyer is appealing the death sentence.” Iranian police arrested Malekpour when he came to the country in September of 2008 for quote "designing and operating pornographic websites, rioting against the regime and insulting Islamic sanctities." Malekpour came to Iran to visit his ailing father. The Toronto Star reports Malekpour’s letters to his wife describe a brutal prison experience. “....while I remained blindfolded and handcuffed, several individuals armed with cables, batons and fists struck and punched me.” Malekpour says guards broke his jaw during the torture. In a report from United for Iran, Malekpour says he was forced to confess to the crimes. “A large portion of my confession was extracted under pressure...and false promises of immediate release upon giving a false confession to whatever the interrogators dictated…” Other Iranian sources worry the time Malekpour has to prove his running short. Iranian**** reports: "Sadly, Saeed Malekpour has not been provided a fair opportunity to defend himself from the charges laid against him. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this chance will never come.” The questionable handling of the issue got media outlets talking across the Atlantic as well. Despite the protests in Canada, CBC explains why the government hasn’t tried harder to save his life. Michael: “Now Malekpour is not a Canadian citizen. He is a computer engineer. For that reason, foreign affairs has not intervened. He is an Iranian national sentenced by an Iranian court.” Malekpour’s wife, who is still living in Canada, has taken things into her own hands, setting up an online petition video along with a Facebook group. In regards to the Malekpour protests in Canada, The Star’s Olivia Ward called them, “a last-ditch effort to save his life.” Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
15 Feb 2011
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Presbyterian minister Paul Hill, the day before he was executed by the state of Florida for killing the babykilling abortionist John Britton as Britton was heading into the Ladies Center abortion mill in Pensacola Fl. Paul Hill was allowed one last interview and he asked Life Dynamics. What are shown are excerpts. You can purchase the full DVD from Life Dynamics *******www.ldi****/ you can find Paul Hill writings and much more on Paul Hill at the Army of God website *******www.armyofgod****/. Paul Hill was a great man of God, a true hero of the faith of our LORD Jesus Christ.
13 Jul 2008
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