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know what does Advani said on parliament session ahead of trust vote. For more news and updates log on www.headlinesindia****
22 Jul 2008
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It’s been called The Great Global Warming Swindle, but 20 years ago, it all began with clever manipulation. What was it about? A Scientist who testified what? Find out and Learn2Discern what really happened that day! Distributed by Tubemogul.
28 Jul 2008
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For 6 months, we followed Nick Rosen across the US, onto Hawaii and throughout India and shot 500 hours of material that was cut down to an 82 minute film. This means for every 6 hours shot, one minute of material was used. As the theatrical release of Enlighten Up! approaches (September 12, 2008), outtakes from the film will be posted on this page. Please note: most of the people featured in the scenes below made it into the movie, but in a shorter form, although some of these people ended up cut completely. Hopefully these clips will give you a sneak peek into our process.
5 Aug 2008
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Even through the summer adjournment, about 2-dozen Republican members of the House of Representatives continued energy speeches on Monday. The group is reportedly trying to drive the Democrats and most notably House Speaker Nancy Peloski to vote on offshore oil drilling. However, many Democrats respond that the idea of oil exploration and offshore drilling will not decrease the prices at the pump. The House GOP also opted to stay on the floor last week at the beginning of summer recess and proceeded to give speeches to an otherwise empty chamber for 5-hours on Friday. Researchers are looking into using algae as a new biofuel for vehicles. Supporters of the alternative fuel say that algae needs only sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients to grow. In fact, supporters say algae growth helps cut down on carbon dioxide released from vehicle emissions and therefore, it actually helps the environment. One 15-year study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory closed in 1996 after the group concluded that algae-based fuel costs were too expensive for national use. However, times have changed and oil is no longer 20-dollars per barrel as it was when the study was first analyzed. Based on the research, another group estimated that to build algae farms nationally for replacing petroleum fuels, it would cost about 308-billion-dollars plus maintenance fees, and many in the industry are saying that this figure is a bargain compared to the money currently being spent on crude oil. And General Motors Corporation is considering adding natural gas to the list of possible oil alternatives. One company researcher said recently that natural gas is abundant, affordable and relatively clean. Some problems associated with using natural gas for vehicles is the safety of compressing the fuel and the lack of driving range between fill-ups. GM has already worked to develop battery-powered, hydrogen and corn-based ethanol vehicles. It said it plans to develop the Volt by 2010 that would run on battery-power and potentially natural gas. Honda currently sells the Civic GX NGV for about 7-grand more than the petroleum-fueled model and this one runs on natural gas.
7 Aug 2008
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A viewer e-mail asks the ultimate question: Why does Batman always beat Superman in a fight?
31 Mar 2009
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17 Aug 2008
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Who will be America's favorite 100 calorie Snack? Vote now! Polls close October 7!
3 Sep 2008
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A new report by the think thank- the International Institute for Strategic Studies- questions whether NATO membership for Georgia and Ukraine is a good idea following the recent conflict with Russia.
24 Sep 2008
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9 Oct 2008
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Is battery technology ramping up to become the future automotive fuel of choice, or is there another solution? Read more: *******alwayson.goingon****/permalink/post/29658 You've all seen them. Smug hybrid drivers whizzing by you in the carpool lane, passing up the gas pump, and smiling pityingly at you as you fill up your not-that-fuel-inefficient sub-compact. Is battery technology really the wave of the future for the automobile industry? Or are we just victims of clever marketing and shiny, eco-green paint jobs. KPCB's Ray Lane is optimistic, saying that the industry is seeing great power and energy density in today's fuel batteries. The strides made in battery technology, he says, will produce some real, valid options for current vehicle powertrains in the next two years. Steve Westly wonders if battery technology isn't entering a Moore's Law type of technology ramp-up. Will batteries become exponentially less-expensive, lighter, longer-lasting, and better performing? Undoubtedly, batteries absolutely become less-expensive in volume, which has already been proven over the last couple of decades. Venture Vehicles Howard Levine acknowledges that constraints outside technology development are the biggest danger to battery advancement. "Currently, the market is pretty much stuck at $1,000 per kilowatt hour." The main ingredient, lithium, is a commodity, that has to be mined, shipped, processed.... Future supply constraints in lithium supply could be a limiting factor in battery production and technology advancement. Transonic Combustion's Mike Cheiky believes that batteries are not necessarily the way to go. No only are the material supplies potentially constrained, but producing batteries is extremely hazardous and rife with other issues. He says: "We could make dramatic improvements in reducing the extreme ramp-up of CO2 in the world ... if we put just half as much effort into making internal combustion engines and fuel-injector systems work as we are in batteries and fuel cells." The automotive community seems to support Cheiky's notion. The trend over the past year has been from establishing new automotive brands and alternative fueling methods to refining the internal combustion process to be more efficient, less-polluting, and reliant on more sustainable fuels.
14 Oct 2008
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8 Jun 2009
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It's another Babyproofer/DadLabs Lounge smackdown. Watch the moms and the dads duking it out. The subject: the 50/50 marriage. Is it a myth or a reality? And exactly whose idea was it, anyway? Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Oct 2008
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Hey everyone, I'm Elizabeth Chambers and you're watching LivingGreenChannel.Com, your online guide to a greener and more healthy life. 5 California cities, including Malibu, Manhattan beach, and San Francisco, have adopted some sort of ban on plastic bags and just in time! As anyone who has googled plastic bags and ocean has discovered that plastic accounts for 60%-80% of the floating debris in the water. In some places accounts for over 95% of debris creating a swirling continent size waste between San Francisco and Hawaii that is seriously endangering marine life. Animals either get entangled in the plastic and suffocate, or swallow the plastic which fills their stomachs and they starve to death. A GreenPeace report states that over 267 species of animals have been affected by plastic debris floating in the ocean. It would cost billions to clean up this garbage patch which makes it unlikely that any single country will step up and take responsibility for the mess which puts the responsibility on all of us land dwellers. So what can we do? Stop using plastic bags and use reusable bags when grocery shopping or at the drug store. Be especially careful about waste and securing your trash bins if you live near the ocean, as plastic can easily blow into the Ocean and since it does not easily degrade it will float around in the water for decades to come. This has Elizabeth Chambers for LivingGreenChannel**** with your simple and free tip on living a greener life. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Oct 2008
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Visit www.skyfire**** to download Skyfire for free. Skyfire is a mobile phone internet browser that can stream video, flash, audio and text the same way that it is on the PC. Don't settle for highlights after the fact, watch the game live. It's a whole new browsing experience.
30 Oct 2008
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In a spirited back-and-forth about Sen. Barack Obama's Presidential win, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News toss around ideas, priorities, and possibilities about the economy and other issues.
6 Nov 2008
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New parents face an avalanche of uncertainties, and one of the biggest is the diaper question. Is it better for the earth (and your baby's bum) to choose cloth or disposable? With the help of some wee friends, advice maven Umbra Fisk delivers the straight poop on this perplexing topic. "Ask Umbra" is the first video series produced by GristTV. Look for new video tips for greening your life from Umbra every other week.
10 Nov 2008
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