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Hugo Chavez debon amerikanet 12.09.2008 Largon ambasadorin USA: Konspirator kunder Venezueles
15 Sep 2008
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*******knifeskills***okingvideorecipes**** How To Debone a Whole Chicken Cut off wings at the first joint, so the breasts each have the first wing bone, called the drumette, attached. Make a cut in the skin between leg and body. Hold the chicken with the body in one hand and the leg and thigh in the other. Pull the leg toward you so the thigh bone pops completely out of its socket. Hold the chicken by the leg and use the knife to cut through the flesh between the thigh bone and the body socket. The drumstick and thigh will now be separated. Repeat the same steps with the other leg. Once you've removed the legs, lay the chicken on its back so the breasts are upright and facing you. Feel for the breastbone at the very top that separates the two breasts. Make a long incision on both sides of the breastbone. These cuts should follow the breastbone for its entire length. Beneath the breastbone, on both sides, is the rib cage and wishbone. Use the tip of the knife to follow the rib cage and carefully cut away the breasts from the ribs. Hold the breasts by the drumette and start cutting at the thickest part of the breast by the drumette, working your way toward the thin end of the breast. When you've removed both breasts, turn the chicken frame over so the back is exposed. Cut out the little nugget of tender meat, called the oyster, behind the hollow of the hip socket in the back. To cut out the leg and thigh bones, lay each leg on the cutting board so the meatier part faces down. Use the knife to cut down to the bone, then make a deep split that follows the bone for its entire length. Use the tip of the knife to carefully cut the flesh away from the bone.
7 Jan 2012
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Bruno Zoccola gives you a step by step guide on how to bone or debone a chicken or turkey.
11 Apr 2012
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4 Aug 2016
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Henri-Jean 'HJD' Debon, réalisateur du nouveau clip de Bow Low (et aussi des clips de Noir Désir, Sinead O'Connor, Dionysos...) présente Take The Money lors du festival de Fort lauderdale en Floride. Les parrains sont unaniment : " Whaouuuu !" Michel Gondry " Dumbest and coolest video ever." Harmony Korine " Awesome ! Really kinks ! " Iggy Pop
6 Sep 2009
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Dave Meli, head butcher at the Healthy Butcher in Toronto, talks about the different birds available in the marketplace as he de-bones and prepares chicken supremes. For more like this visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Aug 2008
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Kitchen Basics - De-boning a Chicken ***********/aolvideo/aol-living/kitchen-basics-de-boning-a-chicken/68967266001
19 Oct 2010
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Here is an easy step by step video on how to de-bone a turkey breast.
13 Sep 2011
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Seawork is a company based in Namibia. Specialised itself for years in the hake fishing and processing, its product is now praised by international clients present on every 6 continents. Hake fillet, frozen hake fillets, hake H&G, boned deboned skin on or off are one of the few options listed here. Hake fillets and frozen hake fillet are the most asked products by our clients, and this is why our company came forward with new types pf product like moulded loins to widen our clients options so that they can increase their target market. Seawork offers the opportunity to pack hake products in our client's packaging to save time, cost and quick delivery can be done. Working in the perspective that we need to work together with our client is our main goal. www.seawork****.na
6 Oct 2009
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WITCHES VALLEY “Wonderful Western Land” (1991) (© P.Piolat-DK Nguyen- S. Marin) Réalisé par Henri Jean Debon Format : 16 mm, Super 8 Durée : 5’18 Production : Rémanence Album Witches Valley - The Extreme Return To The Source - Auto Da Fé Record (1990) - Atypeek Music / Autodafé (2013) facebook****/WitchesValley facebook****/AtypeekMusic atypeek.bandcamp****/
1 Feb 2013
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