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Find out what property and assets can be kept on a Debt Relief Order from Baines & Ernst – the DRO specialists. For debt help and debt advice, call Baines and Ernst on 0800 138 7158 For the video transcript, go to: *******www.bainesandernst******/blog/2011/11/08/what-property-can-i-keep-on-a-debt-relief-order/
6 Jun 2012
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How to set a household budget when in debt. Find out how you can manage your money during a Debt Management Plan in this video from Baines and Ernst. For debt help and debt advice, call Baines and Ernst on 0800 138 7158. For the video transcript, go to: *******www.bainesandernst******/blog/2011/11/05/what-is-a-reasonable-housekeeping-budget-on-a-debt-management-plan/
12 Jun 2012
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Listen to Kathryn give her professional and free advice on bad debt and financial recovery plans for UK residents. Kathryn is a Guest Writer at www.RichardSorsky**** Learn more at InsolvencyHelpline******
24 Aug 2008
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Watch Sue talk about the Credit Crunch, and offer UK borrowers free advice on debt and financial recovery plans. Sue is an Associate at www.InsolvencyHelpline****** Learn more at: www.RichardSorsky****
24 Aug 2008
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When is credit card debt unmanageable? Many people think it's when you miss a payment but in reality the signs are much earlier. More debt videos at *******www.dcmmoney******
28 Apr 2009
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Why isn't charity debt help all it's cracked up to be? Why are debt management plans ok from charities but not from private companies? There's a difference, but it's down to you to see who's actually got your interests at heart.
27 Apr 2009
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What does bankruptcy mean? What effect will it have on my life? Will I lose my house? Will I lose my job? At DCM Money Solutions we can offer bankruptcy as a solution if it's the best option for you. Our home visits from trained money counsellors give you space and time to make the right decision. Visit *******www.dcmmoney****** for more help.
28 Apr 2009
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What does being undischarged/discharged really mean? When can you get a loan? How much for? How long is my credit file affected? DCM Money Solutions (*******www.dcmmoneyoc***) will help guide you through this important phase.
28 Apr 2009
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What is a Statutory Demand (aka stat demand)? Should I care? Is it just a scare tactic? How can I tell if it's legitimate? Can I really be made bankrupt by it? DCM Money Solutions are the #1 company in helping people solve their statutory demands and debt problems. More videos and debt help at www.dcmmoney******
28 Apr 2009
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The Credit Counselling Society is the non-profit debt solutions service.
18 Jun 2009
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A few recent cases showing what is happening now.
16 Jul 2009
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How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out of Debt in simple steps. We walk you through the first steps to solving your debt problems. Covering your Current Debts, Finances, Income, Expenditure and ways to generate extra income.
4 Nov 2009
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