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That moment when a new guy joins your office, but there's no way on earth you want him working around you, so you decide to scare him. Pretty dangerous though.
11 Jul 2019
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This poor woman was sleeping peacfully when her son decided to scare the crap out of her.
12 Oct 2006
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i was at alana's house...and i decided to scare ppl with my
26 Feb 2007
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My sis fell asleep on the back seat of my car. So after i parked my car, i decided to scare the living daylights out of her. I recorded her, while my buddy went in to the house to fetch a mask. you have to watch the vid to see her reaction... classic
22 May 2007
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The Jamaican Crow Brothers get a scare when they decide to scare a scarecrow. This funny kids video is a part of the Studio 125 Me and Jessie D. Cartoon titled The Fish Fry. Studio 125 ids currently seeking distribution for the Me & Jessie D. Cartoon Series. www.studio125**** www.meandjessied****
20 Oct 2008
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Superheroes girls gathered at a party with Snow White. The girls received the parcel. They open it, and get out different toys for Halloween. While the superheroes were playing with toys, Spiderman decided to scare the girls. He climbed out of the box and greatly frightened Elsa, Anna and Snow White! How did the girls avenge Spiderman? Watch our video until the end!
5 Jun 2017
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This driver here decides to scare some people with deafening air horn prank. Waitress at the drive-thru gets scared and the driver gets instant justice from the waitress.
8 Aug 2017
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It's hilarious when this guy decides to scare his Rottweiler with the scary mask. But gets even funny when the dog strikes back.
24 Aug 2017
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