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You are out driving with your friend and he suddenly asks to drive your car. You agree and then regret immediately.
13 Aug 2019
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Looks like this guy had failed the driving test but decided to drive anyway. What was this guy even thinking?!
9 Sep 2019
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The driver simply decides to drive in the other direction
22 Jun 2006
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aenoy 18th b-day decides to drive crazy down the road
17 Dec 2006
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This girl gets a little bored at the office, and decides to drive the boys crazy
28 Dec 2006
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me and my friend decided our two feild cars were done..they both ran so we decided to drive one up to the barns loft and put a brick on the gas and let it go.
2 Jan 2007
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Dumb idiots decided to drive on a rooftop parking garage laden in snow - with a POS car. Car gets stuck and hilarity ensues
12 Feb 2007
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I decided to drive on the sidewalk because it turns out that there's less traffic there.
7 Jul 2008
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It's a typically day...a wedding. Nathan decides to drive home later. Meanwhile, Haley decides she wants to come with Nathan. Nathan gets tried behind the wheel and falls asleep. Not knowing that Haley wants to come. Nathan hits his wife while he falling in and out of sleep. He doesn't know he hit his wife until Peyton hears on the news and on TV. Basically, Nathan has to live with the guilt that he killed his wife.
21 Jul 2008
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PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL Thanks! Savannah Toyota for your quick and professional staff & mgmt. we love our car and our car loved to be loved by folks who take care of it therefore, it'll take care of me and my family so thanks,thanks,thanks................your #1 in our book so the other guys have alot to learn from you starting with listening skills.......... Your, buddy FRIENDLY STAFF. Fast service. Professional, friendly employees everyone worked together to take care of me and my car especially since the other dealers didn't look after me and their alot! closer to my home so I decided to drive a little ways for the service & now I'm a customer for life.... Savannah Toyota (Rocks!) TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONALS, My Name is Susan Hall & Savannah Toyota has taken care of my car as if it was their baby & they are Always friendly, helpful, and get the job done...thanks! Savannah Toyota
24 Apr 2012
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Deciding to drive through the flood is a decision this driver is surely going to regret as soon as the car stalls due to water flooding the engine bay.
19 Jun 2019
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Looks like the stupid driver left his brains back at home when he decided to drive that day. Probably said the fault was of the truck to
3 Sep 2019
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