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*******www.charlotteforeclosurechallenges**** Mike Moulton discusses what is a deficiency judgment and the likelihood of the occurrence of one while facing foreclosure
21 May 2009
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Grace Fung discusses what a deficiency walk-through is and how it can benefit you as a new home-buyer.
14 Aug 2009
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How to deal with foreclosure deficiency in Utah. Foreclosure deficiency, deficiency options and remedies for the homeowner. Best options for the homeowner include short sale, loan modification or bringing the loan current in Utah.
3 Dec 2009
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*******www.HippocratesHealthSupplements****/ Hippocrates Health Institute Dr. Brian Clement explains how strongly vitamin deficiency is linked to most diseases.
23 Feb 2010
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Visit *******iandymorris****/short-sale-faq to see the full written frequently asked questions (FAQ) and get more information about Ohio Short Sales, short sale deficiency and other options to stop foreclosure and/ or keep your home. You can also call Andy at 216-324-6637. Also comment below.
4 Jul 2010
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Vitamins play a vital role in keeping us healthy. Lexor Health offers superior Source Instant Dissolve No Shot Vitamin D3 5000 IU Sublingual Supplements for Strong Bones. Vitamin D known as the miracle nutrient plays a crucial role in keeping our bones strong & healthy. Vitamin D3 deficiency can result in impaired bone mineralization, bone softening diseases such as rickets as well as other bone disorders such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis; it can also affect the immune system. Vitamin D is naturally present in very few foods compared to other Vitamins. In fact, the best natural source of Vitamin D is early morning sunlight. Vitamin D3 supplements help maintain bone strength, blood calcium levels for normal functioning of the nervous system, inhibit proliferation and stimulate the differentiation of cells, enhance hormone levels, support healthy glucose, maintain strong teeth, help reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation. Find more: *******www.lexorhealth****/t/vitamins-and-minerals/vitamin-d/ Call: 1-888-539-6777
7 Sep 2010
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Fox news interviews a patient with zinc deficiency suffering with fatigue. Her symptoms resolved with supplementation
7 Dec 2010
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******* Stop your Lenders from coming after you for a Deficiency Judgment after a Short Sale or Foreclosure! Can they really Garnish your wages/paycheck, Levy your Bank Accounts or Seize other assets you own now or in the future? Absolutely, they can! Get your FREE Report here to stop them!
26 Nov 2010
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*******www.oppenheimlaw****/ Florida Foreclosure defense attorney and legal blogger, Roy Oppenheim, talks about deficiencies and deficiency judgments. In Florida, if you don't pay back money you borrowed from your Florida bank on your primary or secondary residence, the bank can come after you and your property for up to 20 years. A deficiency is when the bank forecloses on your house and a difference of money you owe remains. Once such a deficiency is registered by a court, it becomes a deficiency judgment. In Florida, if you have a deficiency and it becomes a deficiency judgement, the Florida bank can seize your assets (bank accounts, cars, estate, etc.) for up to 20 years. As your Florida foreclosure defense attorney, it is Roy Oppenheim's job to ensure that you are not subject to a deficiency or a deficiency judgment. Even if you are subject to either of these, it is lawyers like Roy Oppenheim that can help in ensuring that a deficiency or a deficiency judgment does not affect any of your life-cycle events. Ultimately, Roy Oppenheim says that it was in fact the Banks and Wall Street that caused the current Florida real estate situation and not your supposed bad decisions. Roy Oppenheim recommends some the following actions to ensure that you are not subject to a deficiency or deficiency judgment: - Consult a Florida foreclosure defense attorney - Florida Short Sale - Florida Structured foreclosure - Modification - Bankruptcy All of Roy Oppenheim's Florida clients that have come to him early in the process have not been subject to a Florida deficiency or a Florida deficiency judgement. As a result, most of Roy Oppenheim's Florida clients can enjoy a sense of freedom. *******www.oppenheimlaw****/ In a series of short clips Roy Oppenheim will be covering important topics concerning Florida foreclosure defense and what you can do to better manage today's state of the real estate market. Roy Oppenheim will be covering a variety of topics including the following: - Florida Short Sales - Florida Strategic Default - The State of Florida's Real Estate Market - Florida Foreclosure Defense - Florida Deficiency Judgments - Florida Second Mortgages Subscribe to Roy Oppenheim's channel to partake in the Summer School Series and gain knowledgeable information on Foreclosure Defense as it applies not only to Florida but also the rest of the United States. *******www.oppenheimlaw****/
14 Jul 2011
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www.AutismRecoveryTreatment**** Biomedical autism intervention – More research is coming out about an issue in many children with Autism which deals with cerebral folate deficiency. Cerebral folate deficiency can cause issues with speech, cognition, awareness, focus, etc. and is something that can be treated. Biomedical autism intervention specialist physician, Dr. Kurt Woeller, explains. www.AutismRecoveryTreatment****
26 Jul 2011
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*******hghsupplementsguide****/articles/hgh-deficiencies-7-ways-determine-lack-hgh.html How to Know if You Have HGH Deficiencies
9 Aug 2011
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Here's the real facts including documentation on how lenders are handling deficiencies on short sales. Are they pursuing judgments or issuing 1099's? Danny Poulos of the Elite Lending Team at Fembi Mortgage in Jupiter, FL discusses the issue.
20 Oct 2011
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*******www.NasalB**** Nasal B 12 Nasal Spray or Cyanocobalamin B12 Nasal Spray promotes healthy b12 levels. B12 nasal spray is the best source of b 12 for b12 deficiency buy nasal b 12 without prescription & inexpensive.
6 Nov 2011
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Do you have nutritional deficiencies? What are the signs & symptoms? Watch Dr. Meschino in this video to learn how the Meschino Health Assessment can help you identify nutritional deficiencies. Visit *******www.naturalhealthtest**** to take the test & receive a customized nutrition, lifestyle & anti-aging report tailored to you.
3 Mar 2012
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*********** The IRS notice of deficiency is an important part of the IRS tax audit process. Find out more about IRS notices of deficiency with this tax tips video from TurboTax.
22 Mar 2012
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