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This documentary is an essay film about the historic visit of a Papua New Guinean delegation to Russia in October-November 2018 and their acquaintance with the homeland of the outstanding Russian humanist and scientist Nikolay Miklouho-Maclay, who launched several scientific expeditions to the New Guinea Island at the end of the 19th century. This fascinating journey to Saint-Petersburg and Moscow in the company of the descendant and namesake of the great traveler, Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay Jr., is bound to strike a very real chord with all viewers. You will see the emotions of our guests who were deeply impressed by the majestic historical sights of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. You will find out what Russian cuisine and traditional Papua New Guinean cuisine have in common. Together with our guests, you will take a stroll along the streets of the two capitals, visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Hermitage, the Red Square, and the Moscow State University, where the PNG team had an opportunity to meet and socialize with Russian students. You will see with how much emotion and cordiality ordinary Russians welcomed our guests in the streets – a whole new world for our friends, unraveling in an entirely different dimension and upending all their previously held perceptions of it. This film is available on YouTube. Miklouho-Maclay Foundation.
13 Apr 2021
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Sexual harassment in public spaces is the #1 issue faced by women and girls around the world. One in three women have experienced at least one situation of sexual harassment since the pandemic began more than a year ago, a startling statistic given the condensed timeline. Non-profit, Hollaback! and L’Oréal Paris are on a mission to train 1 million men and women through the “Stand Up Against Street Harassment” training, providing invaluable tools to intervene without compromising one’s own safety. Here’s how you can get involved in the movement and get trained in the 5D's of bystander intervention methodology (Distract; Delegate; Document; Direct; Delay).
16 Apr 2021
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Hillary Clinton's George Bush Connection In the Clintons' pursuit of power, there is no such thing as a strange bedfellow. One recently exposed inamorata was Norman Hsu, the mysterious businessman from Hong Kong who brought in $850,000 to Hillary Clinton's campaign before being unmasked as a fugitive. Her campaign dismissed Hsu as someone who'd slipped through the cracks of an otherwise unimpeachable system for vetting donors, and perhaps he was. The same cannot be said for the notorious financier Alan Quasha, whose involvement with Clinton is at least as substantial--and still under wraps. Political junkies will recall Quasha as the controversial figure who bailed out George W. Bush's failing oil company in 1986, folding Bush into his company, Harken Energy, thus setting him on the path to a lucrative and high-profile position as an owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team, and the presidency. The persistently unprofitable Harken--many of whose board members, connected to powerful foreign interests and the intelligence community, nevertheless profited enormously--faced intense scrutiny in the early 1990s and again during Bush's first term. Now Quasha is back--on the other side of the aisle. Operating below the radar, he entered Hillary Clinton's circle even before she declared her candidacy by quietly arranging for the hire of Clinton confidant and longtime Democratic Party money man Terry McAuliffe at one of his companies. During the interregnum between McAuliffe's chairmanship of the Democratic Party and the time he officially joined Clinton's campaign, Quasha's firm set McAuliffe up with a salary and opened a Washington office for him. Just a few years earlier, McAuliffe had publicly criticized Bush for his financial dealings with Harken, disparaging the company's Enron-like accounting. Yet in 2005 McAuliffe accepted this cushy perch with Quasha's newly acquired investment firm, Carret Asset Management, and even brought along former Clinton White House business liaison Peter O'Keefe, who had been his senior aide at the Democratic National Committee. McAuliffe remained with the company until he became national chair of Hillary's presidential bid, and O'Keefe never left. McAuliffe's connection to Quasha has, until now, never been noted. Another strong link between Quasha and Clinton is Quasha's business partner, Hassan Nemazee, a top Hillary fundraiser who was trotted out to defend her during the Hsu episode--in which the clothing manufacturer was unmasked as a swindler who seemingly funneled illegal contributions through "donors" of modest means. In June, by liquidating a blind trust, the Clintons sought to distance themselves from any financial entanglements that might embarrass the campaign. Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson argued that the couple had gone "above and beyond" what was legally required "in order to avoid even the hint of a conflict of interest." But throughout their political careers, Bill and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly associated with people whose objectives seemed a million miles from "a place called Hope." Among these Alan Quasha and his menagerie--including Saudi frontmen, a foreign dictator, figures with intelligence ties and a maze of companies and offshore funds--stand out. "That Hillary Clinton's campaign is involved with this particular cast of characters should give people pause," says John Moscow, a former Manhattan prosecutor. In the late 1980s and early '90s he led the investigation of the corrupt Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) global financial empire--a bank whose prominent shareholders included members of the Harken board. "Too many of the same names from earlier troubling circumstances suggests a lack of control over who she is dealing with," says Moscow, "or a policy of dealing with anyone who can pay." Keywords: Hillary Clinton, loses, pledged delegates, superdelegates, Barack Obama, wins, Bill Clinton, ME, VA, Washington DC, MD, WA, LA, NE, Demcratic Convention
12 Feb 2008
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The Path to The Nomination By Mark Penn, Chief Strategist Hillary Clinton Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 This election will come down to delegates. Votes are still being counted and delegates apportioned, but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are separated by approximately 40 delegates right now – that is, barely 1% of all the delegates to the Democratic convention. Change Begins March 4th. Hillary leads in the three largest, delegate rich states remaining: Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These three states have 492 delegates – 64 percent of the remaining delegates Hillary Clinton needs to win the nomination. According to the latest polls, Hillary leads in Texas (IVR Jan 30-31), Pennsylvania (Franklin & Marshall Jan 8-14) and Ohio (Columbus Dispatch Jan 23-31). After March 4th, over 3000 delegates will be committed, and we project that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be virtually tied with 611 delegates still to be chosen in Pennsylvania and other remaining states. This does not even include Florida and Michigan (where Hillary won 178 delegates), whose votes we believe should be counted. The reason Hillary is so strong in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania is that her message of delivering solutions resonates strongly with voters in those states. Hillary is the only candidate who can deliver the economic change voters want – the only candidate with a real plan and a record of fighting for health care, housing, job creation and protecting Social Security. The demographics in these states also favor Hillary Clinton. Hillary won among white women by 6 points in Virginia and 18 points in Maryland, and white women make up a much bigger share of the electorate in these states (41% of 2004 Ohio Democratic primary voters, for instance, compared with only 33-35% of 2008 Maryland and Virginia Democratic primary voters). Hillary has also won large majorities among Latinos nationwide – 73% in New York, 67% in California, 68% in New Jersey, 62% in New Mexico, 59% in Florida and 55% in Arizona. Latinos made up 24% of Texas Democratic primary voters in 2004, and may be an even larger share in 2008. Hillary Clinton has shown that she has the ability and organization to compete financially and on the ground. She raised 10 million dollars in just three days last week, and will be competitive with Barack Obama in fundraising and TV advertising from now through March 4th and beyond. She has a strong organization in each of these key states and endorsements from Governor Strickland, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and former Senator John Glenn in Ohio. Hillary had a huge 12,000 person rally in El Paso last night to kick off her Texas campaign. Again and again, this race has shown that it is voters and delegates who matter, not the pundits or perceived “momentum.” After Iowa, every poll gave Barack Obama a strong lead in New Hampshire, but he ended up losing the state. And after a defeat in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton went on to win by large margins in California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Arizona, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Arkansas. As history shows, the Democratic nomination goes to the candidate who wins the most delegates – not the candidate who wins the most states. In 1992, Bill Clinton lost a string of primaries before clinching the nomination. He ceded Iowa, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Arizona, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Vermont and South Dakota. And in 1976, Jimmy Carter lost twenty-three states before winning the nomination, including: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah. Keywords: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, lead, win, pledged delegates, superdelegates, OH, TX, primaries, Democratic Convention, Mark Penn
14 Feb 2008
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Your Political News From Getthedaily**** Visit www.getthedaily**** - Your Online Political News Source The republican nomination is all but decided and the democrats have a new front runner. Hi everyone I'm Andrea Rene for get the daily**** and this is your political brief. Yesterday marked three important victories for Senator Barack Obama. He has won eight consecutive voting contest, including the elections held in Virgina, Maryland, and the Distric of Colombia yesterday, that puts him in the leading position for overall delegates over Senator Hillary Clinton. Hillary has been making some changes in her camp, including replacing her campaign manager. She is looking forward to contests in Ohio and Texas as a place where she could possibly regain her ground in the race, and is confident she still has pledged from superdelegates that will help her get to the convention. ON the Republican side, Senator John McCain took 3 decisive victories yesterday as well. Cementing his position as the Republican front runner, despite the many criticisms from Republicans saying he isn't conservative enough for the party, noting his stances on immigration and tax cuts. Even though Mitt Romney threw in the towel, Governor Mike Huckabee soliders on in the race because as he says, he is determined to give the party another viable candidate that represents true conservative ideals, though he is lagging far behind McCain. His next chance to win some more votes comes next week in the Washington and Wisconsin primaries. That is your political brief from get the daily****. I'm Andrea rene and be sure to check back at get the daily for ongoing election coverage.
15 Feb 2008
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Steve visits a caucus and runs to be an Obama delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.
14 Apr 2008
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ALDE 4 EQUALITY Delegation to Zagreb Gay Pride in Croatia, 2008 Video Speech by Vesna PUSIC, (HNS parliamentary group spokesperson and Vice-President of the ELDR Party) Event dates: 28/06/08 to 30/06/08 Location: Zagreb, Croatia The ALDE 4 Equality delegation composed by Jeanine HENNIS-PLASSCHAERT (ALDE MEP, VVD, NL), Ottavio MARZOCCHI (ALDE Advisor for civil liberties) and Willemijn VRIESENDORP (Assistant of Jeanine HENNIS-PLASSCHAERT) took part in the Gay pride in Zagreb, Croatia, in reply to an invitation made by "Zagreb pride" and notably by Marko Jurcic and Franko Dota, leaders of the organisation. MEP's Concerned: Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert For more information: Ottavio Marzocchi On ALDE Website: *******[tt_news]=9658 [Events] [Statements] [Language EN original]
1 Jul 2008
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Graham Watson leds an ALDE ad-hoc delegation to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
12 Nov 2008
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Graham Watson, Leader of the Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), who represents the South West of England and Gibraltar, led a delegation of ALDE MEPs to Gibraltar in November 2008. During the trip they met with Government politicians and officials, opposition parties, environmental and equal rights campaigners, the Port Authority, and various NGOs. 081125-ALDESPECIALS-Gibraltar_delegation
5 Dec 2008
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This video covered the election. WINNING DELEGATES: WOMEN: Ronnie Caplane Alice Fried Frieda Edgette (Glantz) Sumi Paranjape Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont Tara Marchant Wilson MEN: Mark Briggs Joel Freid Abel J. Guillen Wayne Nishioka Dan Rush Jakada Imani
12 Jan 2009
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Some 80 Muslim delegates from both the UK and around the world, gather in London for a special Mosaic conference to discuss global issues and mutual concerns.
31 Jul 2009
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19 Nov 2009
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*******leadershipmentor**** In this video coaching session we share the basics of delegation.
28 Nov 2009
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11 Dec 2009
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31 Dec 2009
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Rio Rancho delegation in Hunchun China, meeting with the Tumen News paper
14 Jan 2010
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