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Postmaster General joins President Bush as new postal legislation is signed into law If you've noticed extra Postal trucks on the road recently there's a reason. With more than 900 million pieces of mail being delivered, December 20th is the busiest mail delivery day of the year. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Postal Service delivers over 20 billion cards, letters and packages to 146 million homes and businesses. Packages and cards filled with holiday cheer are arriving from friends and family across the country. It’s an annual event that Postal employees have been preparing for all year. Congress and President Bush also have been busy, creating and signing into law a bill that lets the Postal Service deliver more predictable price increases and continue its cost cutting measures, allowing it to be more competitive in the market place. The Postal Service is the only company that delivers to every residential and business address in America, handling more than 213 billion pieces of mail every year. For more information please visit: www.USPS****
4 Jan 2007
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Chinese Delivery : "All i have is change" episode 3 of the chinese delivery series. None of this is staged at all. Lemme know how you like it by commenting me or iming me at Keiserproduction on aim.
7 Jul 2007
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Here's a video of me and my cousin acting out a delivery boy getting murdered. Enjoy!
22 Jul 2007
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our video to promote pizza delivery in new york city restaurants
22 Aug 2007
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DadLabs presents the second DVD in the Due Dads series: "The Man's Guide to Labor and Delivery." This useful and humorous video is designed to help the Dad-to-Be get through the biggest birthday of his life. Informative and funny.
25 Sep 2007
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What will people actually accept from the delivery guy? Just watch as these people sign away for the craziest items
25 Oct 2007
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When an unsuspecting pizza guy shows up at Cousin Sal's door, he finds himself thrust into an elaborate Pizza Delivery Challenge
25 Nov 2007
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It was shear madness to do this delivery in January, but I was crazy and broke..
26 Dec 2007
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Miller High Life Delivery Guy knocks some common sense into the big commercials.
4 Feb 2008
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Good guy courier Cole ("The Mark") has to deliver an envelope to seemingly sweet and gentle Dana. But Dana's mind is elsewhere, as her beloved cat "Sergeant Fuzzy" refuses to leave his comfy hiding place behind the sofa. She keeps trying to lure the little guy out, but he just won't respond to her. As Cole valiantly steps in and tries to coax Sergeant Fuzzy out, he makes a pretty remarkable discovery. Sergeant Fuzzy isn't quite what he expected... let's just say he's a very active kitty, with very active vocal skills. Watch this action-packed episode of the MySpaceTV original series "Special Delivery" as our hidden cameras capture the most bizarre owner-pet relationship in Vegas. It's a shocker!
24 Mar 2008
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The trailer for the new Halo 3 Machinima series called "Delivery At Arms". For more info visit: *******www.deliveryatarms.blubbaproductions****
8 May 2008
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Home delivery, food coming itself
28 May 2008
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