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As the bride feeds her groom some cake, the idiotic husband replies by having a spoon for himself instead of feeding his wife, which the ceremony demanded.
23 May 2017
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Here the guys argues with the shopkeeper and demands his laptop back without paying any fee. This ends up in shopkeeper spraying bear mace on the guys face.
25 Jun 2017
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Our on demand printing services include Sample Corrugated Boxes, Signage, Indoor/Outdoor Banners, Photo Wall Murals, Vehicle wraps, Banners & Floor Decals.
28 Jun 2017
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Watch this bar manager who helps the cops to prevent this drunk guy from entering and demanding more booze. The cops and the manager take the guy down.
27 Aug 2017
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Dot2dot is conveniently located in Malaysia to assist you in providing vehicle wrap services, invitation cards by on demand printing services, custom printed wallpapers, flatbed printing services and several others. We will assist clients in promoting their business by providing reasonable price and professional online printing solutions.
2 Nov 2017
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With the demand of the situation, we need to improvise with the rules. This guy followed the traffic rules too strictly which made an ambulance late for a hospital.
2 Nov 2017
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This announcer suddenly got a little hyper and used some bad words according to the situation’s demand. He apologized but probably got fired.
3 Nov 2017
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This cute little canine is the perfect example of an over pampered girlfriend. Watch how this little guy demands love and attention from its owner.
13 Nov 2017
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Did you know the science behind meeting people in life? Those people with whom we have had attachment and hatred with, we may meet them in the next life or as per our attachment or desire or demand that we have, those kind of people who can supply that demand will meet us.
29 Jan 2018
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People have some free time to talk about girls, here we can see this queen dog is so much demanding than a girl used to.
16 Feb 2018
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With rapid technology and the rises of internet usage, demands and requests for #Digitalprinting increases more than ever. Printing Malaysia business is no excuse to the challenges as well. #DotToDot provides a wider range of #Printingservices for all sizes and shapes of business out there.
28 Mar 2018
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Founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, and now run by Claudio Luti, Kartell is one of the symbols of Italian design around the world. The Kartell collection is practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Kartell’s stunning use of colors, shapes and styles have made Kartell furniture pieces become highly demanded. Innovation is an important element that has contributed to the success of the Kartell brand.
23 May 2018
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They should demand a refund because my little nephew can throw a greater distance than this and he is only 10. Consider this the biggest fail of the game.
12 Jun 2018
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Convertible cars are really popular in the past and still are in demand. There is a con of owning a convertible, you can see it clearly here.
19 Jun 2018
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Looking for On Demand App Solutions and ready to discuss your app? OnDemandTec has a bunch of On Demand App Developers as they are expert in building an On Demand App.
27 Jun 2018
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Cabso is a readymade uber clone script that acquires the attributes of unique taxi booking app script to enjoy clients with the best of its highlights to benefit clients right on demand. Cabso is made as a productive tool for on-demand online cab booking services. Right now Appkodes is providing 40% offer in price from 10th July to 10th August for its Cabso ultimate product. Be quick and start to biz with availing this amazing offer. Feel Free To Contact
17 Jul 2018
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