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TERRIBLES 250, best of the desert, 4-28-07. these shot were from one of the pit stops. we did not finish, entry # 1825, but we did have fun.
30 Apr 2007
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Guy on the desert.Funny Cartoon.
2 Jun 2007
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Who would spend two weeks on vacation in Namibia with the desert on one side and the ocean on the other? We did and it is one or our all time favorite spots
3 Jun 2007
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Rhett & Link are let loose in the Mexican desert to satisfy some curiosities.
14 Jun 2007
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Desert Punk by FUNimation
22 Jun 2007
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Here is a remake of the intro to the CLASSIC amiga demo called 'Desert Dreams' Music by Chris Crusher. If you remember the original, you love it! if not. well..... enjoy!
29 Jun 2007
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driving in the desert is dangerous!
5 Aug 2007
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hieroglphics mummies Desert Nile
10 Aug 2007
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Metoer Hits desert while two unexpecting brothers making a music video catch it on tape!! I didn't make this vid by the way
15 Aug 2007
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Water Freezes in the Desert.
22 Aug 2007
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One man's dream but a benefit to all Captain Bob Curtis Brixham's Maritime Pilot Herald Express 15/12 94 Most of the troubles of the world seem to be caused by man's greed. We tend to reach out grabbing that which we know to be in short supply.....Man is stupid. Andy Fletcher of Paignton wants to change our basic indiscretions by re-routing the most basic of man's movement. He has a dream to change the world's deserts into vast Oases, using irrigation from unwanted sewage and unless a government or international consortium somewhere step forward to transform his dreamed of project into acceptable reality, I feel that his deep concern for the future of our planet will turn into a nightmare of frustration. Along with several others drawn to meet this interesting, friendly man, I attended a gathering in Torquay last week to listen to and comment on the outlined "bones" of his ideas. ... so let's hope high and mighty take it on board In conjunction with many governments, health organisations, responsible authorities an companies such as South West Water, we must all attend to the universal problem of what is to be done with our own waste material. Many years ago that exceptional Cornish Politician, the late Mr David Penhaligon, yelled his anger at parliament and accused his honourable friends of adopting a Cornish Farmers' philosophy-"...just 'aive it over the edge, me ansom!" Andy pointed out to the small collection of people the mounting economical and complex measures that we-that is, all of the civilised nations-have to face NOW, if the earth is to survive. Someone with power, drive and sharing the same aspirations for the future of this once good, green globe of ours must surely take the Oasis Irrigation Project on board and carry its banners to the parliaments of Europe, demanding that they listen-not only listen but act...before we all find ourselves in the... mire! For instance, did you know that the city of New York packages two thousand tons of crude human waste, each and every day, and transports it to distant Texas, to be spread across deserted farmland? The worlds gone bonkers! Fame Of course, there were bound to be those present at the meeting who believe that the "dreamer" is only intent on seeking fame and fortune. I believe those assumptions to to be quite wrong. Others concerned that Andy has not protected his ideas from exploitation and it was lovely to here his laughing reply of : "But if someone steals my ideas-great! It will only prove that someone out there has listened and acted on it. More to the point, it will not have been in vain." What a man! The world would develop a darker shade if it lost it's idealists and dreamers such as Mr Fletcher of Paignton.
1 Sep 2007
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Desert Eagle vs Magnum Smith
21 Sep 2007
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