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I hope you have a great Birthday! - Dick Armey
20 Nov 2007
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• [*******www.DCDouglas****] • Controversial former GEICO voice over announcer releases emotional public service announcement "Don't Drunk Dial FreedomWorks," warning other FreedomWorks/Tea Party critics not to make the same mistake he did. "If I can save just one person from doing what I did, then I will feel it was all worth it." - D.C. Douglas L. Baxterstein, Jr. Dedicated to Matt Kibbe, Dick Armey, Andrew Breitbart, FreedomWorks - and all the Tea Party folk who grant interviews to the New Left Media on YouTube. Many Thanks to: Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, Vivian Oxford, Robert C. Webb, George Clooney, Sarah Lilly, Reena Dutt, Lawrence O'Donnell, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Rommel Manalo, Shell Goldfarb, Charles Martinez, Al Franken, Tom Wilson, Itzik Noah, Adam Edgar, Anderson Cooper, Nikki Brown, Robin Daléa, Barbara Streisand, Jon Stewart, Thomm Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, Geraldo Rivera, and Lance Baxter. And a Special Thank You To Rasha and the girls at: *******www.TheRealGirlsGuide****
19 May 2010
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"Knowing that Matt Kibbe scares people, I felt obligated to help him promote his master's new Tea Party book. After all, he was so nice to me." From the blog post: *******www.myvoiceoverguy****/voice-over/political-voice-overs-revisited For the back story: *******www.myvoiceoverguy****/voice-over/tea-party-geico-freedomworks/ • [*******www.DCDouglas****] • [Movies • *******www.TheDCTube****] [Acting • *******www.DCDouglas****] [Blog • *******www.DCDouglasBlog****] [Voice Over • *******www.MyVoiceOverGuy****] [FaceBook • *******] Actor and voice over artist D.C. Douglas presents a FreedomWorks commercial to help Matt Kibbe and Dick Armey take over the Tea Party, er, the Republican Party. Dedicated to Matt Kibbe, Dick Armey, Andrew Breitbart, Tabitha Hale and FreedomWorks . "Matt Kibbe Pitches Dick" Starring Adam Edgar as Matt Kibbe Voice Over: D.C. Douglas Written, produced, edited by Lance Kibbe' Baxter
29 Aug 2010
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