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What type of diet do you have and what type do you want
10 Jan 2008
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school project for the Diet Marco Bar
13 Jan 2008
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Danger:don`t try it yourself...this heroe proved how dangerous can be to mix this things together... The Diet Cola Mentos Experience is a blast !!!
14 Jan 2008
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Welcome to our newest segment "The Diet High Five" where we count down the top 5 diet mistakes and disasters. Is your new years resolution to lose weight? Here's why you wont. Learn what may be preventing you from reaching your goal weight this year.
22 Jan 2008
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*******www.236**** Julie Klausner conducts a review of this year's fad diets, one smoothie at a time. See more on *******www.236****/video
17 Jan 2008
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See the amazing Weight Loss Diet for yourself!
22 Jan 2008
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The weight loss diet you have been waiting for!
22 Jan 2008
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Well, it’s awards season in Hollywood, which means celebrities are getting ready for the red carpet and often times go to extreme measures to look their best. Some stars have been known to go on these intense diets to lose double-digit pounds in weeks. We challenged one of our staff members to take on a Hollywood diet for two weeks and here are the results.
27 Feb 2008
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*******www.EnergyCenter.ISAGENIX**** ABC 15 - Dr. Tony O'Donell on Cleansing. Cleanse your way to better health and a leaner body by following either the Isagenix 30 Day or 9 Day Program. These Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems help you lose pounds and inches safely and naturally through cleansing and replenishing your body with exceptional nutrients. Watch this video if you're interested in: Isagenix weight loss, Isagenix lose weight, Isagenix fast weight loss, Isagenix quick weight loss, Isagenix weight loss diet, Isagenix weight loss program, Isagenix best weight loss, Isagenix healthy weight loss, Isagenix natural weight loss, Isagenix online weight loss, Isagenix rapid weight loss, Isagenix weight fat loss, Isagenix weight loss cure, Isagenix weight loss diets, Isagenix weight loss plan, Isagenix weight loss plans, Isagenix weight loss product, Isagenix weight loss products, Isagenix weight loss supplement, Isagenix weight loss supplements, Isagenix weight loss tips, Isagenix best weight loss program, Isagenix fast weight loss diet, Isagenix herbal weight loss, Isagenix weight loss diet plan, Isagenix weight loss challenge, Isagenix weight loss motivation, Isagenix weight loss secrets, Isagenix weight loss success, Isagenix weight loss success stories, Isagenix body cleanse plan, Isagenix body cleanse system, Isagenix body cleansing diet Isagenix body detox weight loss, Isagenix body cleanse weight loss, Isagenix body detox cleanse weight loss, Isagenix body detox cleansing weight loss, Isagenix body detox fat burning Isagenix body cleanse fat burning, Isagenix body cleansing fat burning, Isagenix fat burning diet
24 Jan 2008
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what are celebrity diet everyday
28 Jan 2008
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Experiment diet coke e mentos
25 Jan 2008
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*******www.chidiet**** - This is the 2nd case study video with Eileen Mayorga about the raw foods diet.
26 Jan 2008
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