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For many women, digestive issues have gone from doctor's office discussion to everyday conversation. According to a national survey, nearly half of women surveyed say they care about this issue when it comes to staying healthy. One way to do that is by consuming what are called probiotics. Probiotics help people regulate their digestive system through natural live and active cultures. There are also products that contain special probiotic cultures that work together with a natural fiber to crowd out unfriendly bacteria and help regulate digestion. More and more products are becoming available to help with this area of health. To learn more about this, visit www.yoplus****. Produced for General Mills
27 Sep 2007
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20 Dec 2007
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*******www.getenzymes**** Discover the benefits of using digestive enzyme supplements. Informational video educates you on why digestive enzyme supplements helps you to digest and absorb your vitamins and minerals from food.
23 Jan 2008
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*******www.yourhealthstartshere**** Billions of bacteria - more than 400 different types - live in our digestive system. While we tend to think of most bacteria as illness-causing microbes that must be eradicated at any cost, there are some friendly bacteria it's actually best to have live inside us. So let's take a look at gut bacteria-the good, the bad and the ugly-and how to get the good guys to work for us. bullet The "good" gut guys The intestines are host to various strains of beneficial bacteria which help us absorb food and minerals. They also manufacture B vitamins and amino acids. Two examples of these beneficial bacteria in healthy people are acidophilus and bifidobacterium. When the gut is healthy, the growth of good bacteria helps to crowd out disease-causing bacteria and make conditions unfavorable for their growth. *******www.yourhealthstartshere****
26 Mar 2008
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Nena Dockery explains the basic digestive process. For more health videos, visit the iHealthTube website!
18 Jul 2008
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - More questions today... Today I address some interesting topics for you! Here they are in no particular order... Does massaging greens help increase digestion? How do you prepare quinoa if you've never tried it before? Should you take just B-12 or a B-complex? What is liposomal (liposome) methylcobalamin and why you should care. And, finally, what do I do when I get a question that I don't know anything about... Go ahead and get your answers here...
20 Aug 2008
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This video shows peppermint and peppermint uses. Mint is a great stomach remedy. This digestive remedy is also a stuffy nose remedy, flatulence remedy, cold remedy and flu remedy. Watch and learn how to use peppermint.
6 Oct 2008
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21 Oct 2008
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*******www.chinastockdigest**** Editor, Jim Trippon live from Shanghai China. China Stock Digest is the only China Stock Market Newsletter that covers all 4 China Stock Markets: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Taiwan stock exchanges.
15 Sep 2009
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In this week's episode of Vitamin Junkeys, Jennifer Lyall and naturopath Dr. JJ explore what is good digestive health, what happens in your body when you eat food, what are some diseases of the digestive tract and tips to help promote good digestion.
13 Nov 2008
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*******www.myherbalhealthblog****/topics/targeted-nutrition/digestive-health-targeted-nutrition Join me at My Herbal Health Blog. Subjects include natural weight loss methods, digestive health and colon cleansing, and natural nutrition and alternative medicine products.
24 Nov 2008
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Would you like to know how to have a good digestion All the tips how to get a good digestive health. For more information visit *******www.IrelandHerbal**** and *******www.HerbalUK****** International Shipping. Changing people's lives Herbalife UK Ireland
29 Nov 2009
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What is Digestive Unpredictability?
10 Dec 2008
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Yoga for Abdomen & Digestion - is an ancient practice that helps to create a sense of union in body, mind & spirit. The three components of yoga are breathing, concentration and physical postures called Asanas . Unlike the other exercises that exhaust the body, diligent practice of Yogasanas calms the mind and refreshes the body. Yogasanas are wonderful for creating a toned, flexible & strong body, reducing stress & tension and improving concentration & creativity. Asanas improve respiration, energy, vitality and stability of mind. They promote cardio and circulatory health. Acidity, caused by excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach when prolonged, can cause indigestion, arthritis, ulcers and other abdominal disorders. Yogasanas increase blood flow to the digestive tract and stimulate the intestinal action to make digestion more efficient. Yogasanas featured in this DVD are effective in calming and relaxing the digestive system and help more effective elimination of toxins. Dr. Sujatha-Director of Power Management Consultancy & Patanjali Yoga Vidhya Kendram-Chennai, is the first Indian to get a Doctorate in Yoga. Her unique style of teaching traditional Yogasanas, Breathing Techniques & Meditation are easy to follow & naturally develop fitness, discipline, confidence, stability & self-awareness. She has successfully trained 20,000 people including Corporate, Government bodies. visit us at : *******www.kalakendra****/shopping/yoga-abdomen-digestion-p-359.html
30 Jan 2009
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*******www.hippocrateshealthlifestyle****/ Hippocrates Institute Brian Clement answers re: digestive problems, health supplements.
9 Jul 2009
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