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******* User-driven news site Digg announced a major expansion today that will include doubling its staff, growing internationally, improving infrastructure and developing new features. The company raised $28.7 million in a new round of funding led by Highland Capital Partners to finance its progress, according to Jay Adelson's post on the Digg blog. Although still unprofitable, Digg has now raised $40 million to date, Brad Stone writes in a blog post at The New York Times. Andy interviewed Digg founder Kevin Rose at the MIT Technology Review summit in September of last year, and I reposted the interview above. Digg's international initiative is especially crucial for the company to move forward, as international users account for almost half of its 30 million monthly uniques. Digg plans to introduce local versions of the site in local languages, although Jay writes that won't begin laying the groundwork until early 2009. According to Alexa data, India and the UK are the top two foreign users of the site, driving eight percent and six percent of its traffic, retrospectively. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
26 Sep 2008
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9 Oct 2008
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Terry Tate delivers quite a personal message to the Vice Presidential candidate! Watch the rest of this episode of The Digg Reel*******revision3****/diggreel/stayb
1 Apr 2010
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Officer, I can't even do that when I'm sober! Watch the rest of this episode of the Digg Reel *******revision3****/diggreel/imadaddy/
22 Nov 2008
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Did you know that you can use Digg to get the latest content about a particular subject? Digg has custom RSS feeds based on search. This means if you want to know anytime something is added to Digg about Nintendo Wii you can build a custom RSS feed based on the search "Nintendo Wii". With the custom RSS feed you can add it to your favorite news aggregator. Here is how to build a custom RSS feed with Digg. See more websites and tricks at *******www.internetriot****
26 Nov 2008
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In this video, you'll learn about what Digg arbitrage is and how to make it work for you! *******usocial****/
11 Dec 2008
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Want to know where you ca buy Diggs to gte you to the front page of the world's largest social bookmarking site? Then check this video out! *******usocial****/
11 Dec 2008
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This video will teach you how to get to the front page of Digg. http:/usocial****/
11 Dec 2008
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If you need to get to Digg's front page right now, then you'll definitely need to check this video out! *******usocial****/
11 Dec 2008
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*******www.davidrisley**** - Today, I respond to another reader-submitted question. Is it too much like begging to ask your readers to Digg your content?
16 Jan 2009
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*******www.labnol****/ How Digg changes with Time - Created by Amit Agarwal
19 Apr 2009
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Digg is interviewing Austrian model & fashion reporter Bruno and asking him the most popular questions as submitted and voted upon by you.
2 Jul 2009
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*******SelvaMCA**** Digg receives over 18 million visitors per month, growing over 500%. Content submitted to Digg, that makes the Digg home page, can receive over 10,000 unique visitors in 1 hour. The average submission making the home page receives over 100 inbound links. Links can be attributed to bloggers picking up popular stories, influential media personnel, government websites and digg mirrors & clones. Note that only 0.7% of all Digg submissions make the home page. The top 100 users have a large influence on home page content. 56% of all submissions making the home page are contributed by those users. Digg receives an estimated 75,110,000 page views per month. Finally, you will know, How To Use Digg To Get More Traffic
24 Jul 2009
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The guys brainstorm top 10 lists in order to create full proof "Digg Bait". Ray moves in with Alex when he is evicted from his apartment.
12 Nov 2009
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After landing on a far away planet, redditors are surfing the latest news and media on the web. Digg flies in from outerspace in warp speed to reek havok on the community until Reddit alien pulls out heavy guns
27 Nov 2009
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12 Dec 2009
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