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******* ...Are you suffering from information overload? Too many new training programs and rehashed systems only to find out that another guru came out with the "next best thing"? Mike Dillard has created the What's Working Now Shortcut system that will be a monthly publication to share with us what's working now for other 6 and 7 figure income earners in their businesses.
31 Mar 2010
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*******nelsonmontanez****/mlm-leaders/youre-invited-to-an-exclusive-70-minute-interview-with-magnetic-sponsoring-creator-mike-dillard/ (407) 781-1913 Mike explains in great detail ALL of the SIMPLE Elements, Methods and Strategies to reach Success!
21 Apr 2010
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*******janmichalicka****/?p=35 Have you ever wondered how to get instant and recurring income and work only once? This is possible, but you have to be visible online! Mike Dillard show you this in MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 course.
25 May 2010
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I took one of Dillard's old rap videos and added a pic of him in a pimp suit. This video was made using Windows Movie Maker on XP SP3 on July 18 2010
18 Jul 2010
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******* The Elevation Group by Mike Dillard has an International Network Group "The Elevation Group Pro" that leads the field in priviledged information from leaders and 'THE' super-rich at the top of their game. Wealth Cycles Create Opportunity -- And we are in one NOW "We're living through the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. It will cause unprecedented destruction for most, and unprecedented opportunity for a few."The only factor that will determine which group you're in, is knowledge... Do you know what's happening, and do you know how to turn it into opportunity? That question still stands today, and there is still time to create your strategy. The Elevation Group was created in order to provide you with the education, contacts, and resources you need to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Joining "The Elevation Group Pro" will position you at the forefront of financial information and set you up to dominate search engine optimization in any industry, as we share our secrets and strategies to get to the top. So congratulations (if you have joined)... You're no longer a sheep headed for shear. You're officially in the game. If you haven't joined then you should. If you need more information your in the right price. *** Our group is the network within the network. We live and breathe this information. We are on the path to true wealth. We offer incentives and help. Our goal is to be the biggest global Elevation Group Team in the world***** But everyone must make their own choices, and take responsibility for their decisions. What is The Elevation Group? The elevation group is a Global Organization that has brought together some of the brightest minds in wealth strategies. The Elevatin Group will take in the SECRET BLACK BOX INVESTMENT STRATEGIES of the ultra rich. Founded by millionaire home business industry incon Mike Dillard, the Elevation Group is a portal. And this portal can provide you with the knowledge to create a long term strategy for your future. The main message that The Elevation Group brings to the table is the we are in the midst of a Global debt crisis which is fueling the currency crisis. And given this fact, the UBER rich are secretly positioning themselves to come out of these crisis RICH based on certain economic wealth cycles. The Elevation Group is teaching these stategies to YOU and giving you an inside look at the opportunities that are before you. What is The Elevation Group Pro? We are FOUNDING MEMBERS -- Working together -- A Global Team -- Helping Each other We not JUST affiliates -- We live, breathe, and believe in The Elevation Group We are not financial planners or advisors. We are not giving you investment advice, or telling you what to do with your money. We not here to say or pretend that "I know it all", and I have no interest in getting into debates with anyone about who is right or wrong when it comes to investing strategy. We are a network within The Elevation Group network, and like you, we are here to learn. That is all. Our goal is to further our own financial education, and yours in the process. Through The Elevation Group, We are simply telling you what We are doing with OUR money, so that you may learn from my experiences -- both good and bad.You must make your own decisions when it comes to your money, and accept 100% of the responsibility for those decisions.So without further ado, here are my thoughts when it comes to investing, and my personal strategy... For more information about joining our group, get in touch with us. You can check us out of FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE. Fill out your information on the contact page and we can tell you all about what our network can provide. We are currently building a global team and want you to join us on this journey. We are offering affiliates INCENTIVES and PRIZES so make sure you contact or get on our newsletter. The EVG PRO Group 315 S. Coast Encinitas, Ca. 92024 infotheelevationgrouppro**** (760)578-3579 the elevation group magnetic sponsoring, the elevation group facebook, the elevation group building on a budget, the elevation group magnetic marketing, the elevation group you tube.
13 Dec 2010
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*******mikedillardvideos****/ Mike Dillard Purchasing Gold and Silver Coins. In such a video Mike Dillard refers to Buying Gold and silver.
12 Apr 2013
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*******www.PowerDoers**** 704.589.0594 If you're in MLM / Network Marketing, I'm not going to lie to you like most other people will tell you. It surely is not easy to make money online in MLM Network Marketing. I will help you learn secrets...
29 Mar 2008
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Russell Birtwistle 813 579 3835 skype: russellbirtwistle
25 Apr 2008
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If your really serious about learning and getting ahead instead of scraping by..Take a Course. Russell Birtwistle 813 579 3835 skype: russellbirtwistle
9 Feb 2009
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Former MLM Failure Now Makes $10k a Month! *******NoMoreMLMHeadaches****
19 Jun 2008
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*******mlmgamechangers**** Traffic is the fuel that powers your website's income, without it, you just have a website. The key to getting unlimited traffic to your site is...are you ready for this? drum roll please! (Education) You have to partner yourself with someone or persons that know how its done. Although there is a lot of junk out there, there are also a lot of individuals who know their stuff. When I was a newbie in the marketing business , I did not know my left from my right, people threw any and everything at me and I was so eager to learn, that I bought any and everything. I didn't know weather it would work or not, but I bought it anyway, needless to say I learned my lesson. Does this sound like you? I actually stumbled across the truth one day when a friend introduced me to dvd burning , I never even knew it exist, and its been around for years. The difference between this time and the other times I bought information was simple, He gave me the information that it exist, then he burned a disk right before my very eyes, and it played in my car's cd player. He took me threw the process of cd burning step by step and that information can never be taken from me. I finally got it, to be successful at anything, you have to learn how its done from someone who has actually done it successfully, proved it, and can teach it. Alot of people say things because of hear say but they have never done it. I can burn a CD, I can prove I can, and I can teach anyone how to burn a CD. Generating traffic is no different, you can stumble across it, try to learn on your own by trial and error, or you can do it the easiest way. Learn from someone who has done it successfully already. Now that you know some of the basics , lets get into the traffic itself. Some of the best ways to generate free traffic is to do what I am doing right now which is writing articles. Articles take time but they can be a very effective way to get your message and website out there, by submitting to free article submission sites, which can be Googled, your article can turn up all over the net and also in the top rankings on search engines. Once you connect with readers they will listen to what you have to say and if your message is what they are looking for they will take a closer look. Web 2.0 is also a great way to get free traffic to your website, like Youtube and Myspace just to name 2 of the more popular ones. The reason why video sharing sites are so effective is simply because you introduce yourself in person in video form, people can see you in the flesh, read your facial expressions and feel more connected with you instead of some text ad. When you combine your video description with your message in the video, people connect with the real you. They now feel as if they know you and the great part is you can leave clickable links to your site. Here is a bonus tip, with a very detailed description about your video's topic , you can alot of times be placed very high on search engines without paying a penny. Lets say your video's topic is about leads, You talk about generating leads in your video and you also create a video description rich with information about generating leads. When people enter the keyword leads in a search, guess who they are going to find at the top of search engines? They find a video with the real you instead of a text sales page, how valuable is that? The kicker now comes when you start generating alot of free traffic, it starts to create income and now you can use paid traffic like pay per click, eg. (Google AdWords) and now that becomes free also because the free traffic is paying for paid traffic. If you would like more free info about free leads and traffic, My business partners and I have put together 7 free videos that teach you how to get an endless supply of it here:
21 Oct 2008
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*******adamholland.buildingonabudget****/ *******www.explode-my-business****/ Are you worried about paying for a TON of leads... and NEVER recouping the cost? Well, you SHOULD BE... Most mlmers completely hit a brick wall when they get started because they go BROKE buying leads.. How about creating leads inexpensively.. or even for FREE!!??
25 Nov 2008
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