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surveillance footage shows four women assaulting and slashing a waitress at an Applebee's in McDonough, Georgia, before robbing her of $300.
19 Jul 2018
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18 Mar 2007
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Location: Denver, Colorado at the Denver Diner Time: between 230am-3am What: Eating after the club Who:Me and friends How:With our fingers
21 May 2007
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dare you eat freak creature inside your diner plate,it is some ingrediant in the food
29 Nov 2007
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I like to eat out as much as the next guy. However, Rich and I rarely came to this diner for the food. Tonight, Gina was on the menu.
19 Apr 2008
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Diners Club International, originally founded as Diners Club, is a charge card company formed in 1950 by Frank X. McNamara, Ralph Schneider and Casey R. Taylor. When it first emerged, it became the first independent credit card company in the world.In April 2008, Discover Card and Citibank announced that Discover would purchase the Diners Club Network from Citi for $165 million. In May 2008, the U.S. approved the transaction. Discover stated that the Diners Club network, which is a major network outside North America will be merged with the Discover Network which is a major network in North America, creating an international network for Discover Cards and Diners Club cards. Diners Club cards will continue to be issued by Diners Club International licensees, including Citibank. Discover Bank has no plans on issuing Diners Club branded cards. Discover purchased the network, but not the licensees issuing the cards. The deal was completed on July 1, 2008.Diners Club expanded its customer base in Canada by acquiring the enRoute card from Air Canada in 1992, and marketed the card under the combined name for a period of time as the Diners Club/en route Card. Diners Club remains a minor player in Canada.Atualmente, a transação com o cartão ocorre por meio de maquinetas eletrônicas, em que o lojista passa o cartão, e caso a compra for aprovada pela administradora do cartão, é emitido um pequeno comprovante com dados da compra, como nome do cliente e número do cartão, valor da compra, número de parcelas (se houver), etc. Caso os dados no comprovante estejam certos, basta o cliente assinar o comprovante e mostrar seu RG (depende do estabelecimento). O lojista fica com um comprovante e o cliente fica com outro. Mensalmente, chega no endereço do cliente, um extrato ou fatura, para o cliente pagar as compras que ele fez. Caso não ocorra o pagamento no dia, acumulam-se juros que vão ser debitados na próxima fatura, e a medida que o cliente paga as compras, o seu limite de crédito é recomposto para novas compras.O cartão de crédito surgiu na década de 1920, nos Estados Unidos. Inicialmente, os cartões de créditos eram dados somente aos clientes mais fiéis em que o dono do estabelecimento acreditava em que eles pagavam as suas compras em dia.[1]. Mas foi na década de 1950, quando Frank MacNamara estava com executivos financeiros em um restaurante na cidade de Nova York e percebeu que tinha esquecido seu dinheiro e seu talão de cheques para pagar a conta, que teve a idéia de criar um cartão em que contivesse o nome do dono, e que após um tempo, o dono do cartão pudesse pagar a conta. Então, naquele mesmo ano, ele criou o Diners Club Card que era feito de papel cartão. O cartão era aceito em apenas 27 restaurantes e era usado apenas por pessoas importantes na época (aproximadamente 200 pessoas que eram amigos de Frank). Em 1952, o cartão começou a ganhar milhares de adeptos e já era aceito por vários estabelecimentos. E neste mesmo ano foi criado o primeiro cartão de crédito internacional. Em 1955, o cartão passou a ser feito de plástico.Em 1958, foi a vez de a American Express criar o seu cartão, mas foi em 1966 que o BankAmerican Service Corporation, criou o cartão BankAmericard com um sucesso, já que era aceito em mais de 12 milhões de estabelecimentos e, pouco tempo depois, o cartão passou a se chamar a atual Visa. No mesmo ano, foi criado o Master Charge que originou a bandeira MasterCard. Em 1975, a Diners, lançou o Corporate Card, que se tratava do primeiro cartão de crédito corporativo do mundo, e em 1981 a Citicorp (atual Citibank) comprou a Diners Club da Continental Insurance Corporation.No Brasil, o empresário tcheco Hanus Tauber (precursor dos cartões no Brasil), em 1954, comprou nos Estados Unidos uma franquia da Diners, propondo sociedade no cartão com o empresário Horácio Klabin. Em 1956, o Diners chegou ao Brasil, sendo inicialmente um cartão de compra e não um cartão de crédito. Em 1968, foi lançado o primeiro cartão de crédito de banco, o Credicard, e em 1971 foi fundada no Rio de Janeiro a Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Cartões de Crédito e Serviços - ABECS. Posteriormente, em 1974, a sede da ABECS foi transferida para São Paulo. Em 1984, a Credicard comprou a Diners Club do Brasil, mas foi na década de 1990 que ocorreu o lançamento do cartão de crédito internacional e em 1994, com a chegada do Plano Real, ele só faz aumentar o crescimento do produto.
29 Nov 2008
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Recorded live at Brown's Diner, Nashville, TN on 4/19/09 Stillhouse Hollow's debut album Dakota is available for download via *******stillhousehollow.bandcamp****
28 Jul 2009
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A Quick Video about how effective "Systems" can maximize your efforts. Follow this process and get more done in 5 minutes per day then you are getting done now working 10 hours per day. Lesson learned from a local home town diner.
21 May 2009
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See the grand opening of the new suckerpunch sallys diner, then after words go to the diner and get some food. SuckerPunch Sallys Old school diner
31 Mar 2010
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Welcome to Marlee's Diner - a family restaurant and bakery. Our commitment is to serve our guests delicious fresh food using quality, local ingredients as we would to our own family. More info: *******www.marleesdiner****/ Created by Dimitri Kanellopoulos
24 Nov 2011
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My wife and I really like to eat. Fortunately, we have been blessed to be capable of travel all more than and dine at standard to upscale restaurants. Irrespective of exactly where we go, we also appear for any Restaurant Directory for the city that we are in, to find the ideal restaurants close to our place. That is definitely not a simple task, even though. With the majority in the cities that we visit, there isn't a directory rather on the net or print, that lists the restaurants that we are hunting for that may be excellent. Many of the time, the restaurants that we come across are for Speedy food restaurants, or restaurants which have been franchises. I don't know about you, but when I'm out with my children, its one particular issue to understand exactly where the local Mcdonalds is situated, but when I'm spending high-quality time with my wife, I wish to know about the most effective restaurants in the location. Which is why, CT Best Restaurants directory was born. Connecticut has effectively more than 11, 000 upscale bars and restaurants, and there wasn't a full manual that showcased all of those organizations, and place them on the market for their diners to find out. The guide enables you to examine restaurant reviews prior to you stop by from diners that have just eaten there inside several hours, and rate them within this guide right after your visit by scanning a QR code pre-placed on the restaurant by means of table-tents. The most beneficial thing regarding the in Restaurant evaluation program is soon after the buyer finishes their meal and leave a critique from their smartphone, those testimonials are right away transmitted back for the CT Best Restaurant directory for other diners to see, AND to the prime evaluation web-sites including Yelp, Insiderpages, and UrbanSpoon. If a buyer leaves a overview of three stars or much less, those reviews get filtered back to the Restaurant owner for In-house Reputation Management. Irrespective of where you go in Connecticut, you are going to often have the ability to come across, The best Restaurant inside your location. Restaurants are getting added on a weekly basis and prospects are ecstatic to ultimately possess a 1 cease solution for them to look for an excellent restaurant in their location even though seeking at other buyer evaluations, and to become able to leave a review for the top restaurants quickly from inside from the restaurant that they dine at. You may view this manual by clicking right here, or by visiting *******ctbestrestaurants**** Greg Morehead has been in the Food Service business for the past four years by starting New Haven's very first "Mobile Soulfood" food truck. Mobile Soulfood has received accolades and awards from companies all over Connecticut for its eclectic menu and soulful taste. Greg's background is in Web Design and he has assisted countless Restaurant Owners in Connecticut and globally drive targeted site visitors to their establishments within a non-traditional manner. To contact Greg or get additional facts about CT Best Restaurants, please check out *******ctbestrestaurants****
21 Dec 2012
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Great food, Good Fun, That's The Point. Top quality food at affordable prices and service with a smile. Our menu includes prime meats, ocean fresh fish, fresh breads, produce, herbs and homemade pastries. Our culinary experts are always searching for innovative family style meals that are nothing short of delectable. Sit down and order off a menu or go to our buffet. We are open for Breakfast, Brunch and Diner. Casual atmosphere that is great for families. Groups Welcome. Make a reservation or just walk in. We also offer Take Out and Delivery. Need food for an offsite event? We also offer catering. American, French, Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Russian and Spanish Basque.
15 Jun 2013
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dotcom*******www.freezerburns This weekend I'm in Boone, North Carolina with my family for a little mini vacation on a holiday weekend. It's 8:00 PM and that normally means my sweet tooth kicks in. So we headed over to Troys 105 Diner and I ordered my dessert of choice: cobbler ala mode. What's your dessert of choice to satisfy your late night sweet tooth cravings?
18 Jan 2014
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Mohamed Dekkak at Diner de Gala Du 12/11/2016
13 Dec 2016
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Britney Spears - Diner
6 Dec 2017
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You have a great menu, an enviable wine library and a dream team of the best chefs, sommeliers and service staff. Yet, there is something beyond it all that keeps diners coming back for more and it could be in your restaurant’s design. 1. The Restaurant Tells A Story: At first glance, it may look like just how a conventional restaurant is, but its theme epitomizes what space stands for an era gone by, a charming representation of the modern world or just the cuisine's region. 2. Lighting And Mood Lighting: Soft, flattering lights in the evenings or ample natural light streaming in during the day – it is the lighting in your restaurant that makes diners feel welcome, warming their minds and appetites as well. 3. Colors: The color scheme of a restaurant is known to have a psychological impact on diners, determining their food choices. Modern restaurants often have one or two dominant colors with touches of contrasting shades to add interest. 4. The Layout Your restaurant exemplifies the smart use of space and the layout is a blend of comfort and visual merchandising. From displaying wine selections, coffee beans, desserts and more, the restaurant can present itself as a visual pathway, encouraging diners to walk through it. 5. Seating Capacity You want your diners to feel at ease and hence have incorporated the perfect blend of creating a welcoming atmosphere and the number of seats that can fit in. In fact, your ability to receive enough comfortably seated guests helps you make a profit. 6. Community Building Through Décor You could have a wall that serves as a gallery for budding local artists and photographers or a small herb garden that showcases your endeavors towards hyper local sourcing. The design of your space can speak volumes about how you are part of the community and not a disruptor to it. 7. It’s All About Comfort You don’t ignore the significant little details for the comfort of your diners and invest just as much in restrooms and ventilation
18 Apr 2018
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