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It’s officially tailgating season and whether you’re in a parking lot or at home, here are some delicious recipes and helpful tips to get the game going. We teamed up with chef George Duran for the scoop.
19 Sep 2019
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The global guacamole market size reached US$ 921 Million in 2018. Guacamole refers to a dip or a sauce prepared by combining mashed avocados with tomatoes, onions, chili peppers and seasonings. Originating from Mexico, guacamole first came into recognition during the Aztec civilization. Looking forward, the market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 8% during 2019-2024, reaching a value of US$ 1.4 Billion by 2024.
19 Sep 2019
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Welcome back to truly heal and our free ozone training in this video we look at ear insufflations ear treatments if you have ear infections this is a very powerful treatment which helps you very fast and it's super simple. You have your accessory bag you have two of those blunt grey needles those little needles they are very thick into or into one of those q-tips and take the scissors and cut that q-tip in half whoops. You can see it has a little hole and fits perfectly a too far away from that needle you would take this and dip it into ozone water. The effects on the dry skin are very little and the effects on the wet skin are better you would go into your ear and blow ozone through that water film into your ear. We put on our syringe into the ozone generator we set the setting 23 to 71 you need to try out what works most doctors just generally go with 42 in the middle with the gray-yellow field. During ear insufflations, ozone gas mix is slowly introduced into the ears via a modified stethoscope. The ear canal produces an oily substance which allows the lipophilic ozone to penetrate and saturate the whole brain and sinus area.
23 Sep 2019
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Rachel was a bright lady. Yet, she always thought a woman could not perform as well at work as her male peers. She thought about it day and night. With this thought, hard work seemed pointless to her. Eventually, she became less focussed at work and her performance dipped. Use Thoughts to Create your Reality How to Think Positively Attempt what holds you back Negate your belief with a Proof Be in the Right Company
25 Sep 2019
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This is the most powerful handheld jammer available. 8W output power. The jamming range is up to 60 meters. Can jam 12 signal bands. With DIP switch, can turn on/off any signal band without affect other bands. If you want to learn more about cell phone jammers, please visit:
29 Sep 2019
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An amazing dipping bird made with K'nex pieces. It also eats and moves!!!
7 Feb 2007
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(TR21) Narrow Grip Dips
24 May 2007
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(OL3) Hang Snatch (No Dip)
3 Jun 2007
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(OL11) Hang Clean no dip
3 Jun 2007
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(OL17) Hang Clean Dip Under
3 Jun 2007
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Watch hilarious Tonton eats a hotdog dipped on a coffee powder in front of his officemates for a 5pesos (10cents)!
25 Jun 2007
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tortillas dip made by sand :)
29 Jun 2007
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