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Mesh Direct is one of Australia’s leaders in grand format printing and out of home advertising. We are an Australian company with nation-wide coverage in the mainland states. All our products are printed within Australia using the finest substrate and inks on the market and we guarantee the longevity and quality of all our work. At Mesh Direct we work with some of the largest (and smallest) Australian businesses. We work with a broad range of industries although we focus on the construction and development industries, music festivals, sporting events, all levels of government and government services and retail. Our advantageous pricing also means we supply many smaller printers who don’t have the facilities for grand format printing. We provide innovative solutions for our clients from branded vinyl hoardings, to enormous building wraps. Some of our products include banner mesh, vinyl banners, shade cloth, corflute and printed aluminium panels. If it needs to be big then we do it!
Direct marketing can be a tricky business. Leaflets are inexpensive but tend to produce low response rates. Business gifts can be too expensive for many budgets. Somewhere between the two lies a very memorable type of direct marketing product - interactive, pop-up mailers. The example in the video is a pop-up "ball" that has been transformed into a Chinese lantern. Other ingenious examples can be seen on *******www.whitneywoods******/automaticpopups.html .
4 Dec 2009
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Direct marketing and advertising will only work if you can persuade your customers to actually look at the mailer! These days, the mailer has to perform several "tricks" in order to generate customer interest. This particular example creates instant impact with the elemenst of fun and surprise as it jumps out of its pack to create a very pleasing 3D shape from a previosly flat envelope! You can read more on pop-up pyramids on *******www.whitneywoods******/pyramid.html
5 Dec 2009
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Direct marketing impact is often a one-off but there is no reason why DM shouldn't be designed to last for months. The effect of keeping your name in front of your customer for a long time will far outstrip the effect of a special offer leaflet, for example. This video shows a product which lies flat in the mail but erects to create a sturdy pen pot with the simplest of actions. You can see more like this on *******www.whitneywoods******/penpal.html
4 Dec 2009
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Why are you trying to communicate with all of your direct marketing leads the same way?
20 Dec 2009
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Direct Marketing Expert Elvis Caron, I started in Print (much higher stakes) now I teach small business marketing experts to get 1st page MULTIPLE links in 24-48 hrs - Video Direct Marketing Expert Elvis Caron *******www.CompetitionLESS****
28 Apr 2010
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Direct Marketing Experts are baffled, Elvis Caron teaches 1st pg MULTIPLE listings in 24-48 hours, *******www.CompetitionLESS**** Direct Marketing Experts can learn for FREE on my site (direct marketing experts)
23 Jun 2010
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*******www.GlenParker****.au - Direct Marketing Copywriter Glen Parker gives an overview of a fantastic direct marketing piece received from Kikki-K!
18 Nov 2010
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WCI is offering direct marketing channel. Having staff are providing to event to contacts from the direct marketing. Marketing further parts are divided a events marketing, social media and etc . We explore a range of direct marketing channel. For further details, please click on our website.
10 Jul 2018
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A direct marketing channel is the simplest form of the distribution channel. Using a direct channel of distribution to your product, especially a Web-based channel, can have several benefits. Direct marketing suitable for customer deals. They are provide branding advertising to market services.
8 Oct 2018
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Pull a tab on this marketing product and the cover picture changes as you pull. This clever device is made in the UK by Whitney Woods and has been used for a variety of marketing applications.
3 Sep 2008
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This pen pot lies flat so that it can easily be sent by mail. It erects into a sturdy pen pot with one easy push-up action. It is made in the UK by Whitney Woods.
1 May 2009
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This is a promotional pen holder used as a marketing tool in business-to-business direct mail campaigns. It is made in the Uk by Whitney Woods.
14 Nov 2008
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