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Disengaging Democracy takes a rare look at what happened to the Israeli democracy before, during and after the Historical Gaza Disengagement. Filming began three months prior to the disengagement and followed the lives of Gush Katif residents and their supporters as they attempt to block the pullout. Demonstrations, illegal actions taken by both parties, and the misuse of power are all showcased in the film through compelling never before seen footage. “I want people to experience what the residents of Gush Katif had to confront; but more than anything I wanted to give them a voice because no one else has,” says Igal Hecht, the director of Disengaging Democracy.
29 Nov 2006
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Pictures from gush katif after the israelis left...
15 Aug 2006
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Some horses look for ways to get out of work. Spookiness and "checking out" are common avoidance behaviors for horses. But what is in it for them using traditional (or natural horsemanship) training methods? What does your horse get out of it? By putting something in it for them and building a good reinforcement history with under saddle work, we can turn it into something they enjoy. This horse also has some physical issues that may have created a unpleasant association with work. I sound like a broken record about this…but physical issue can cause emotional issues. Teeth, saddle, mechanics of horse and/or rider, arthritic changes or injury…always check them ALL out first and get them resolved. Often times once the physical issues are cleared up the emotional component is still there and will need to be addressed. I have found positive reinforcement to be the best way to overcome these issues. www.shawnakarrasch**** Distributed by OneLoad****
11 Jan 2014
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Disengaging emotionally from your child. Ages 2-11: *******addadhdadvances****/betterbehavior.html Teens: *******addadhdadvances****/ntpv.html Parenting advice: *******ccparenting****
20 Mar 2009
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Suicide Silence-Disengage New Song From No Time To Bleed
27 Jun 2009
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Learn how to stop conflict from escalating into serious battles. Discover what it means to lovingly disengage.
4 Apr 2010
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20 Nov 2010
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This tractor got stranded on the road when it's cargo holder tipped. After flipping over the cargo holder, people realized that the brakes were disengaged. The rest is history.
15 Jun 2019
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A reminder of what the Israelis built in Gaza, and a look at what has been done there since.
14 Aug 2007
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Get out and socialize. Tear yourself away from the total immersion of your work. Street-smart stress tips based on acclaimed book 400 Ways to Stop Stress Now and Forever! by stress management coach G. Gaynor McTigue. Visit www.pickmeupbooks****
15 Aug 2007
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guy disingages because of teamkill.
19 May 2010
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My Prayer to God for Israel God is with you and will always love you , Israel ... Never forget that. Edward Francisco Villa Video produced by Edward F. Villa Facebook: *******www.facebook****/yodelmeover Blog: *******jewishmiracles.insightonthenews**** Main Site Portal: *******www.insightonthenews**** Background Song Information: Artist: Kim Wilde Song: You Came Album: The Very Best of Kim Wilde *Pictures in the video are of The Holy People and Land of Israel
3 Jun 2011
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******* Learn how to improve employee engagement and employee retention. In this HR video I share employee engagement ideas that will increase employee satisfaction and decrease staff turnover.
13 Apr 2013
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Complete filming from runway 36 to disengaging from the Tow plane.. about 10 min lenght
8 Oct 2007
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The Aquaduct is pedal powered vehicle that transports, filters, and stores water for the developing world. A peristaltic pump attached to the pedal crank draws water from a large tank, through a carbon filter, to a smaller clean tank. The clean tank is removable and closed for contamination-free home storage and use. A clutch engages and disengages the drive belt from the pedal crank, enabling the rider to filter the water while traveling or while stationary.
16 Jan 2008
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THE TOP OF HIS HEAD is the story of Gus Victor, a satellite dish salesman whose ordered world is turned upsidedown by a radical and alluring performance artist. A cryptic note left by Lucy leads Gus on a quest which draws him out of the tyranny of the material world, to open his perceptions in the most unexpected and awesome ways. By the time Gus discovers that the object of his search is his own self, that self has altered, concluding the film in a mysterious, yet stunning fashion. From the gifted lens of director-cinematographer Peter Mettler, THE TOP OF HIS HEAD is a genuinely mind-altering experience. It is an avant-garde fairy tale which, upon it’s release, was years ahead of its time – a little seen masterpiece which blends dramatic narrative with imagistic cinema whose ultimate subject is nothing less than new ways of seeing. The young satellite-dish salesman Gus Victor is only three sales away from his company's most coveted award when he meets the performance artist Lucy on the beach one day. His fascination towards this mysterious woman sends his rational thinking awry. Lucy vanishes unexpectedly, leaving a cryptic note which leads Gus to break away from his routine behavior. In a trance-like search leading him out of the technocratic world into that of nature, he learns that Lucy is accused of 'subversive activities' and that the police are on her heels. As Gus becomes increasingly involved in the pursuit, his perception of the world shifts. Before long Gus finds himself disengaged from rigid social codes and his once ordered and rational universe; as new dimensions open up for him, the familiar begins to seem strangely alien. After a scurrilous cross-examination by Lucy's persecutors, Gus escapes into the night. Unusual sounds emanating from a shut-down factory lead him to a strange secretive performance. In a state of amazement, Gus draws a curtain aside and steps into a world where discourse is replaced by sensation, and thought is balanced with feeling. The Top of His Head raises many questions about the search for identity in a world where perception is shaped by media. Again, it's central themes investigate simultaneity, the movement from the conscious to the unconscious and the switch from present to past. The film music, arranged and composed in collaboration with avant-garde musician Fred Frith., deliberately moves away from traditional uses to a multi-layered sound image unity featuring a daring mixture of sounds effects and environmental elements interspersed with fragments reminiscent of popular songs. In his second long feature film, Mettler worked, for the first time, with the film industry. This forced him to combine his open, associative working method with a strongly script- based production and various commercial demands. The budget for The Top of His Head was about 1.2 million dollars - 120 times the cost of his first feature Scissere. Absurdly enough, more money implied less freedom, less time, and more by-products which could not be integrated into the film. Nevertheless, Mettler regards this challenge of combining the commercial with the personal as a positive experience, especially as the shooting of the film under these conditions reflected it's underlying theme: an examination of the tension between intuition and intellect. Further Information: -Photo Gallery -Interview with Peter Mettler re: The Top of His Head (Interview with Wyndham Wise) -Excerpts of other Mettler films available on DVD -Gambling Gods and LSD – Trailer, Excerpts, Synopsis -Picture of Light – Excerpts, Synopsis -Preludes: Scissere: Excerpts, Synopsis -Eastern Avenue: Excerpts, Synopsis -Balifilm: Excerpts, Synopsis -Mettler Biography – (shorter text) -Geoff Pevere on Mettler - Text Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Jun 2008
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