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2 Apr 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - I hate having to do the dishes. Flat out... HATE it. Does anyone like it? Seriously. Flyboycom in our chat room sent these tips in to help us try to make washing dishes a little more fun.
9 Apr 2008
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16 Apr 2008
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* WSJ names editor. * HULU grows, gains partners * NBCU, DISH to offer interactive ads. * MICROSOFT launches Live Search Cashback. * TIME WARNER , TIME WARNER CABLE spin off official. * PICKENS follows ICAHN to YAHOO. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
21 May 2008
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* TURNER forms Ad network. * INTEL re-enters mobile phone market. * NVIDIA to unveil MID chip. * DISH, ECHOSTAR sue TIVO. * ADOBE launching new Acrobat with Flash. * DISCOVERY to launch PlanetGreen. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
2 Jun 2008
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*******tinyurl****/3lg5lx Live TV To Your PC Free Dish Sattelite TV on your personal computer
4 Aug 2008
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Brandt Dish Washer Funny Ads
2 Jul 2009
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*******Satellite-TV-On-Your-PC**** Watch this shocking video review of how Cable TV and Dish Companies are Ripping You Off! This shocking video review reveals how to watch Satellite TV for PC for dirt cheap!
6 Sep 2008
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Are you trying to decide between DIRECTV and Dish Network? There are so many variables to take into account. First, which one is going to be cheaper for the channels you want to see? Which one has more high definition channels available? What about contracts? Will I be required to sign one? How long will it last? Who has better customer service? What equipment is available? Will I have to pay for it? Who has the better DVR? Which system is more user friendly? Who has better sports programming? What do current customers have to say? Got questions? We've got answers! Visit****.
8 Sep 2008
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On the Dish Network DVR remote, there is a "skip back" button that brings the program back about 10 seconds each time it is pressed. You can use this during live TV, which is nice if you missed a word or want to see a certain scene again. In this video, you can see how the program was skipped back a few times and then skipped forward to return to the live broadcast.
13 Sep 2008
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The on-screen program guide displays what's available to watch. You can even look a few days ahead to see what is coming up. As you can see, it provides good detail on most programs that it lists. For more info visit: *******www.homesfornh****/dish
13 Sep 2008
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The first part of this video shows how to view the list of programs that have already been recorded and viewed at any time. The second portion briefly shows the schedule of programs that are set to be recorded that day. The programs with lines through them indicate that the program does not meet the criteria that I have set up the timer for. For instance, the program may be a repeat and I have set the timer to record only new episodes. On the third part of the video, it shows the timers I have set up to record various programs. The programs that are listed as "Manual Timer" are programs that were recorded from local TV stations using a roof-top antenna. The Dish Network DVR allows you to connect a standard TV antenna and receive local channels that are broadcast in the digital format. It works very well in my area and saves me a few bucks every month since I don't have to pay Dish Network the extra $5 or so per month to receive my local channels from the satellite.
13 Sep 2008
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