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From Album - 1971 - Original ...By STUDIO DELTA Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use."
26 Jul 2019
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Considering the options of staying out all night drunk and returning home, this guy just chooses the former.
27 Jul 2019
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31 Jul 2019
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All magic attractions must have their own tricks, so what are the tricks used in the following short magic video?
8 Aug 2019
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Guys at a beach party all join hands to clean up a police car when it arrives. The car was clean to begin with, why did they do it?
19 Jul 2019
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so today we are going to talk about how to deal with people whom you can't divorce we may have 500 to 5,000 people in our contact list on our cell phone on our contact book if you are not close to everybody not everybody can affect us where it will affect our happiness permanently so this is this segment is totally devoted to the people who can truly affect your happiness permanently and if you really look at that I believe that it falls between 20 to 50 people at the most in any single individuals life where these people can truly affect your happiness permanently the people who will be included in this would be obviously spouses children long-term friends co-workers partners and certain other extended family members so how do you deal with them we all know that means those circumstances we come back and say I can never win this you know even though we said that in desperation we are probably very true let us accept the fact that the people whom who has an ability to make us permanently unhappy we will just never win against them and I call that these are the people you can never divorce so how do we deal with these people whom we can never divorce relatively speaking is not that difficult a task it's difficult to understand and difficult to implement initially but once you get used to it then it becomes a part of life the first and the foremost requirement of dealing with people whom you can't divorce is never said ultimatum that we are not going to follow through this is the the mistake most of us make let it be our children let it be our partner if they say if you don't do this or else I'll do this and that's a complete elimination of relationship that's an ultimatum and I strongly advocate that giving the ultimatum that we are not going to follow-through or we're going to follow through with a lot of pain is probably not worth doing it so the best approach is not to give ultimatum.
19 Jul 2019
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Management Tips so this video is about how to manage life time and people it's not an earth-shattering idea it's just something that has worked for me and many times people ask me how do I manage all these things and still being able to keep it in a balanced mode so here is what I how I do it this is one of the many many ways people organize themselves and lots of books have been written lots of courses have been given so this is just one of those it may work for somebody it may not work for somebody or it may work for others is some modification but basically my life is totally managed life people and time is totally managed by this inbox clean the outlook so how does that work so the first thing is that anytime I get an idea I will send myself an email so now it stays in my inbox so I never miss that idea it could be any time doing day or night you always have your cell phone with you you send an email to yourself and it stays there so that's the first thing that torch should be immediately going to Inbox and not wander around the second principle that I follow is that every single email that hits into the inbox will have a deadline date and you can easily go into the follow-up button and you put a follow-up date on it it's not a test in stone date I put it in there and if I can't get to that date I change it but at least constantly it shows me what am I supposed to do on which day so I always adjust my screen sorted by the due date so it constantly tells me what is what am I supposed to do today tomorrow or what whichever date I wanted to look at the word the new emails that come in I don't put any due dates so they always stay on the top and I take care of home first and I take care of what I'm supposed to do that day so that's the second way to keep all the inbox emails organized the third thing that has also helped me is categorizing every single evening
22 Jul 2019
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The bottlecap challenge took the internet by storm and now we see innovative adaptations of it every day! Here's an excavator doing it!
23 Jul 2019
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AOL has been around quite a while, so there's a decent shot you can find somebody's AOL mail address. In spite of the fact that AOL keeps its individuals' email addresses to private and never again has a Member Directory, there is an expert AOL Customer Care Number to do it.
29 Jul 2019
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What is Artificial intelligence? It makes a computer work as human beings do. It facilitates tasks that normally require human interaction, such as voice recognition, visual perception, decision making and translation between languages. What is Machine learning? It is about educating computer systems to recognize patterns in the way human brains understand them. Few more important terms to consider that are directly related to the topic are: Deep learning: can be understood as a way to make neurons understand how to solve a particular programming problem. Neural network: involves the interconnection of several networks or artificial nodes or neurons. The output of a neuron acts as an input to the next neuron in the network. Logistic regression: involves modelling a binomial result with one or more explanatory variables. Linear regression: implies a linear relationship between individual input variables. Now, let's see how machine learning and artificial intelligence have innovated and eventually transformed the development of mobile applications: #BenefitsOfArtificialIntelligenceAndMachineLearning 1) Trend forecast AI filters enabled in smartphone applications help forecast the weather. Funny filters help to animate the photos in the image gallery, detect the customer's face, locate facial features and add filters, etc. 2) Security / Quick authentication Facial and fingerprint sensors enabled with AI functions to help determine essential security functions within applications 3) Predict user behaviour ML even helps marketing professionals understand user preferences and purchase patterns in the application. Watch the video to know more or you can even visit – HERE OR you WISH to READ instead of watch? Here you go! - READ
30 Jul 2019
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You have to trim MP3 music at some point on your Mac. Do you know how to do it without quality loss? Use a professional Mac MP3 trimmer, Joyoshare Media Cutter, to do this job now.
2 Aug 2019
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Now you can also play on Pogo games anywhere like if you are traveling or you are sitting alone, you can take advantage of the computer, laptop, ipad, andriod phone, and smart phone to do it. If you are facing any problem while playing, then you can find the solution to your problem by calling Pogo Game Toll Free Number + 1833-442-7444.
3 Aug 2019
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