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*******howtosaveonpower**** - How to save on power - Watch this video and do it yourself! It turns out that going solar and making solar panels is not that hard at all.
27 Dec 2012
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NZ Pest Control. Manufacturer and distributor of Green Reaper pest control products. Do it yourself pest control & professional pest control products - Made in New Zealand. www.greenreaper***.nz, www.pestcontrolnz***.nz,
8 Feb 2013
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I'm Richard Abbey, with Lift & Stor Beds, here to show you our do-it-yourself wall bed kit, to create your wall bed. This particular bed here that we've created is an unfinished bed that's ready to paint. But I could show you the hardware mechanism that's in the kit that you can get at storagebeds****. This kit uses a spring mechanism and It's all-metal construction. And there's a metal box around your mattress. So, the kit includes everything that you see here, except for the wood. You would build your bed yourself. And this bed is real springy because there's no mattress in it. With a mattress, it would go down nice and easy. But it includes all the black metal hardware that you can see that goes around the mattress, the center stiffeners, the roll over leg, as well as the two-side spring mechanisms. And those are all available at storagebeds****. You have any specific questions about it, you can call us at 480-380-8018. And, I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have. And, if you have some moderate woodworking skills, this is something that you can build. The kit comes with instructions on how to cut out all the material for the storage or for the wall bed. And, how to assemble it, how to put the hardware on. And anyone with moderate to advanced woodworking skills, it's a good, easy build. And it gives you some extra storage in your room. So, if you have any questions, visit us on our website at storagebeds****. Lift & Stor Beds 9124 E. Main St., Suite 7 Mesa, AZ 85207-8735 Phone : 480-380-8018 *******storagebeds****/products/diy-do-it-yourself-kits
6 Jun 2013
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I'm Richard Abbey. I'm with Lift & Stor Beds in Arizona and this is our full-size or queen-size do-it-yourself storage bed kit to build your own storage bed. What comes in the kit are two either 80 or 95-pound pistons, for lifting and lowering the bed, and the size depends on the size storage bed that you have. Also, in the kit is three pieces of piano hinge that hinge the top to open and close. And also, all the hardware comes in the kit. You have all your screws for screwing down the top to the base, as well as connecting the corners, the piano hinge screws and then, the hardware for the shock brackets, the top and bottom mount for the shocks. Also included in the kit are, full instructions that give you all the cut lists of the sizes to make your wood. Of course, the do-it-yourself kit does not include the wood. So, you would find your wood locally at a local lumber yard, cut it to the dimensions in the instructions, and follow the instructions on how to assemble the bed. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us or visit our website at storagebeds****. Lift & Stor Beds 9124 E. Main St., Suite 7 Mesa, AZ 85207-8735 Phone : 480-380-8018
12 Jun 2013
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Do it yourself couch cleaning. The best way to clean a couch.
30 Jan 2017
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3 top amazing ideas 5 - minute crafts DO IT YOURSELF.mp4
17 Feb 2017
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TOP 5 BEST DO IT YOURSELF IDEA |bumper entertainment
15 Jun 2017
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Learn and do it yourself simple hair style girl
12 Mar 2019
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How to make your own rough and ready headcam/helmet cam for shooting videos at work. I neglected to mention one important thing in the video. Look closely at the slot that I made in the hard hat. Near the front, I made a notch on both sides, about a half inch long from front to back, and just a teeny bit wider than the camera mounting plate. This is needed in order to be able to slide the plate into the slot in the hard hat. IMPORTANT NOTE: I've just been informed by the Thought Police (ie: my wife) that I should not have used the words 'quick and dirty' as part of the title, as it doesn't sound good. Not too sure just why, but maybe the word 'dirty' sounds dirty. But what do you expect from a guy that digs in the dirt all day and then drives a garbage truck on the weekends? ...or maybe it's the word 'head'... don't know... maybe she thinks that 'head cam' sounds like 'head' cam, or maybe it's all the words together 'quick and dirty head',(though one would think that it might be a bit strange using a hard hat for that purpose, though I would suggest it be properly coordinated with a high vis vest). So I hereby am instituting a new policy. From now on, you will be required to ignore the words 'quick and dirty' and 'head' in the title (Sorry, but I'm just not into retitling the vid just now). Instead, you must now refer to the video as the 'FAST, SIMPLE, BUT A BIT UNCLEAN NOGGIN CAM' video. Sorry folks, but rules are rules! One last thing: If you do end up trying to make a noggin cam as per this video, I'd be very much interested to hear about it. And of course your comments are heartily invited.
18 Mar 2007
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How to make a macaroni mouse using some pasta, beeds, twine and hot glue. Visit our site at WWW.UBIQ.TV p.s. if you would like to purchase a high resolution picture of the mice for your web site, magazine etc, it can be found here: *******www.fotolia****/id/2260710
7 Nov 2007
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Here is an easy and efficient way to create your own pencil holder in four brief steps. Pls rate, comment or even subscribe.
23 Jul 2008
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Here is an easy and efficient way to create your own pencil holder in four brief steps. Pls rate and comment or even subscribe.
27 Jul 2008
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