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"Progress in Iraq cannot be measured by the same ideological fantasies that got us into this war -- it must be measured by the reality of the facts on the ground. And today those sobering facts tell us to change our strategy and bring a responsible end to this war," Obama said. "What we need today is a surge in honesty." The fact remains Iraq is on the verge of a civil war and the situation does not look good according to scholars well versed in Iraqi history, policy, and the current political situation. "While we are training Iraqi's we do not know who they are loyal too. The truth is, right now Iran is emerging as the big winner from our invasion of Iraq." (General Wes Clark) "The idea that we can stand up the Iraqi forces then come home is nice, simple, and American idea but does not reflect the reality of Iraq. While America has been in Northern Iraq working against the Sunni insurgents, Iran has been strengthening its position in the south, building up its Shiite militia allies and infiltrating the armed forces." (General Wes Clark) The United States Marine Corps takes farmboys off tractors from the Dakotas, inner city youth from Los Angeles to New York City, skiiers from Denver, surfers from San Diego and everything in-between and turns them into an elite fighting combat ready fighting force in sixteen weeks. Yet, two and a half years after training, not a single unit of the Iraqi security force is capable of standing on its own...
12 Dec 2010
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29 Aug 2016
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