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Como se ve en el vídeo un perro se enfrenta a una serpiente hasta lograr matarla. Perro mata a serpiente ------------------------------- As seen in the video a dog faces to achieve kill a snake. Dog kills snake
1 Sep 2016
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NEEVOV ********www.neevov**** offers kids graphic t shirts with round neck and half sleeve style along with a design which have a dog face image and written "TOBY MY BEST FRIEND".
16 Sep 2016
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Well many among us are really curious to know about the white fur Boxer dog. An idea is; it has become sort of really rare species as, the breeders have tried to eliminate the natural white skin of this boxer dog, which is the main of its recognition. White Boxers were accepted for registration and breeding by the German club up to 1925. But after that it was banned as it was observed, the white boxer dog which was used to be trained as a police companion to trace the criminals for its extraordinary genius and skills. There occurred a snag; as the white fellow could be spotted easily by the malefactors for its whiteness at night. Sadly, its white gene was extinguished and the white boxer dog faces scarcity today. Why White Boxer Dogs are regarded white? But still, the above mentioned fact is not more than a legend as more than 20 % boxers are born white. The loyal white boxer is the choice of many dog lovers around the globe. Don’t confuse yourself by considering the white boxer dogs as albinos because their light tawny skin is marked with excessive white spots spread over their coats. But it is to be remembered; the white markings are not over than one third of the body. all inforamtion abou boxer Read more about white boxer:https://bestdogfoodforboxerscom/white-boxer-dogs/ Follow us on all social media pages https://wwwfacebookcom/Boxerdoginfo/ https://wwwpinterestcom/boxerdoginfo/ https://wwwinstagramcom/boxerdoginfo/ https://twittercom/boxerhealthtips
18 Nov 2017
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When the leaf blower and the barking dog face each other it kinda reminds me the movie Resident Evil where almost everything opens a big mouth full of teeth.
7 Mar 2018
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Dog face human
24 Jul 2018
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We all love our dogs and always want them to stay fit and happy. They matter a lot to us and taking good care of their health becomes important as well. Considering the health issues that dog face into consideration, CBD for dogs has become popular amongst masses in the past two years. This natural herb has proven wonders in treating various health diseases not only for humans but also for our dogs. However, finding the best or the right CBD oil dosage for dogs can be a tricky thing. It is not easy to figure out the exact amount of CBD oil or any other CBD product you should give to your dog and to come to a conclusion how much it affects their health
25 Aug 2018
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My question is, did somebody cut the gate and made those hole on purpose or it is just a coincidence that the dogs face fits perfectly?
7 Jan 2019
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