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хаски топ
24 Oct 2017
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4 Dec 2018
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Looks like these dogs are going out for an ocean adventure, but dog number two needs to get the ball first, because priorities.
22 Aug 2019
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This dog has been swimming around in this pond for the past 3 hours and now it doesn't want to go home and just swim around its entire life.
27 Nov 2019
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One of my dogs swimming in the air really cute
17 Apr 2007
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Hilarious compilation of dogs swimming at beaches
4 Oct 2007
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Stupid animal tricks: 3 dogs swimming and performing funny stunts in a pool. Ringling Bros, here we come!
12 Jan 2008
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My dog swims over a pool while I hold him
2 Oct 2008
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The funniest and cuttiest dog swimming in the ocean, protecting his family and doing his special "dance"
3 Apr 2009
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27 May 2017
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