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22 Mar 2021
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General Tips: Apply the lighter face paint colors before starting on the darker colors. How to Use a Face Paint Brush: To load face paint on the brush: dip the brush into a bowl of water and mix it into the face paint to pick up the face paint. Apply the face paint brush in smooth even strokes. How to Use a Face Paint Sponge: To load face paint onto the sponge: add water to the face paint sponge and dip into the face paint. Make sure that the face paint has a creamy consistency. Remember to try to use the minimum amount of water. First smear the face paint on then dab the face paint with the sponge to get an even opaque coverage. Step 1: Paint around the one eye with white face paint using a medium brush. Make a white spot on opposite cheek. Then add white face paint over the top lip to make a muzzle. Step 2: Using black face paint and a medium brush, paint the other eye and opposite cheek in black face paint. Then use a small brush to make a round nose in black face paint. Step 3: Use a small brush to outline the muzzle in black and add whiskers and dots in black. Step 4. Use red face paint with a medium brush to create the tongue. Outline the tongue with a small brush in black face paint. Add opal sparkles for effect. To Remove Face Paint: Remove the face paint with mild soap and water with a washcloth, baby wipe or paper towel. Remember to keep the face paint out of the eyes. To Store Your Face Paint: Store the face paint with the lid closed. The face paint should last 18 months after 1st opening. How Many Faces Will This Paint? The FacePaint**** Dog Face Paint Kit can be used on approximately 5 - 10 faces. For more information about face paint products visit:- *******www.facepaint****
17 May 2013
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How to draw a dog, draw animals, how to draw a dog face, 1. Draw a circular shape and two floppy ears. ... 2. Draw the dog's nose. ... 3. Draw the dog's eyes. ... 4. Draw small details such as the little circles on his nose and then lines for his eyelids and ears. 5. Draw his paws with a series of four rounded triangular shapes on the left and to the right side of his face Small, cute dog. #YouTubeKids, #Howtodraw, #PencilTV. We will draw a small dog. Draw not a whole dog, but a portrait of a dog. First, draw a dog head contour. Now draw our eyes. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and wrinkles are drawn around the eyes. Now draw a nose. Draw a mouth and a few teeth that are visible. Let's draw the details. Now our drawing will be realistic. Let's paint our dog. Everyone can paint a dog like him. I draw a golden dog. And you can draw a black dog. Or another. Come back to us again and we will learn to draw different things.
16 Feb 2019
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Buy Custom Dog Face Socks in Australia, we are the best online boutique store that offers the custom pet face socks online at an affordable price in Australia
8 Oct 2020
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In the state of Oklahoma it is illegal to make ugly faces at a dog.
29 Oct 2006
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This dog is facing a problem which every dog goes through in their life. I think you are unable to guess the problem so take a look here to find out.
31 Aug 2018
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*******www.alanawez**** Funny dog face (butt), hilarious!
9 Apr 2008
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"Divine Relation Between Rats and Human, Crocodile Cuts On Body To Become Adults, A Man Gets Dog Face by Plastic Surgery, KISSING In EYES A New Trend In Japan, A Reality Show Where You Can Auction Virginity """ For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
29 Jun 2013
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A man is so smitten by good looks of dogs that he has decided to go for plastic surgery to make him look a like a dog. Here's more, check out! For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
26 Jun 2013
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Funny & Funny
10 Jan 2020
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Biden has lost it, an so has his other Democrats - Completel gone insane Whackadoodle
10 Feb 2020
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My personal favorite guitar solos by the metal band Testament! 5. Burnt Offerings 4.Alone in the Dark 3. Disciples of the Watch 2. The Haunting 1. Dog Faced Gods
25 Nov 2007
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