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you remembre the old classic donkey kong well you no how at the end of the game mario wins and rescues princess peach well this time donkey kong wins
9 Jun 2007
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A narrated look at Donkey Kong Country for the Super NES with Ray Tennant and Ron Whitmer from www.NewGenGamers**** played by our friend Anastasia.
20 Sep 2007
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Lego Donkey Kong
18 Feb 2008
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me doing a mettle donkey kong glitch.I did not find this by myself
5 May 2008
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Donkey kong JR - NES/FUN GAME!!
26 Dec 2008
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Gymnastics training where we play Platformer (Mario-style parkour training) and Paddy Kong (Donkey Kong with pads). The Stunt People Stunt Training 12/20/2008 www.thestuntpeople****
16 Apr 2009
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donkey kong get's kidnapped throughout the whole world and diddy must find a way to destroy king k rool
9 Jan 2009
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*******shop.happyhardcore****/View/27203/ Gammer - Wonkey Donkey Kong With JB-C on Muffin Music. The worlds number 1 Hardcore DJ is back with one of the most exciting Hardcore labels at the moment. Muffin 6 is huge, 'Gammer & Friends Part 2' consists of 4 huge sort after tracks that have been hammered week in & week out in the clubs. This is the A2 side of MUFN006
6 Jul 2009
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What if Scorpion of Mortal Kombat took Mario's place in Donkey Kong?
17 Oct 2009
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Visit *******pookyfish***.cc for more free stuff. You can download and play the original Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo for free as well as over 700 other SNES games, completely free
27 Jan 2010
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"Donkey Kong's been kidnapped and old Cranky Kong insists that Diddy collect a bunch of coins that say "DK" on them. These goals are sufficiently compatible that Diddy and Dixie decide to get a little bit sidetracked on their rescue plan.This run abuses a lot of bugs with regard to motion and collision detection. Read the authors' submission ( *******tasvideos****/2188S.html ) to learn more.Note: this movie was recorded with a slightly modified snes9x. A soft reset feature was added to the movie file. A copy of this snes9x can be found in the authors' submission."This tool-assisted speedrun, played by NxCy and Comicalflop, aims to obtain 102% completion in Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest as quickly as possible. It uses a number of tricks and glitches to achieve this.This is a tool-assisted speedrun, played on an emulator with slowdown, frame-by-frame shooting, savestates and rerecords. It is NOT meant to show skill, but rather push the game to its limits, as it is PURELY a form of entertainment.The publication of this run can be found here: *******tasvideos****/1264M.htmlThe authors have given me permission to upload this run. It should NOT be uploaded without first getting their permission.For more information on tool-assisted speedruns, and to watch the many already-existing, awesome TASes, visit *******tasvideos****/
24 Mar 2010
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Diddy and Donkey return to consoles with Donkey Kong Country Returns -- a brand new adventure from the team behind the Metroid Prime series.
19 Jun 2010
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