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avril lavige - dont tell me
3 Oct 2008
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Dog food Ingredients - The Good, the bad, and the please don't tell me that's true. What the pet food manufacturers don't want you to know. Become informed it could save your pet's life.
9 Feb 2009
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This is another disabled Bolt AMV, with the song Don't Tell Me by Avril Lavigne. It's kinda old, it's from July just like Bolt sings All The Small Things. Enjoy!
21 Dec 2009
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Megamix of Madonna. This was Born August 2010. The actual Megamix is longer but had too many songs that didn't have videos, hence the edit version ends at causing a comotion.
23 Aug 2010
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18 Jun 2007
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i just got this trick down so dont expect perfection...and i know i messed up at the dont tell me
17 Mar 2009
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Just a new riff...its not a song so dont tell me i need Variation or some bullshit. its only up here so i can hear what you think of the riff not how well you know musical composition..***nstructive criticisms welcome.
11 May 2008
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Just a new riff...its not a song so dont tell me i need Variation or some bullshit. its only up here so i can hear what you think of the riff not how well you know musical composition..***nstructive criticisms welcome.
13 May 2008
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Trailer i created for this beautiful movie! I just want to see you When youre all alone I just want to catch you if I can I just want to be there When the morning light explodes On your face it radiates I cant escape I love you till the end I just want to tell you nothing You dont want to hear All I want is for you to say Why dont you just take me Where Ive never been before I know you want to hear me Catch my breath I love you till the end I just want to be there When were caught in the rain I just want to see you laugh not cry I just want to feel you When the night puts on its cloak Im lost for words dont tell me All I can say I love you till the end
21 Jun 2009
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*******www.musicaltales****/helena Fantasy Novel [audio book online] This is the very unique project of music composer Stephane Meer. It is a sort of free online manga with a strong music background and lots of pictures of dragons, wolves and fantasy characters. HELENA and the orchestra of the world of mist for Héléne Grimaud A short time later, the class was over at last. Helena, her head down, was gathering her things together when Sohane came over to her. Are you okay, Helena? Its tough, I know. Im fed up with it. I feel so stupid when it happens, especially in the middle of a class like that. Its so dumb! It doesnt matter. What counts is that we love you and that were on your side. Helena suddenly felt choked up. She wanted so much to cry and let out all the frustration and anxiety simmering inside of her. In spite of the humiliation, in spite of her being so different, her friend was still on her side. And what a friend: brilliant, beautiful, full of mystery and romanticism, talented, and someone who made everything look easy. Why would such an exceptional person be the loyal friend of someone who was crazy and who screamed for no logical reason in the middle of a class? But Helena would never cry in class. It was just what the others wanted to give them more ammunition against her. Dont tell me the show is over, ladies. I really enjoyed todays episode, although it was a little short. Would you mind adding a couple of scenes? It was Costia, Constantine Miref, a friend of Sohane and Helena, fairly slim, very intelligent and cultivated, but with little or no interest in school. I like the pajamas you wore to school today. Do slacks like that come in sizes for one person, Sohane retorted. Actually, Costia look fairly cool swimming in his baggy pants and his XXL tee-shirt, his sneakers without laces, and an MP3 complete with headset, although his intellectuals glasses gave him away. Okay, no comment. Ill wait for you outside unless youre planning on sleeping here. Great. Wait outside. Itll give us a rest, Sohane answered without even looking at him. Fantasy Novel [audio book online]
3 Jun 2009
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Please dont tell me perhaps perhaps perhaps
30 Sep 2009
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*******www.slowdownthatleadguitarsolo**** Eddie Van Halens lead guitar solo in Michael Jacksons 'Beat It' slowed down to half speed with RiffMaster software which you can get at *******www.slowdownthatleadguitarsolo****/riffmasterpro/ You can hear and learn the lead guitar solo exact note for note. Better than guitar tabs. Pitch is not changed at all so you don't have to retune your guitar to learn the guitar solo by Edward Van Halen in Michael Jacksons song Beat It At *******www.slowdownthatleadguitarsolo**** there are dozens of lead guitar solos slowed down from artists such as... Dire Straights - Sultans of Swing Eagles - Hotel California Eddie Van Halen - Eruption Guns n Roses - November Rain Guns n Roses - Sweet Child O Mine Guns n Roses - Welcome to the Jungle Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower Joe Satriani - If I Could Fly Joe Satriani - Surfing With an Alien Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Michael Jackson - Beat It Night Ranger - Dont Tell Me You Love Me Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Randy Rhodes - Crazy Train Scorpions - Blackout Scorpions - No One Like You Scorpions - Passion Rules the Game Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane Steve Vai - Tender Surrender Yngwie Malmsteen - Heaven Tonight Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force Yngwie Malmsteen - Vengeance and many more lead guitar solos slowed down slowdownthatleadguitarsolo, riffmaster, riffmasterprog, pink floyd, david gilmore, comfortably numb, guitar, guitar solo, guitar tabs, lead guitar, eddie van halen, metallica, steve vai, joe satriani, yngwie malmsteen, scorpions, eagles, guns n roses, queen, bohemian rhapsody, brian may, slash, rudolph schenker, randy rhodes, ozzy osbourne, night ranger, brad gillis, michael jackson
26 Oct 2010
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