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Dunkin' Beat Starbucks. Yes, thats right. In a national blind taste test, more Americans preferred the taste of Dunkin' Donuts coffee over Starbucks. It just goes to show you that America does indeed run on Dunkin'. Discover the truth at:
A compilation of Avenger Infinity War's funny moments, gags, comic relief, & quips. Scenes Highlights : "like the beetle" "We all gonna die" "You never seen a spaceship before?" "Earth is close today" "Get lost squidward" "Dude, you embarrassing me in front of wizard" "Hulk & I are having a thing" "Hey man, what's up Mr. Stark" "He's from space & want to steal a necklace from a wizard" "Wong, your invited to my wedding" "I am Groot" "This is not a dude, he's a man" " It's like a pirate having a baby with an angel" "Are you making you voice deeper?" "The rabbit is correct" "He is trying to copy me" " I'll bit you farewell & good luck morons" Invisible Drax "I'm gonna blow that nutsack of a chin" "There's ant-man & spiderman" "Do you ever see this old movie, Aliens" "We're in a flying donut" "We're using our made up names" "He's never fought me twice" "I don't want another single pop culture reference" "Don't" put your eggs in me" "Why is Gamora" "What master do you serve?" "I like your plan. Except, it sucks" "Kick name, take ass" "Like in footloose?" "Olympic & Starbucks" "We don't do that here" Hulk buster fell down "That what killing you means" "Screw you big green asshole" "You guys are so screwed now!" "Magic with a kick" "How much for the gun?" "New haircut?" "Notice you copied my beard" "I am steve rogers" "Motherfucker"
9 Jul 2021
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❤️Like/Subscribe❤️ Hi, mga ka Lab-love! Alam nyo bah, na tuwi'ng linggo pagkatpos namin mag simba mag-asawa, ay deritso agad sa Mang Ed Bakareta House Bokawkan Branch. Kung saan ay part na ng "SunDate" namin ang restaurant na ito.. At meron na silang bagon'ng Food Menu na siguradong kataTAkaman nyo! Special Thanks to the owners and staff of: Mang Ed Bakareta House (Bokawkan Branch) Facebook Page: MangEdBakaretaHouse 0908 780 8902 JP’s Artisan Donuts (Bokawkan Branch) Address: Purok 1, Upper Buhagan (Bokawkan) Road, Crecensia Village Barangay 2600 Baguio City, Philippines Baguio City| Bakareta|
9 Jul 2021
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Cool donut dun by a Skyline...
3 Oct 2006
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a kool donut done by me from peshawar(pakistan).......i hope u ppl like it... :)
25 Oct 2006
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Green Torana Donuts Revfest 2006
12 Nov 2006
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Silver VY Holden SS Ute donuts Revfest 2006.
12 Nov 2006
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Supercharged Holden Torana Donuts Revfest 2006
12 Nov 2006
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first snowfall in Kelowna, the only way to celebrate was to go do donuts in the truck.
29 Nov 2006
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This is one sweet 2002 M3 doing donuts in an empty parking lot. Watch the rear right tire shoot sparks as it comes around because the tire is worn down past the tread. M3 + No traction control = Lots of fun
3 Dec 2006
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5th gear shows the world donut record!!!
17 Dec 2006
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Pathfinder in Mud and brand new FJ Cruiser 2007 doing some donuts
25 Dec 2006
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Jelly Donut confronts Lady Sovereign at her concert. Jelly Donut wins the crowd and gets thrown out.
30 Jan 2007
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