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Check out this video and more at *******MainStreamVideos.blogspot****/ Dorm Building Ski Jump Fail
15 Jun 2010
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3rd podcast successfully uploaded. haha. this podcast shows how different it is to live in your own home and inside a dormitory. so to all the home buddies and dorm mates out there, hope you like this video.
28 Aug 2010
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Punk Ass Chef, Korn Holeyo whips up a special dorm room low budget special using world famous Spam. Don't ever throw away those left-overs. He uses day-old pizza crust, spinach and SPAM and rolls it up into a Spam-A-Doobie. *******www.facebook****/punkasschef
12 Nov 2010
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27 Dec 2010
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BY: LINDSEY WOLF ANCHOR: ALEX ROZIER Watch multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy Students at Rutgers University will now be able to live with students of the opposite sex. Not just down the hall from them - but in the same room - sharing a shower. It’s one response from the university after Rutgers student Tyler Clementi committed suicide last September. Clementi jumped off the George Washington bridge after his roommate allegedly used a web cam to secretly videotape him in an encounter with another male. Because of this, the school has decided dorms need to be more accommodating for the LGBTQ students. (video: WNYW) Three dorms on the Rutgers campus will now have co-ed rooms. Students who want to live there will be chosen through a lottery process. The Stir doesn’t think the new policy will be a cure all -- reports Rutgers students have reacted positively overall. One transgender student thinks it’s about time. “I’m really glad they did it ... We live in a world where in order to be considered a human being you have to be male or female, and not everyone fits into that kind of binary. It’s important to have spaces where people don’t necessarily have to worry.” The school won’t be asking the students’ sexual orientation on the housing application, so some heterosexual students could end up living together. And if a student is chosen to live in the co-ed room, their parents cannot veto their decision. Fox News’s Gretchen Carlson says - that could spell trouble. “I just see a whole lot of problems coming out of that. I’m trying to think through how young kids would try to figure out how they could then shack up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, too.” And a blogger for NJ Voices thinks Rutgers takes things a little too far -- saying the decision essentially supports college students having sex. “Tolerance, rightly practiced, is when the university de facto ‘looks away’ as it ignores the fact that college students will have sex. But this new arrangement goes beyond tolerance to formal institutional approval.” But a Babble blogger says -- cut the cord already! College students are adults. “...many parents are homophobic and don’t want to expose their kids to the lifestyle and have it institutionally deemed acceptable. … [O]ther parents … are worried about what message it sends to their kids about having sex in college. But I think when people reach 18, they are adults no matter what their parents think.” A guest on CNN thinks Rutgers is missing the point entirely. Instead of allowing co-ed dorm rooms, they just need to make sure all students are happy with their roommates. “I think overall the more important thing is don’t have people living together who don’t like each other - that don’t respect each other. That might be the bigger issue here in helping these kids get through college.” Could this just be a way for Rutgers to clean up its reputation after Clementi's death? One student who talked to ABC thinks so. “I think it’s good PR for the university. Whether or not they were thinking about this before the whole Tyler Clementi thing is another issue.” Rutgers isn’t the first university to allow co-ed roommates - 50 schools, including Emory, Stanford and Cornell, already offer it. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Mar 2011
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HGTV and Target Style expert, Sabrina Soto shares design tips and ideas for decorating your college dorm room.
4 Aug 2011
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College co-eds are heading to campus, anxious for a fresh start and a chance to express themselves. Get tips on decorating your dorm on a dime and learn how your design skills can score you a free year of tuition with design expert Kelly Edwards.
1 Sep 2011
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Sorry about the abrupt end. The directors cut involves stating where I go to school and I don't want to give away my location yet. This is based off of my real experience with dorm food. I did infact lose 10 pounds. Enjoy. And I'll upload the director's cut once I graduate.
17 Jan 2012
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23 Feb 2012
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*******www.bedbugsprevent****/products Mattress covers are a great buy for College Dorm Rooms, protecting against fluids, bacteria and bed bugs. Great for Asthma and other allergy sufferers.
23 Feb 2012
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When you live in a dorm you just can’t be sure that things are normal. People have to be careful or they will be pranked like this.
24 Sep 2018
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"DORME COMIGO" Comédia. Quality: HD. Style: Comédia. Format: MP4. Producer: NaCorreRía. COuntry: Brasil. Time: 1m45.
10 Dec 2018
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Beatboxing and singing Roomies pop out from everywhere in this room. Funny viral for IKEA www.roommateliving****
4 Jul 2007
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This is just one of a number of cases where hardware has 'turned' on its owner. For safety information or to find out more please visit www.jealouscomputers****
17 Jul 2007
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2 Cute teens get involved in a jealous hardware attack - WTF ?!
23 Jul 2007
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שלושה ימים לפני חופשת חג המולד באוניברסיטת בילינגסלי, והמעונות המעורבים לבנים ובנות רוחשים פעילות. תשכחו ממבחנים! סטיילס מק'פי החרמן דואג לדברים חשובים יותר, כמו למשל הגעתה הצפויה של דומיניק הסקסית, הזונה שהוא שכר כך שאחיו החנון הסופני יוכל סוף סוף לאבד את בתוליו. בינתיים, בקצה השני של המעונות, וונג מצפה להגעתו של סטודנט מתכנית חילופי סטודנטים, שמדבר מעט מאוד אנגלית, וגם שמו דומיניק. ובל נשכח את ניומר, שקנה נקניק צרפתי גדול... מה יכול היה להשתבש?
19 Aug 2007
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