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Hi everyone! My name is Yeama and I am apart of the best series EVER Sex, Cameras, and Hip Hop! Let me start by saying that I'm NOT a reporter. This isn't some gossip column. SCAHH is an adult themed show that asks sex oriented questions to celebrities and some of the people they have slept with (groupies) by free will. These celebrities are NOT bombarded with a camera and mic trying to get the latest etcetera. I'm a person just like you all and my goal is to get everyone to join the site... Sex, Cameras, & Hip Hop This site is for ages 18+ Sex, Cameras and Hip-hop: (Rated R Adult themed/no nudity) What's better than having your favorite Hip-hop artist let you in on their Bedroom secrets? Them doing it on camera and with some of the finest ladies to help them through it. S.C.A.H.H gives our audience a chance to witness first hand THE WHAT, THE HOW, and THE WHO of these celebrity sex tales. With our cameras rolling we capture some of the most revealing sexual conversations with the likes of: Ludacris, Rick Ross, Redman, Gloria Velez, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy, Jim Jones, Maino, LL COOL J, Mike Jones and more!!! They say IT! We show IT!